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  • doshimeghana7 6w


    For Soul
    Writing Poems
    A Magical Way To Pen Down Feelings...

    Meghana Doshi


  • doshimeghana7 7w

    Collom Lune Poem (Butterfly)

    The Butterfly Wings...
    That Held A Rainbow Within...
    Captured My Senses...

    Meghana Doshi


  • doshimeghana7 7w

    Dodoitsu Poem Form (7:7:7:5 Syllable Count)

    Love Your Family and Friends...
    They Are A Pristine Blessing...
    Each With An Unknown Life Span...
    Preserve and Respect...

    Meghana Doshi


  • doshimeghana7 48w

    Haiku Sonnet Poem Challenge by @writersbay
    4 Haikus with Syllable Count as 5:7:5 for each Haiku
    A Rhyming Couplet of Syllable Count as 7:7

    #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #wov4

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    Haiku-Sonnet Poem (5:7:5 Syllable Count)

    Pitter-Patter Rains
    Bring The First Fragrance Of Mud
    Brings Peace To The Soul

    Vitalizing The Senses
    Invigorating The Mind
    Rains Bring Happiness

    Touching Hands And Face
    Tiny Sprinkles Of Water
    Give Glimpse Of Nature

    The First Showering
    Signifies Prosperity
    Sign of God's Blessings

    Flowers That Bloom in Full Swing
    To The Petals Raindrops Cling...

    Meghana Doshi


  • doshimeghana7 48w

    Shadorma Poem Challenge by @writersbay
    6 Line Poem. I have written on the quote by John Green

    #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #wov3

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    Shadorma Poem (3:5:3:3:7:5 Syllable Count)

    That We Leave Behind
    Or A Forgetful Journey
    Sweetness Or Life Scars

    Meghana Doshi


  • doshimeghana7 48w

    #wov2 #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee

    Tanka and Quinzane Poem Challenge by @writersbay
    Tanka Poem with words Lost and Rose
    Quinzain Poem with first line as Statement and other two lines posing Question

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    Tanka Poem (5:7:5:7:7 Syllable Count)

    Deep In The Forest
    I Got Lost In The Meadows
    Tantalising Smell
    Sight Of Refreshing Roses
    Brought Me Closer To Nature...

    Quinzane Poem (7:5:3 Syllable Count)

    Love For Our Mother Nature
    Are We Dutiful?
    Shouldn't We Show?

    Meghana Doshi

  • doshimeghana7 48w

    #wov1 #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee

    Cinquain Poem on Summer
    Challenge by @writersbay
    Sorry i am late. But today i will complete all challenges

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    Cinquain Poem (2:4:6:8:2 Syllable Count)

    Brought Sweat
    Blazing Sun Descended
    Bringing Along The News Of Rains

    Meghana Doshi


  • doshimeghana7 64w

    #Lfsfc #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork

    Day 7 Letter writing challenge by @writersbay. Thanking you for this wonderful contest. I enjoyed a lot. Waiting for more such contests

    All 7 letters of the Letter writing series at #megzyme

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    Letter from Snowflake

    Dear Papa Winter,

    How are you doing pappa? I am so blessed to have a father like you in my life. I owe my existence to you. Mamma Snow is all good. Yesterday i had a phone call with her. Clad in her white saree, she is roosting the mountain tips.

    Everybody says that i look like a junior version of mamma. I don't look like you. It is almost February end now. We are waiting for your homecoming. Mamma will also come home running when you are back. And i will hug my parents.

    Mamma was shouting a lot at me in past few days. As you know i usually stay at our home in Jammu Kashmir only. Maximum i travel to Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. She feels that i have to grow up now. I should not be a home bird now. I need to start travelling extensively. I must visit other places in India too. In fact few days back mamma had got a letter from Mumbai from a girl named Meghana. She was pestering that mamma should visit Mumbai once. And if she is busy, then at least she should send me to Mumbai. They would be glad to receive me. It has been many years they have seen mamma and me. They said that just like you make a quaterly visit to them every year, we should also stay with them atleast for a while. So mamma was going mad at me. Luckily she had network issues and the phone got disconnected. Recently my friends wrote a poem on my birthday.

