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  • zoya_charmz 4d

    To those who were waiting for me.

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    Hello !!

  • zoya_charmz 6w

    Alluring metaphors hide beneath
    her lemon poetry, she stitches
    seasons with an ounce of spicy
    phrases extending the variations
    of magnificence while gulping
    autumn breaths and dangling
    some amour poetry.

    When she stepped her fifteenth
    monsoon, she drew a marine
    moon at the back of her stained
    diary which now drizzles every
    night when she feels like a dead
    sky above her head whispering
    nocturnal rhymes and sprinkling
    necromantic clouds.

    She speaks endless language
    of love and life, the symphony of
    her unbounded waves waft through
    her glittering eyes which shed clusters
    of meteors and the first ray of sunrise.

    She breeds dandelions and butterflies
    in her heart, soothes the horizon
    with flavoured oysters,
    She inhales Saturn's aubade,
    writes acrostic of folklore
    and waters the barren deserts.



    Happy happy birthday to you ji ����������

    I found a girl ��
    Beautiful and kind
    Sometimes cute
    Sometimes mute
    So adorable to find like her ..ohh that smile !!
    Pretty in nature
    Her smile is like an ocean
    You dive in and find the peace in her,
    Words are magical you read and just get disappear,
    So hum mile ye coincidence kaho !!
    Amazing she's amazing
    Aur mai kya kahu
    Kehne ko kitaab likh du
    Ankhon se suru karu
    Aur jhumko tak ki
    Khanak se lekar
    Tere payal ki khankaar likh du,
    Shayaro se chura k alfaaz nazm bana du
    Aur mai kya likhu
    Tere hone ka ek alag ehsaas hai
    Kuch khatti kuch meethi
    Baatein aur zoya bhi sath hai
    We three are musketeers hume aaj bhi wo spam yaad hai, sath kiye wo prank yaad hai
    I know you were leaving aaj bhi wo na jane ki smile yaad hai. So happiest birthday to you my dear ⭐��❤️
    Hope your days are bright, your nights are shining
    Almighty bless you and give you strength
    Blessings are more and words are fully sanitized
    Enjoy your day
    Nightmare wish you your future bright !! ����❤️


    Happy Birthday my lovie-dovie ❤️
    Many Many happy returns of the day ��
    Wish you love and laughter of life. You were, you are and you'll always be my lil sis. I love you and you know that. ❤️ God bless ✨
    Sending you sky full of love from us ������
    Keep shining my star ��


    *���������� ��������������������*

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    She bleeds biology even wearing the sombre nights.


  • zoya_charmz 6w

    She grows sunshine in her heart
    twirling around the euphoric
    rainbow and basking the summer sun,

    she blooms into a full moon
    wearing dozens of metaphors
    and carving monuments of
    nepenthe with her pristine palms,

    She is neither Wordsworth's daffodils
    nor Van Gogh's stars but she is a sky
    of celestial poetry sheltering
    endless pages of literature.



    Happy Birthday Sunshine, ��
    Wishing you love and many more good things of life,
    Sending you bouquet of sunflowers and blankets of warmth; Sunshine you're sweet and kind. I adore you & your write-ups. Hope you're fine. Stay safe, stay blessed ����✨♥️


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    Sunshine and some pearl poetry

  • zoya_charmz 7w

    Happy Birthday meri pyaari Adeeba. Many many happy returns of the day. Wish you sky full of love, peace, strength and happiness. Mayusi ko dur rakhna aur khush rehna humesha. Love you. ♥️♥️♥️
    God bless. ✨

    **Kabhi likha kar, bolte bolte thak gyi ��

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    The yellow daffodils of her sky
    splash a few phrases of rebirth,
    She croons deep metaphors,
    weaves promises and nurtures
    the reddish brown autumn.

    She erases gloom, enhances
    her sunshine soul with the
    alphabets of wisdom and
    silhouettes of seashore.

    She is a Galib's poetry with
    radiant aura breathing
    vehemence yet stitching
    the sense of simplicity.


  • zoya_charmz 7w

    She is the light zephyr of
    flamboyant September
    breeding the language of

    She carries a scented smile
    in the nucleus of her heart
    to bake jovial notes of snowy

    She tastes monochrome
    twice and sketches soothing
    nightsongs in the poetic city,

    She adorns the grey skies and
    fills the skin of heaven to pronounce
    the verses of eternity.

    // She is the colour of love filled autumn
    breathing breaths of saccharine spring //



    Happy birthday Saloni ����
    I wish you all the love, luck and laughter of life. May God bless you and may you achieve your desired goal. Nothing more to say coz you know I love you so much. ♥️ I hope you enjoyed your day. Stay safe, stay happy and always keep that authentic smile on your face, it makes you look more pretty. ��
    My best wishes are always with you. ��
    Also best wishes for your exams ���� @saloni_04

    P.s- Sorry for this late, I was too occupied today.

