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  • zilch__ 59w

    I hope this one makes me write more

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    Bahut dino baad hathon ko kalam se chua hai
    Ansuni cheekho ka dard fir seene mai hua hai
    Chalo Aaj tum aur hum kuch baatein baantate hai
    Akele se lagte ho tum, zara raatein bandhate hai.

    Mujhe insaano se darr aaj bhi kaafi hai
    Haan yeh kuch chupaya sa sach hai mera
    Vaadon se zara bechaini hoti h mujhe
    Haathon mai haath mere apne hi rehjate hai

    Mai thoda dard hu, thoda sunn hu
    Mai tum hu par zara gum hu.

    Meri chorho
    Tum bhi shabdo se kuch kehdia karo
    Shaant ho ya chup raha karte ho?
    Suna h Aag ki parchai se darte ho tum
    Shayad Meri sachai se darte ho tum.

  • zilch__ 64w

    Vulnerable to words but not to people
    A poet indeed

  • zilch__ 64w

    Some dark circles are too dark to be seen

    To be heard
    And felt

  • zilch__ 66w

    I wrote anything

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    I broke someone a while ago
    It felt great I know
    Amidst the bliss I abandoned him
    Gulped down the regrets
    The darkness went dim
    Played by the puppets, I shattered
    The glass walls he scratched
    Didn't let him in
    I know
    There was no door to enter
    *Now I bleed thy tears alone
    Come hold me, we'll tear us down "
    I moaned
    Timid Time died like a brittle bride
    I laugh
    I cry
    I hide
    Red eyes
    Crippled me masking my storms
    Don't be alarmed
    Oh You think I'm armed?
    Empty my words are
    I couldn't make him stay
    Distance he shouted
    Yeah he meant stay away

  • zilch__ 73w


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    I would rather write you every moment than dwell on your memories

  • zilch__ 76w

    Twenty five seconds down the memory lane of time daisies and breakdown freebies, a point to the left, a sharp turn to the right, you might hurt me but I'm alright. I think of you no more, doorknobs around my locks still do, they were so used to you. Used to you being a fact, a fact out there, existing.

    I might not be thinking straight or you have really gotten vicious these days, breathing on me those verses I wrote or the shrine I told you about. Those tears around your cheeks spell perfect, the letters I can't write or whine about.
    Don't be sorry
    I am broken by the bars I am holding around your cage, red by your forehead slams they talk to me how your head stinks of my goodnight kisses, with marks of my nasty initials on your piled up black diaries.

    They try to find me underneath your fairly spread mattress while I shimmy my way down to those twenty five seconds.
    Those twenty five seconds down the memory lane of time daisies and breakdown freebies, a point to the left, a sharp turn to the right, you might hurt me but I'm alright.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Long time, eh?

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    Those tears around your cheeks spell perfect, the letters I can't write or whine about.

  • zilch__ 82w

    Kuch nashe hazar hai is chuppi main
    Nasdeek mt aao, kahin utar na jaye
    Un raaton mai doobi kuch baatein hazaro h
    Ujaale mat jalao, andhero ki aadat h ab

    Lapatta, behissa, barbaad hu mai
    Talaasho ke farman main aabaad hu mai
    Kagazo ki kashti hu, zara dhyan se dhakelna
    Kamzarf woh manmarzi hu, zara dhyan se dekhna

    Thoda akela, na khaas sa, khud ke na paas sa
    Cheekho ki guthti awaz sa,
    Murdo ki aakhri saas sa
    Hu mai kuch

    Sitaro ki chaadar odh kr
    Ankho mai nammii gustaakh magar
    Us gustakhi ki kii gyi sharmindagi sa
    Hu mai kuch

    Shaant hai tu, zara shor hu mai
    Band kitaab hu, zara kamzor hu mai
    Badkismati ka raaz hu
    Anjaamo ka aagaaz hu mai

    Shareer hu mai aadha
    Tanhai krishna, hu mai radha
    Qatalo ke khooni khanjar sa lagu
    Haskar bhi kyu mai banjar sa lagu

    Karz hu mai, han maana thoda khudgarz hu
    Dhoop main murjaya phool hu zara
    Apna mat banana, ek bhool hu mai

  • zilch__ 84w

    A reminder to the long lost writer in me
    Thankyou for being there everyone
    (sorry couldn't reply to all your comments)

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    She swiftly moved her hand on my rough skin like a lost vagabond feeling the turf, ransacking the emotions left, if any.

    "What are you?"

    She juggled those words with her eyes grappling mine and her lips beguiled like a wolf under moonlight.

    Never did I say , a creep I felt to the words I never spoke or the nights I never woke up to.

    "The knots your nerves bow down to, the nightmares you pile up with your pills every morning, I converse how an end would change our story
    How I might be the end of your tragic story."

  • zilch__ 85w

    I still lullaby the screams I carry in my pocket

  • zilch__ 86w

    That day
    Something wasn't right

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    (grammatical errors might be there
    Wrote it in a hurry)

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    Punch to the broken vase
    Crazy are we? Sipping coffee
    On graves, bricks and walls
    To Be or not to be
    Shakespeare's pen brawls
    To the open end
    Of my shackled fingers
    Dry they feel, obscurity lingers
    The poet nearby witnessed
    A death in the church
    Lathered his body
    Red inked it
    Under the cross
    Holy water, rinsed his hands
    Faces smirked, published his work

    The night it happened
    Pastor took an off
    Worldly pleasures he craved
    Though, His job didn't pay
    Hushed omens to gather himself
    To the hut of cravings
    Buffet of clean skin
    He smiled, mild morphine hit
    She planted a grin
    Situation, a win - win
    The world of charms
    Pastor, unarmed
    Blood to the poet's arms
    Was meant to be
    That night