Pen Name change as of 2018: 《Kharma Scribbles》 aka. KharmaticRhythm Career poet; Poetry is much more than just a hobby to me, it is my passion!

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  • kharmascribbles 147w

    Evolving sure takes it's toll on the soul.

    @Mirakee Challenge August 1st, 2019

    #dailyprompt #evolving #poetry #poetrycorner #truth #poetrybyme #writersnetwork #KharmaScribbles

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    .: Evolving :.

    When we were Two..
    The world seemed so small and confusing.

    When we were Twelve..
    Understanding ourselves a challenge which we have found.

    Then we were Twenty..
    We think we know everything about plenty.

    Now that we're Thirty,
    Time that passed has done us dirty,
    Still trying to figure out which tasks are unworthy.

    Evolving, Never Done,
    Not much by the age of 30 -
    All the learning is done by repeating.

    Then we are done.
    Can we say it was fun?

    © ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]»


  • kharmascribbles 148w

    Trying a different style, I think I might stay with it awhile!

    This is purely a joke of a tale, playing with words as I build the story, but it could be any team fighting for glory.

    Also shows off a bit of my patriotic side!

    #Canada #hockey #PlayOnWords #writersnetwork #poetrycorner #mirakee #TrueMe #writersblock #critique #storytelling #kharmaticrhythm #kharmascribbles2019

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    🇨🇦 Can of Schmucks 🇨🇦

    Twisting and breaking, to the goal post they went..
    Slash, was a flash! Heard cheering, it passed!

    Whistle's blowing - doom and terror not knowing.
    Delightful, a little bit frightful just to be doing something so spiteful !
    Caught up in the moment that past,
    Spent my last toonie filling up on gas..

    Sixty kilometres per hour; what it worth to see you smile,
    Knowing no way home again for awhile.
    Locker room, that smell..
    Round 3 starts the bell!
    Pride passes the puck - only you are the schmuck!

    Truly, the only great team, Canucks!

  • kharmascribbles 194w

    Experimentiing with art between the words, may keep it up or stop using Emoji's in art al together so you're npw the same as YouTube.

    #kharmaticrhythm® #Luxury #Writers #lounge #ArtandEmoji #tagme #MirakeeTagGames #ShareTheLove

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    ° Memories Bloom °

    Sweet Memories once Captured the Rain,
    Too much trouble to stand there and all them by name.
    It was years ago when they put up a fuss,
    Trouble is brewing just wait for all the fuss.

    Rhinestones and Rubies must capture the eye,
    "Too much sparkle" never did anyone say

    Climb above and beyond,
    Let your confidence fall -- One and Two and Three,
    Three, Two, One; Don''t Think - You should Run

    Counting stars, Gazing at the Moon,
    So much Fun we Should Make our Own!!

    © ¤ KharmaScribbles ¤ ¦¦ 2018

  • kharmascribbles 194w

    Drinking Games

    Tea, we sip slowly
    Milk, doesn't carry a frown
    Juice, so much fun, little stress
    Coffee, only you know how to make yours best.

    We drink from the jug or a mug -
    Doesn't matter to the person you greet with a hug.

    © ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]»
    ®2018 --•°•

  • kharmascribbles 194w

    This is just a short little verse I made while making supper, I had a sense of wonder and bewilderment going on at the time.
    The last line is in reference to my favourite ingredient to add to rice; Brown Sugar

    #~~Scribbles2018 #shortnsweet #poetry #verse #MirakeeFamily #KharmaScribbles #poetryByMe #kharmaticrhythm

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    ? Twinkle ?

    Twinkle, Twinkle,
    Tiny Star,
    How you wonder what lies far?

    You jump up Once,
    You jump up Twice,
    Tiny Tiny, Sugar and Rice

    © ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]»
    ®2018 --•°•

  • kharmascribbles 208w

    {Poetry by Me}
    © ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]»
    ®2018 --•°•

    This was inspired by my son..

    #hiatus-end #poetrybyme #laughter #WetTears #saddness #LonelyRegrets #Memories-Rewind #Poet #KharmaScribbles #~~Scribbles2018 #kharmaticrhythm

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    << :To You My Boy: >>

    Laughter holds the key of true happiness,
    with hearts so blue from crying for you,
    it's not the same as it was before saying "Goodbye" to you.

    Farewells hold with them - regret.
    Time launches a quest that makes the pillows all wet.

    I'd turn back time if I could rewind.

    So many nights of fighting back the tears - - let's not waste any more years.

    © ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]»

  • kharmascribbles 226w

    I am changing my penname for 2018 and beyond!
    My old work can still be found under KharmaticRhythm.

    #penname #persona #2018 #changes #news #KharmaticRhythm #kharmascribbles

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    ⊙ PenName Change 2018 ⊙

    Dear followers, lurkers and friends.
    I've been using the penname "KharmaticRhythm" since I started up writing online in 2017. From that name was born a "Brand Name" that I have been using interchangeably, however it occurs to me the new name suits a lot better as my persona, for my penname.

    This is great timing as I have not yet published any poetry written in 2018, so going forward effective 2018 and beyond I introduce to you my name which shall now be penned as "Kharma Scribbles".

    Thank you for continuing to follow my journey here!

    《Kharma Scribbles》
    aka. KharmaticRhythm

  • kharmascribbles 227w

    I have so many words composed I've forgotten to post and share.

    Motivates me to make so many more ��!

    NEW templates and possible PenName change coming for all my new stuff for 2018!

    #mirakee #oldfashioned #OldButNew #2017 #kharmaticrhythm

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    ¤¤ Never Me ¤¤

    Never said I was the one to follow, my mind works like a dead tree; hollow!
    When you walk with me I twitch and burn,
    Never knew you would ever turn,
    To one, it's none,
    To me, I see, The potential in you to run away.

    © ♢ KharmaticRhythm || 2017°

  • kharmascribbles 227w

    When we walked over the moon,
    too soon went the hummingbird's chime,
    never even crossed my mind, it's about time.
    Let it rhyme, you all have done time.

    When we walked over the moon there was no time to spare,
    nobody cared if you were covered in gloom.

    © ♢ KharmaticRhythm || 2017•

  • kharmascribbles 227w

    Found a pile of paper notes that had some unpublished scribbles of mine ��

    #mirakee #oldfashioned #OldButNew #time #2017 #kharmaticrhythm

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    Time doesn't wait, for it's the master off all,
    You are blind where you fall if you've counted at all.
    Don't fall if you're lucky,
    the cross falls out of place, just look past the moon and fall flat and disgraced.

    We all wanted nothing,
    We don't know where to go,
    But if you come with me I'll carry you home.

    © ♢KharmaticRhythm || 2017°