    Snowflake, snowflake, we love you so much,
    You are so delicate and soft to touch...
    Among all of us you are the cutest,
    But your body temperature is always the coldest...

    Okay pappa, am ending the letter now. Miss you a lot. Come home soon now you and mamma. Been too long. I have started crying now. Just one request pappa. There are many clothless and poor people in India. They don't even have homes. At night they lie shivering on streets with no blanket to cover them. I can't see the plight of small kids. Please don't be too harsh on them. Just think how would you feel if i were in their place. Also try inculcating some good deeds in people who lie cozily on their beds with rich blankets covering them. They should think of donating their old clothes and blankets to those in need. Goodbye pappa. Love you tons...

    Your's hexagonal cutiepie,



  • doshimeghana7 65w

    Dear Organs Of My Body,

    I know that few years back you were a little baffled by my decision. You didn't understand why i did that. Also, i did not take permission of any of you. Not even the Heart who rules my body. I took the decision that involved all of you on my own. I did not care to ask if you all agreed to it. But now it has been some years and hope now you stand by my decision and realize that my decision is not wrong. In fact i feel we all will make each other proud at the right time.

    The readers here are getting confused as to what I am talking about. Okay so let us clear up some things. Before i start the topic, please understand that I am not trying to boast about myself. Neither am I trying to gain appreciation or like a proud mouth keep speaking about it. I am just trying to convey a message that needs to be implemented. If everybody did this, the change would be very impactful.

    Many times in newspapers i used to read about Organ Donation. How Organ Donation is the need of the day. How some people donate the organs of their loved ones and save someone's life. How cadavear donations are increasing, though they are only a handful of percentage than those in need of vital organs. I used to be really impressed that even after your death you can be immensely useful. Only your soul goes. But your presence stays here and you loved ones can be happy in some way. In childhood i remember Aishwarya Rai promoting Eye donation. So my knowledge was limited to only eye donation. But i was interested and i went deeper into this. I researched a lot and came to know that almost all the organs of our body can be helpful in some or the other way. I got in touch with "Mohan Foundation" and asked them a lot of questions before registering. And finally on 26.09.2017 i became a proud "ORGAN DONOR"

    Yes, i have pledged my organs. After my death, all the organs of my body that are in a state of being useful for transplant shall be removed from my body and given to required people. It could be Eyes, Skin, Pancreas, Lungs, Corneas, Kidneys, Liver and Heart. Believe me, this decision of mine has given me the most SATISFACTION till date. I kind of feel that i have "SEALED MY KARMA"

    Organ Donation is still not acknowledged by the society. There is not much awareness too about it. The usual belief is that the body should be burnt or buried as a whole. Missing parts will lead to a crippled body rebirth. Some mythologies also do not support the fact. But it is high time that we get educated not just by books but by thinking too. In life we seldom are useful to anyone. Atleast before facing god, let's do some good act to prove ourselves in front of him.

    I am attaching my Donor card here. I have not been able to convince my friends or family to register themselves as organ donor. But if I can inspire a few Mirakeeans to do this kind act, I will be immensely happy.

    People argue that there is no need to pledge from now. When death comes, our family will do it. Correct. That could be done. But you know, now a days deaths are so uncertain. People are dying at young age all of a sudden. At that time family loses all the consciousness to take decisions. But by registering and letting your family know about it, you yourself as well as others become sure of your decision. It kind of becomes your dream that has to be manifested. A thought that is constantly hammered on everyone is made sure to be taken to the final point. A thought thrust upon your family from now on will not be forgotten by them even at time of losing you.

    Few months back, organs of a 2.5 year old boy from Gujarat saved 7 lives with his heart, liver, kidney, eyes and lungs being donated after his death.

    Don't fear organ donation. You don't know when life will give up on you. You don't give up on something that can serve many in need and also keep you alive in many ways. Just think that you were blind or were in need of a kidney transplant. Would you not eagerly wait and bless someone who would make you see the world or survive you with their kidney?

