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  • zazamagicude 9w


    If there is nothing to say, it is alright.

    If you can not find that energy, it is all right.

    If you feel down right now, it is all right.

    If you feel alone , it is all right.

    Whatever your feelings are, it is alright as long as you understand that you are the one thinking it, imagining it, allowing it and by so I mean you have power over it too. Understand that your thoughts are a blueprint of your experience in this life. Choose them wisely.

  • zazamagicude 25w


    Don’t allow the details of your current life condition(s) mess up where you are going that is designed by you on a daily bases


  • zazamagicude 26w


    The wind has no home so it fly

    The ocean can not be contained so it flows

    The stars are too big to be close, so they stay far away

    I Am too many of different facet to be confined just as the mentioned above.

    Be you and if it’s not enough fly away.

    Be you and if it’s not enough flow away.

    Be you and if it’s not enough stay far away like the stars.


  • zazamagicude 29w

    Mother’s Day

    To be a Mother, you are the life preserver of the child when it was conceived: You carried her for nine months, for without you there would be no understanding of what it means to be in and have confort.
    To be a Mother, you are the Ethernet of cohabiting humans in a circle called home; you manage information through and through with the best of intentions for all in that home to have an understanding about each other.

    To be a Mother, you are constantly putting your Children first before yourself: not that you don’t take care of yourself but you do it without knowing the difference.

    To be a Mother, you are helping all within the home you mother, be independent and actualise their dreams as well as learn how to pick themselves up.

    To be a Mother, you constantly have to give love as that is what you should always get as you give it regardless.

    To be a Mother, you support me when I do right and also tell me the hard truth when it is called for because only you would know how best to relate that truth to us.

    To be a Mother, you manage so much which includes but not limited to individuals within the home as well as outside the home for us all to have an harmonious society at the end of each day even when the many can not see it.

    To be a Mother; you are like Mother Earth that comprises of many and manage many without fledging.

    For without you Mother(s) there will be nothing that mirror us all as they show us love.

    And for these We say thank you and we acknowledge your work for the planet.

    Happy Mother’s Day


  • zazamagicude 42w


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    Addictive counselling

    I do not want you to be addictive to me or my teaching but rather be able to understand yourself and cope with your experiences as you design them.

    Stop being miserable about it

  • zazamagicude 48w

    Gratitude in All

    In everything give thanks; Some times it can be hard, to give thanks when what you don’t particular find interesting or pleasant happens around you. But if you can turn that pain and all into gratitude, you will be surprised at what change will come in front that now excites you.


  • zazamagicude 49w

    I Am Present

    There isn’t any yesterday and there isn’t any tomorrow but there is now, “this present moment” and without which there can not be any of the other imagination. Live in the present moment. Breathe

    The word for today : Move on


  • zazamagicude 51w


    I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me.
    We belong to ourselves .


  • zazamagicude 51w

    Everything from within

    Whatever you desire see it clearly first in your minds eye and it will soon be yours “for good”

    Infinite being


  • zazamagicude 51w

    Darling Fake

    You call me darling but you talk bad about me to your friend.
    You call me darling but you are not true in what you seek
    You call me darling but in your mind you want me dying.
    You call me darling but just like you did the others, you have started to look outside again.
    You call me darling but you speak less of the good that I impact into your life.

    Am I your darling or Am I dying consciously