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  • zealous_xpression 3w


    Why do you stay?
    Why do you choose to be with "fine" as if "exceptional" does not lurk the Earth?
    Your eyes have been filtered to see diamonds in this river trodden pebble.
    And your light, although shining loudly,
    Cannot reach full brightness because of this voltage you tether onto.
    Maybe one day you'll realize why royalty shuns the commoners,
    But until then I'll cover myself in your silk sheets of love
    and ask


  • zealous_xpression 4w

    Dear God

    Why did You make mosquitoes?
    They're tiny in the grand scheme of things and
    It appears that their only job us to suck the liquid life out of anything it can.
    It leaves an uncomfortable mark that takes time to heal,
    And disappears without any repercussion, ready to feast once more.
    Sometimes I wonder if that's how You look at humans...

  • zealous_xpression 5w

    Imposter syndrome

    Refers to an internal experience of believing
    that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be.

    As if you're on your way to a Halloween
    Party and the costume you wear
    Is that of someone with high pedigree,
    Someone who is respected
    someone who is able to walk
    With a puffed bullet proof chest,
    Confidence holds their shoulders back
    And are equipped to face whatever comes their way.

    Imposter syndrome gears its weapons,
    Prepares its sirens of fear
    Aims its doubt filled sniper
    And fires it straight into the core
    Of your vision.
    Rendering you blind to the fact that
    The costume you wear
    Has the same face
    Same name
    Same favorite colour
    And even same soul as...


  • zealous_xpression 6w

    The ordinary one

    In maths we're taught about variables and constants
    Both very crucial in their own identity

    Variables are able to change in order to fit the scenario
    Theg shapeshift their body until that are just the right piece or pieces to fit into your missing puzzle.

    Constants, however, are exactly what it says in their name...constant
    With no special superpower, yet just as effective.
    They are just there, just waiting to be called upon
    Waiting for their bat signal and springing into action with immediate effect.

    She is my constant.
    Her ear, my diary entry which I never fail to share to.
    Her body, my bed just waiting to be embraced.
    Her all, ready to receive and give to my everything.

  • zealous_xpression 10w


    The questions, uncertainty and lack of confidence is exactly what's needed to mold you into someone who refuses to feel like this again.

  • zealous_xpression 10w

    My imagination has become a thriller

    Like a good trailer I see flashes of
    Scenes which leave you in awe
    Dots randomly placed for the viewer
    To join together
    And an arrangement not too uncommon in the current climate

    Unfortunately the picture is not of
    Sunflowers or a famous cartoon
    But a body, finely dressed and resting
    In decorated oakwood waiting to take him to his next life.

  • zealous_xpression 10w


    I wish to look at myself and
    Be confident that my broken pieces
    Can be recycled into something beautiful
    Just like all the people I've prayed for

  • zealous_xpression 12w

    Midnight love affair

    On days where we're unable to talk
    I go to bed as quickly as possible
    That you remember our star-witnessed plans
    And meet me in the secret corridors of our dreams

  • zealous_xpression 14w

    Still I rise.

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    Mental health battles

    Can sometimes have no catalyst or originating motif.
    You could be having the best day of your life and still somehow get rifled over by a surprise tsunami of insecurity and self doubt.
    It's normal.

  • zealous_xpression 15w

    Not sure about this one, thoughts?

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    A disconnect from your loved ones

    I wish it were sudden and abrupt
    A power outage in the midst of an electric atmosphere.
    Ateast then there would be a reason...a determination to repair the fault as swiftly as the disconnect itself.

    Instead, it moved stealthily...
    A faulty globe
    A loose cable
    A problematic side-plug
    But nothing screaming loud enough for my attention to hear.

    They say the best way to boil a frog
    Is not to throw it into the fiery bath
    Because it will take flight immediately upon landing.
    Instead, leave it in comfortable waters and gradually increase the temperature. By the time it realizes, it will have been par boiled.

    I am a passive amphibian boiled to perfection.