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  • zimba00 3w

    My relationship things :

    You can love someone , and still choose to say goodbye to them

    Some holding on does more damage than letting go.

    Yes , I was shattered when I was blocked on FEB 14th .
    Which I waited for 2 long days and realised it - never expecting even this could happen.

    I still remember that last moment of text that I put in , ammu I reached Bangalore had a very safe flight . Are you busy . Why I asked this was just wanted to tell the whole story of my journey.

    That is when I realised , I wasn't worthy enough to be there

  • zimba00 3w

    First love is the best and forever love .

    " AMMA "

    My first love and my forever love.

    There is lot that I have learnt in my hardest time ma.

    I love you ma , couldn't say this to you openly
    But amma love you ma.


  • zimba00 3w

    Hello all ,

    It's been days together that I haven't been writing .
    Because wanted to give time to myself , yes back here after a lot of tune spent with myself .

    Learnt a lot . Observed a lot . Rectified a lot .

    Back again with all new amazing and more happily living to the fullest.

    Lots of stories to be said.

    I was back here , reading the past I just time travelled for a second . Feels like things I gathered from past 3 years.
    When I was writing this , I never knew all these words had to power to bring all those emotions back.

    Loving it

    Stay tuned.

  • zimba00 9w

    Be positive .
    I always had a positive notion.

    It's fine , I never point out and say again and again . If I do it's gonna be hard on both , so simply I just try staying happy.

    I was pointed out several times today , it's fine.
    No worries .

    Just a phone call away for anyone who needs my help.

    Even if ammu looks back a few hours back of how she was yesterday to how she spoke today. She'll only feel odd about that.

    And at the first rate . I always try to preserve everybody and everything I have , yesterday I just called to check out how anmu is and how's her work going on , how amma is and all .

    Yesterday very happily she spoke.
    And see today . In the end of the day
    Everything was pointed out on me.

    I don't know whether this is my personality or something like that . But like sir said , I end up taking a back step I just give up when argument turns to other side.

    Sometimes it's the best practice .
    Simply accept , and let they feel happy

    See ya.

  • zimba00 9w


    Wonderful day out with amma

    So there is a new memorial opened in madikeri to tribute general thimmaiah .

    Amma wanted to visit , so I took amma a ride in bike to museum and enjoyed her happiness .

    Took photos , discussion about armed forces life and everything

    It was so much fun.

    Thank you god for this wonderful day ❤️

  • zimba00 9w

    "Simple hai, kuch logo ke sath sirf waqt bitaane se hi sab kuch theek ho jata he"

    Magic ✨


  • zimba00 10w


    Hello all .
    It's been quite a few days . The schedule was very tight and lot of meetings to attend , mentor , shadow , also prepare for my ssb.

    All together had no time to sit and write. Few lines.

    So yes ,
    Great week passed .
    Had so much fun . Like I say it's always day 1 .
    I follow this principle in life so that I be excited like it's always my first day of life.

    And yes.
    Today in the meeting , I was praised to the peak.
    Do yoy know what my condition was . I went on mute and I was laughing.

    So some statements were " Akshith is a blessing to our team , "
    One more cane like " he is really a nice teacher and a mentor "
    So this was the moment when all took about 10 minutes of the team connect to Praise me randomly.

    I felt that yes , quality of work and hard work with a little bit of practical sense. You'll always excel in your career.
    Just be open . Learn everything possible. Learn new skill set work on it . Develop on it. Just go for the next . Mentor others discuss and learn .

    Many things many many things.

    So I'm just enjoying the way it's going da.

    And as I told you my very new friend Shruti.
    She was like , da what is this. All are appreciating you this much. Congrats da.
    I was like I don't know -- is this a prank of something.

    Then when Shruti said the next line.
    I remembered ammu saying the same.

    " You deserve it da , you earned it "

    Ammu used to say this , always anytime . Like very big motivational support.

    When Shruti said that , I somewhere saw a glimpse of ammu in her.

    So thanks to nimrah for initiating the fun activity today and it was totally well planned interaction session.
    Nice nimrah. Keep it up da.

    So yes . There is one more side of my regular days.
    Which I'll be telling once I come back from ssb
    Because right now I think this is not the right time.

    So yes guys see ya. Take cars. And remember
    " It's always day 1 "

  • zimba00 10w

    Ya , so I told you about a new person a new buddy in my circle na.

    So her name is Shruti ,
    Say hii to Shruti everyone .

    She is really different , I don't know why the vibe she has resembles those what ammu had da.
    Simple example . I may laugh smile . But it's really hard to make me smile from my heart .
    Ammu once mastered this skill . Just her presence would make me smile .

    So Shruti is one such buddy of mine who came to my team under my mentorship .
    And don't know how the vibe was totally different ..

    So we both fight a lot ok ��
    Like in tt there is something called bulk tt's . So what happens is you get allocated in bulk .
    What I do is .
    I simply say shru -- you'll get this see in next allocation
    She'll be like -- deii paavi unn vaile thee alli kotta .
    Which means I put fire in your mouth ��

    Literally she is super awesome da.

    Do you know how we speak.
    I'm like bro . I'm done for the day.
    Shru will reply -- deii bro wait two more tt's I'll join you wait da idiot


    Such a fun loving and jovial buddy she is.

    I asked shru actually .
    Da are you like this by birth or ippo you are like this bro

    She was like deii bro .. you don't know about me.
    Once I feel comfy with someone na. Next level fun ��

    And yes she really is funny da .

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  • zimba00 10w


    The magical moment of my life.
    I met a Commando (1960-1989) . 2nd para special forces
    125 high altitude jumps , Indo Pak , Indo china etc wars fought

    Ultimately a inspiration .

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  • zimba00 10w


    Yo yo yo hello all ..

    So had been a really fantastic week so far.
    There is a very important story to tell you all.

    That few moments of my life where I touch my dream and came back .
    What a feel da uuuuiiiiooooooo.

    And yes one more .. I meant a new friend . Daaa literally extremely crazy person . I mean very soft from heart but she has that tendency what ammu had .. it's hard to make me smile .. but ammu used to paat se.. even this person's action towards me makes me laugh da
    Super crazy girl .

    I'll came here to our team as a junior under me , I was taking nesting for her in the process hands-on.
    Now it's been like 2weeks , we have become super crazy friends

    So lots to share with.

    Stay tuned.