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  • zaxccloud 26w

    Save her

    The rain poured down , thunder came crashing ,
    The earth broke open as she cried .
    It had been way too long ,
    Being trapped in the nicest places , was still trapped ,
    Deprived of freedom, and memories .
    No longer could she think straight ,
    Constantly double guessing whether she was really alright ,
    Positivity filled the jar, golden hues it was ,
    But the shiny golden liquid was starting to turn deep green.
    She became immune to hunger ,
    Loneliness was slowly destroying her ,
    She tried to reach out ,
    But her ego was too huge and she soon lost her appetite .
    Devoid of joy and love she was .
    Devoid of life .
    Nobody could save her they say .
    Nobody could save her they say .

  • zaxccloud 35w

    Unrequited love

    "I love you " I blurt out to him,
    He looks at me with the same look in his eyes ,
    Bored and dead ,
    He grabs my hand and pulls me in ,
    "But I can't ever love you " he says slowly,
    And I begin to cry ,
    My tears fall on the ground ,
    My heart aches ,
    The sky breakes open ,
    The dark clouds circle around me ,
    And he holds me there ,
    For longer than anybody ever had .

  • zaxccloud 39w

    Fake friends

    They'll send you reels ,
    They'll appreciate your beauty with an emoji .
    They'll ask you anything except "how are you '',
    They're all smiles until you say no .
    They don't really know you ,
    But pretend to .
    You're not really wanted by them ,
    Your just there to fill the void ,
    So they don't look lonely .


  • zaxccloud 39w


    The bird lay in his gentle hands ,
    The rain began to fall .
    He began to tear up ,
    And he cried aloud .
    I didn't bother to ask why ,
    That's another secret of the universe.

  • zaxccloud 41w


    I went up to my room and slammed my door ,
    Climbed back into the closet .
    I smiled at last I was safe ,
    I pulled my phone out and played her music .
    In my closet it is dark , sometimes frustrating,
    But I need to be in here ,
    Cause outisde my closet are demons,
    Demons who believe not in equality .
    Demons who threaten to take my life ,
    That's why I stay in the closet ,

  • zaxccloud 45w

    Happy women's day

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    At just fifteen,
    I knew to run because you were scary .
    At just fifteen ,
    I knew to handle cat callers with silence .
    At just fifteen ,
    I knew to shut the sexist comments..
    At just fifteen ,
    I knew to stand up for other women in my life .
    At just fifteen ,
    I knew to show him where he belonged .
    At just fifteen ,
    I knew all of this because I was raised to be a woman .

  • zaxccloud 45w


    Im proud to be a women ,
    Im glad that it's celebrated now .
    You may think it's an easy task ,
    We don't own the guns nor the sword .
    But while he wears a shiny crown of foil ,
    I wear a rusted iron crown .
    Weary as it may be,
    I keep my head up .
    Responsibility weighs on my shoulder ,
    I weigh it with grace .

  • zaxccloud 47w


    They lay in the moonlight .
    Tears shone in their eyes ,
    They had finally ended an internal battle ,
    They had made it to a safe place .
    They were accepted ,
    They were happy to be right in between.
    And when they was with their boy ,
    Time was paused ,
    Scars were healed ,
    Their mind was put to ease ,
    The fire in thier heart burned brighter ,
    Their laughter filled the pain and weariness ,
    They was immortal.

  • zaxccloud 50w

    Love me

    You say you love me ,
    Why aren't you listening then ?
    Why aren't you next to me ?
    Why aren't you helping me ?
    Why aren't you saying that I'm not alone ?
    Why do you constantly feel I'm a liability ?
    Why do you never call ?
    Why do you never help ?
    Im sick and tired of unrequited friendships .
    No mutual feelings for me .
    I wish I had a friend .


  • zaxccloud 51w

    I hate that

    I hate that I need to pay somebody to listen ,

    I hate that my self worth is determined by your response and love for me ,
    I hate that my tweets don't get as many likes as I wish they did ,
    I hate that I constantly check my phone for messages that are not there ,
    I hate that I have no friends ,
    I hate that I'm just a sad and lonely,
    I hate that I'm not fun and impulsive,
    I hate that I need to dress up for him ,
    I hate that I cry ,
    I hate that you'll never know me ,
    I hate that I'll be gone tomorrow ,
    I hate that there won't be enough of black dresses and muffles and tears and sobs tomorrow ,
    I hate that there won't be any loss to anyone tomorrow .