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    // She is the colour of love filled autumn
    breathing breaths of saccharine spring //


  • zoya_charmz 10w

    Happy 75th Independence day ����

    I'll miss my closest people.
    Take care you people. ❤️

    P.s- Will deactivate after saving my post.

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    On this independence day, I freed myself
    from this place.
    Freedom wins.

  • zoya_charmz 10w

    Many many happy returns of the day,
    Vanshi, you have always been kind to me
    and so it feels very good to have you around.
    I know you are busy in your studies so I calmly accepted your goodbyes. I like your dedication towards your goal.
    I hope you may succeed in your ambitions.
    God bless you��
    I love you for what you are,♡
    Keep shining like you do, Love & hugs.
    And yes I miss you but anyways
    Take care ❤️

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    She is a sunflower
    that symbolises warmth
    and peace,

    Her oceanic heart
    breeds serenity to fetch
    aurora rains,

    She is an ingenious
    soul, a definition of true
    human being.

  • zoya_charmz 10w

    ��������������������������~ ������ ���������������� ���������� ���� ������������


    I'm a disguised lover,
    A sandwich infused in cold beverage,
    I was born when monsoon ceased
    the August rain and September wore
    a hodge-podge of maple leaves and
    some braided red pink camellia.

    ~ Stained museum is the synonym of Autumn ~

    ���������������� ���� ���� ��ℎ������ℎ������

    The Nightingale welcomed my arrival,
    I flipped a page and painted golden yellow
    timber towns, the whimsical moves of
    oaks and pines touched grandpa's heart,
    writers shed sonnets and the passer-by
    chewed cidery scent and brewed
    a bottle of red wine.

    • In the hustle and bustle, the kids compose
    their existence with the floral crowns.

    ���������������� ���� ���� �������� ��������������������

    In the September evening,
    I encountered the gentle brisk air
    slightly wiping away the dusty lanes,
    the rooftops and the mud folding
    edges of the alabaster walls.
    I remember the musical notes of
    yellow warblers that carried my opalescent
    wings to the October nights when lovers
    drank the soup broth of promises resting
    on each other's shoulders.

    • I breathe when honeysuckle
    lovers meet, I breathe a little more.

    ���������������� ���� ���� ������������-���������� ��������

    Leaves began to fall, I gulped a quarter
    of courage and stitched tangerine
    epigraph on the vintage streets
    when parched foothills were covered
    in mist; I sowed a vermilion sunset,
    reaped some evergreen ghazals
    I swallowed silhouettes of October
    late and crooned a septolet of windfall.

    • The sparks of campfire melts the winter snow.

    ���������������� ���� ���� ����������������

    I served nostalgia and draped my
    fragile skin in pomegranate's veil
    I breathed November like a
    sojourner, passed December
    like a short-lived cherry blossom
    erasing tassels of turmoil;
    I inhaled the mellow moon to
    welcome Nabanna, baked pots
    of rice cakes and sweets,
    healed ulcers of claustrophobic

    • Winter knocked at my doorsteps,
    And I lay resting in my graveyard with
    a memoir of epitaph and some white jasmines.

    // I hope to meet you again in my next birth //

    ~ Oh human, I want to stick to your soul,
    I want to stick to eternity ~



    Nabanna - A Bengali harvest celebration usually celebrated in the late autumn with food, dance and music in Bangladesh & in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam. It is a festival of food; many local preparations of Bengali cuisine like pithe are cooked.

    #autobiography #pod

    @theinkdomain I just tried :-(

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    Oh human, I want to stick to your soul,
    I want to stick to eternity.


  • zoya_charmz 10w

    Should we act like robots
    besides being human ??

  • zoya_charmz 10w

    ������������ℎ����, �� ������������

    I remember you enveloped my sunkissed
    forehead in your twilight shadow whilst
    gossiping in the shores of Konkan coast,
    You told me my wild orbs fascinate you
    more than the sky, I smiled and
    the photon in your eyes oscillated
    like the waves of coffee leaves,
    You adorned my wrist with a lavender
    corsage and held me close,
    My lips touched your unbuttoned
    shirt and I got intoxicated by your
    long lasting fragrance,
    Yes, universe played cupid
    Aein, I can't ask anything more,
    I'm indebted to your rose pink smooch.



    Aein- Sweetheart in Korean.
    @theinkdomain Just for you ♡

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    Aein, I can't ask anything more,
    I'm indebted to your rose pink smooch.