Hi! everyone, I'm Shourya Lihantoo, 14 years old, beginner poet, writer without any much of experience, My poems are written with simplicity.

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  • shourya999lihantoo 23w

    "One, who made everyone laugh is a comedian and one, who made everyone cry is a motivational victim. Now tell, who deserves more appriciation."

  • shourya999lihantoo 40w

    "Overconfidence is better than lack of self confidence"

  • shourya999lihantoo 41w

    "Everyone is different but, I am unique"

  • shourya999lihantoo 42w

    "Everyone is rare but, I am the rarest"


  • shourya999lihantoo 56w

    "Be positive to be negative from covid"


  • shourya999lihantoo 57w

    I want to pray, I am a star

    I want to pray, I am a star,
    I want to live close to children's, not so far.

    Why I am so big, Can't come in a jar.
    Why I am too warm, Can melt a car.

    I want to be in heart of everyone,
    As like as a moon.

    This is a fact of fun,
    One of the stars is also sun.


  • shourya999lihantoo 57w

    Don't leave the path, until from the difficulties you can't fight

    Don't leave the path, until from the difficulties you can't fight.
    You know yourself, what is wrong and what is right.

    Everyone runs for the sale,
    Without having idea, will it work or fail

    As same, everyone wants the solution from a kind,
    For their success they don't use their mind.

    Work hard for the success of your life,
    Either like a needle or like a knife.


  • shourya999lihantoo 57w

    "The only difference between a lawyer and a doctor is opposite colour of their uniform, but they both save millions of lives."


  • shourya999lihantoo 58w

    "Laughing makes your mind light and relaxing, but, crying makes your heart light and relaxing."


  • shourya999lihantoo 59w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Helpless

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    "People who are helpless are most helping"