    There are many organizations where you can pledge your organs. Carry your Donor card with you everywhere. So even if you meet with an accident, your donor card will have the emergency numbers and also of the organization with which you are registered. It is a kind of identity card.

    Okay dear organs, this got too long. Thank you for the support. I just ask a favour from you all. Please be in a workable condition till my end comes. Be in a state that you all could be transplanted. I wish to keep you all alive for years and years... Help me fulfill my wish...

    Your's highly obliged,

    Human body in which you all pump a life...

    Day 6 Letter Challenge. Letter to a trait of myself. I wanted to put the image so i had to write the post this way
    #Ltselfc #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #megzyme

    All Letters of the letter writing series at #megzyme

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    Letter to a Trait of myself


  • doshimeghana7 65w

    #Ltnothumansc #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Day 5 Letter Challenge

    All Letters of letter writing series at #megzyme

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    Letter to Money

    Dear Money,

    You are the Honey of human life. Without you how would we do show-off in society. We can't live without you. Oh money, we are just finding ways on how we can garner more & more of you & make you our status quo. You too have started treating yourself like a king. You have started gaining full control over humans rather than it being the other way round. But i will give you a piece of advice. Better keep your ego to yourself. You don't know us humans yet. We will keep you as per our requirements and needs. We create a barrier of rich and poor and put the blame on you. If we have to save ourselves and you, the most obvious choice would be ourselves. You don't believe me? Okay i will give some examples. You decide then...

    You know i always believed that humans distinguished god's creation on the basis of colour only within its own breed. But i laugh to think that even you are not spared. You are also distinguished as black and white. Your white side is pure and walks on honest path. While your black side is a devil and treads on wrong path. Yet, we humans always love the black side of you and want more and more of the devil. We will lie, backstab and employ unethical means to protect your devilious side.

    Like i told you, humans will protect themselves first. You remember the dreaded 8th Nov, 2016? Well if you remember, then you realize how much respect humans gave you. Government wanted to put your black side in prison. Therefore, to protect their own name the common man threw you away in water though they knew you will die that way. They went to banks and deposited you there. They made their family members stand in line just to get rid of your higher denominations. They were afraid to save you because they were also at risk. Because every human has relations with your devil side.

    Answer me one thing. You can provide luxuries, but can you provide sound sleep and happiness by hovering around humans? Humans like you only till the time you are safe in lockers and bank accounts. They are not ready to keep you much with them. If your paper form gets torn even a bit, nobody accepts you. You are thrown away in dustbin or trampled upon

    Temples, Builders, Contractors, Filmmakers, Businessmen and all the so called rich people value only your devilious side. I don't think they value your purity. They value the benefits that your black side provides eventhough it may be by wrong ways. Sad to say that Doctors, a form of God on earth are also pampering your black side. Goddess Saraswati hangs her head in shame when Education is also in the clutches of your evil side.

    If you observe closely, you might be less in number in a poor's home. But they really respect and treasure the pure side of you. They value every penny of you and have no ties with your bad side eventhough you don't multiply much in their destiny. With whatever little they have of you, they give you away for some noble causes and try to help the needy. But you find more elegance in a rich person's home. You want to multiply ten times over there because they give you beautiful suitcases and lockers.

    Dear money, i don't understand. Till the time humans have less money they are happy and satisfied. But once the urge to accumulate more and more increases, they somehow change. They start disrespecting those who have less of you. I am sorry to say, but you are the prime reason. Why are you a part of such inequality?

    You know what? Humans will never grow up. But you atleast grow up. Don't make the rich more richer. Grow in places where people are willing to part with you only for right ways. Maybe charity, helping those in need or for overall improvement of our country. Don't give momentum to your black side by being with black hearted people...

    I respect you because you carry the Father of the Nation on you. But I don't want too much of you in my life. Only so much that can keep my senses sensible...

    Your's lovingly,

    Middle-class human