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  • zealous_xpression 3w


    The questions, uncertainty and lack of confidence is exactly what's needed to mold you into someone who refuses to feel like this again.

  • zealous_xpression 3w

    My imagination has become a thriller

    Like a good trailer I see flashes of
    Scenes which leave you in awe
    Dots randomly placed for the viewer
    To join together
    And an arrangement not too uncommon in the current climate

    Unfortunately the picture is not of
    Sunflowers or a famous cartoon
    But a body, finely dressed and resting
    In decorated oakwood waiting to take him to his next life.

  • zealous_xpression 3w


    I wish to look at myself and
    Be confident that my broken pieces
    Can be recycled into something beautiful
    Just like all the people I've prayed for

  • zealous_xpression 4w

    Midnight love affair

    On days where we're unable to talk
    I go to bed as quickly as possible
    That you remember our star-witnessed plans
    And meet me in the secret corridors of our dreams

  • zealous_xpression 6w

    Still I rise.

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    Mental health battles

    Can sometimes have no catalyst or originating motif.
    You could be having the best day of your life and still somehow get rifled over by a surprise tsunami of insecurity and self doubt.
    It's normal.

  • zealous_xpression 8w

    Not sure about this one, thoughts?

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    A disconnect from your loved ones

    I wish it were sudden and abrupt
    A power outage in the midst of an electric atmosphere.
    Ateast then there would be a reason...a determination to repair the fault as swiftly as the disconnect itself.

    Instead, it moved stealthily...
    A faulty globe
    A loose cable
    A problematic side-plug
    But nothing screaming loud enough for my attention to hear.

    They say the best way to boil a frog
    Is not to throw it into the fiery bath
    Because it will take flight immediately upon landing.
    Instead, leave it in comfortable waters and gradually increase the temperature. By the time it realizes, it will have been par boiled.

    I am a passive amphibian boiled to perfection.

  • zealous_xpression 9w

    With you

    I once heard that practice does not

    Make perfect, it makes permanent.

    And lately I’ve practiced the art of

    Of losing myself in the abys of my thoughts–


    It’s like being starved so much

    You forget how food tastes.

    Like your lungs have become an Alzheimer’s

    Patient at the thought of fresh air.


    At first you still feel weighed down.



    Even at the hand of comfort.


    I guess it’s what happens when you’re

    Used to seeing mirages –

    The lakes in front of you

    Begin to feel like propaganda.


    But when you find your safe house

    You need not think too hard

    Or try to find the words to emotions which

    Have no translation.


    When the realization settles

    That I am safe,

    My trauma becomes a friend that

    I have outgrown.

    I begin remembering what peace feels like-

    A familiarity from a past life.


    For so long I have practiced just surviving,

    You have helped me make a habit out of living.

    ©zealous_xpression @akiraj_

  • zealous_xpression 12w

    It was cinematic how time
    began to lose steam.
    The way each step felt uncertain
    On the confused ground.

    With great conviction
    He fell through the room door and
    Carefully placed his paper plate down.

    In that moment,
    His attraction for his bed
    Simmered away...
    The floor, however, stayed ready,
    Waiting to pounce,
    Waiting for him to return.

    Without a thought even thinking
    About being born, he gave
    Into the affair.
    Sinking wholeheartedly.
    With no control or resistance
    His body became one with the
    Foundation he laid upon.

    And for once, he saw the world
    In its eyes:

    "Things appear larger than they are
    From down here",
    He thought,
    "Problems seem larger than life
    When you feel like you've fallen."

    He quickly tried to bring himself
    Back to eye-level
    But the weight of his body was too
    Much for him to bare.
    It was as if he was trying to
    Lift in a weightclass far above
    What he could carry.

    He just laid there.
    Praying someone would help,
    But hoping no one would see his vulnerable
    Body mimicking a crime scene.

    As if he had become a bad actor
    Auditioning for his own funeral
    He stayed still,
    And so flustered that even his
    Thoughts vanished with his lines.

    Everything around him followed suit:
    The wind held its breath,
    The TV closed its eyes
    And for a few seconds..

    Serenity flew around the room
    Before the subtle movement of resting fingers.

    Muscle by muscle
    The boy struggled and clawed
    His way back onto the bed.

    She welcomed the
    Prodigal son with
    Open arms.

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    Episode 19: Paralyzed

    He just laid there.
    Praying someone would help,
    But hoping no one would see his vulnerable
    Body mimicking a crime scene.

  • zealous_xpression 14w

    Cautiously clumsy

    I often find myself tripping when trying to dodge the spikes of an "Is she your girlfriend?"
    And so, on eggshells I waltz
    Making sure each step reaches the ground
    And nothing more
    In the field of charged mines eager to express themselves.

    Because like Rudy, I am not afraid
    Of heights nor falling
    But what will happen once my body kisses the earth.
    Not because I've had the privilege of mingling
    With that episode
    But I have been in the jungle long enough
    To have felt the tremors
    Of all those around me.

  • zealous_xpression 16w

    Birthday Eve

    Like a faulty tap the salted waters crept.
    They seeped through the coupled hands and
    Leaked ever so smoothly despite every resistance to contain it.

    It ran down every inch of the room
    Trying to escape the preying walls which had no intention of slowing down their conquest of swallowing whole.

    Tissues became band aids the way they tried to slow down the liquid life flowing out.

    The patient sat.

    Feeling every breath.
    Accepting every thought penetrating bullet.
    But somehow choosing to stay alive.