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  • altafmurtaza 3d

    Spectrum of love

    "You knew my love was holistic
    And transparent as white light
    And when it splits alchemizes
    Even more colorful and bright
    Into seven distinct ultralights"


  • altafmurtaza 5d

    *Palpebra is a medical term for eyelids
    *Antsy means anxious/impatiently desirous
    *King here refers to the lord of the worlds


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    Every morning
    Palpebra separates
    Sometimes drowsy
    Sometimes jaunty

    In this racy epoch
    With antsy ambitions
    Burden of discipline
    To habit of embracing ✓ Destined by the king


  • altafmurtaza 2w

    "A poet is the one who
    forms reality even more
    than the living man."

    ______Sometimes through
    the magical phrase
    that catches the breath
    sometimes through
    the immortal spirit
    that creates out of skylit

    A L T A F

  • altafmurtaza 3w

    "There were the days
    when the smell of my lover
    used to be the bookmark"

    __Now, whenever I start
    Reading any book
    From the midst
    Of the pages left
    It needs to revise
    Again from the beginning
    To reinstate faded memories



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    "There were the days
    when the smell of my
    L O V E R
    used to be the bookmark"

  • altafmurtaza 4w

    लुभ्यति is a sanskrit word which means 'to desire'

    History of the word 'love' __
    It is believed that the old english word 'lufu' is of Germanic origin and that is from an Indo European root shared by sanskrit lubhayti which means to desire
    @kin_jo @murryben

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    Baffled with these
    Four alphabets of L O V E?

    No need to go deep
    In Latin and Greek
    It's clear and lucid
    In its origin of Sanskrit
    "Lubhayti" desires of it
    Causes ecstasy and anguish

    ~Desire is love

  • altafmurtaza 6w

    Often in our society

    Exhibition is primary
    Words of chicanery
    Feelings they bury
    Marry for dowry
    Loaded with jewelry
    Display of glory
    Ruled as necessary

    Being rebellious?
    That's too scary
    You might be isolated instantly

    Bonded together yet a mystery


  • altafmurtaza 6w


    It was the breathe
    of the fresh air
    amidst the dust
    and sand's share

    Moon was as bright
    as the first sight
    of a lady who's
    destined to be wife

    Someone tried seizing
    my words in greenish
    dark pages of plots
    by telling tarots, it fell
    short and joined my
    concealed cheeky consort
    deep in the universe
    upto the stars twinkling dots⭐

    ______ Altaf

  • altafmurtaza 7w


    Long hours of dawn to dusk
    Dry mouth bedraggles five times
    But not down the line of throat
    Devotedness for the decree
    Crave for cumulative goodness

    Panglossian about promises cinched
    Accustomed with threads of blood
    The beauty of belief
    Extant in this evanescent world


  • altafmurtaza 22w


    O my creator
    How flawlessly
    You've created survivors
    And blessed us all with
    Unimaginable protectors
    You've sent messengers
    You've sent educators
    You've guided us with preachers
    In every epoch of human calendar
    But, we still act as a misguider

    O my creator
    Help us fix our
    Damaged faith and figure
    As you're the one and only
    The most merciful forgiver!


  • altafmurtaza 23w

    All round me are words, wise words
    Discovered incidentally
    Refined by wits of ages
    Ubiquitous among peers
    Turned into a mechanism
    To attract the audience
    And gather the self-confidence