Heyoh Im Zarin I'm pretty new to writing stuff but I hope you like it. Much love!

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  • zarinthelion 115w


    Beauty doesnt even begin to describe her but it's a start. The way she smiles. Or the way she looks or the way her hair covers every inch of my room makes my heart rate increase. When I'm with her I never seem to be down. Shes a drug and ive been hooked since day one.

  • zarinthelion 117w


    Your smile sends shivers down my back breaking my sadness like fragile glass. When I'm with you I dont think if my past just to future that we both could have.

  • zarinthelion 117w

    Will it be ok?

    I love when I make you smile it lights up my sky and the fact that I dont have to try. Gives me nothing but delight. When I look into your eyes I know everything... Everything will be alright.

  • zarinthelion 117w


    I'm so sick of people telling me I'll be ok
    Fuck I know I will but I still feel the pain
    Struggling just to gain my footing and breath again. I'm trying to get my mind at ease to hopefully stop and seize this fucking mental disease. I hope one day itll be released. Or maybe itll make me deceased.

  • zarinthelion 117w

    Take it and shake it

    Everday in my mind is a thundering rain
    Takin drugs just to numb the pain
    Man the feelings all the same
    I'm Laid out
    Passed out
    on the couch
    Til its time to take
    the pills again
    maybe I'll feel whole again

  • zarinthelion 130w


    Take my hand
    Or just leave
    It seems that's what they always do to me
    Will you come home to our bed
    Or just leave me to wither instead

  • zarinthelion 132w

    The heart wants

    her beauty knows no bounds
    her smile weighs heavy on my heart as if it weighed millions if pounds
    her eyes flicker with burning passion even in the dead night

  • zarinthelion 132w


    And the stars said to me even if you're far away you'll still shine brightly through the darkest midnight they'll wish upon you and I promise everything will be alright

  • zarinthelion 136w

    Does It?

    Does her beauty not become more radiant than the sun shining on a clear plain?
    Does the happiness in her eyes not twinkle brighter than the brightest star in the mid night sky despite her pain?
    Does her smile not become more infectious as you lay your eyes upon her?
    Does your heart race fast just at the thought of touching her hand?
    Does the thought of being with her take you to a happier land?
    Does It?

  • zarinthelion 139w


    Your worth is so much more than a price.
    Your worth is measured in your smile. Measured in every single mile we've walked hand in hand. You're worth is the place we stand every time we kiss. Your worth is the sun shining down lighting up your eyes. Your worth is your hands touching mine for the first time every time. Your worth is the long days we spend together. Your worth is how amazing you are in my life.