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  • zilaroze 9w

    A Sky Better Left Empty

    Every now and then has become almost never. You’ve become numb to their absence, not forgetting they were ever there but not quite remembering their used-to-be often attendance either. 

    What did they used to mean to you? What do they mean to you now? Countless times those questions have been weighed in your mind. Somehow, though the object of interest has never changed, what once was a moon amounted to less than a lake. Their one-in-a-million reappearance became as negligible as a raindrop in a rainstorm. This is not ignorance; it’s indifference. The moon has fallen and scattered like mist, yet you move not even a muscle to collect the shattered pieces. Alas, it doesn’t take long for you to realize you aren’t the only one when the void in the night sky remains empty.