Heyoh Im Zarin I'm pretty new to writing stuff but I hope you like it. Much love!

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  • zarinthelion 5w


    And as I sit here at 3 AM
    watching all the movies that we used to
    I can't stop thinking that I fucking need you
    Even though I fucked up and you got your vengeance.
    I sit here in silence remembering every inch of your face. From your smile to your teeth you hated to the glasses that were to big for you. I can't stop thinking of your face. I still think of how you taste it lingers on my tongue like the taste of blood. Bitter and familiar. I can't stop thinking of you no matter what I do. You appear in my dreams. I don't know what they mean. Everything starts with a hi. But I never got to say goodbye.

  • zarinthelion 5w


    Being sleepless is not a sickness. Its like wearing a tshirt but being sleeveless. When you're up at 3 AM and your mind racing your legs keep pacing theres nothing that can relieve this. This feeling. Or maybe. Its all in my head?

  • zarinthelion 38w


    I had another vivid dream about you last night and I can't get you out of my head.
    I pull my hair out from the root.
    Just to take my mind off of you even for moment.
    I'm trying everything I can but nothing feels right. Fearful of even going to bed.
    I keep seeing your face in every single dream.
    I'm trying to get you out of my head but that just seems moot.

  • zarinthelion 74w


    How do you feel
    when you're alone
    does it feel like
    A place you visited
    so long ago
    Or do you
    feel too far gone

  • zarinthelion 75w

    Worry When I Say Nothing

    Never worry when I speak
    never worry what I think
    Never worry I'll lose who I am
    Worry when I'm quiet
    for when I'm quiet
    a storm is forming
    for when im quiet
    the pain of a million years seems to pass
    for when I say nothing. you're heart will cease to have control.

  • zarinthelion 75w


    so just go you'll be better on your own
    just go and leave me alone.
    Spent most of my life searchin for a home and I found it in you a place where I belong
    Growing old with you was all I ever wanted
    But here we are a few years now I think you mustve forgotten.

  • zarinthelion 76w


    her beauty knows no bounds
    her eyes flicker with burning passion in the dead night
    her loyalty is that akin to a wolf
    her hair a wildfire that's entangled my mind
    her smile full of joy and light

  • zarinthelion 81w

    Wasted again
    I cant seem
    to feel my head
    wastin away
    on a Sunday
    or maybe a monday
    the days seem to run together
    I can't seem to tell the difference
    dont even seem to care about my physical appearance
    All I ever seem to do
    is waste all my time

  • zarinthelion 81w


    Yeah yeah yeah
    Lonely and depressed
    that's the way I've been livin
    sad and obsessed
    that's the thing I've been givin
    Laying on the floor
    starin at the ceiling
    Thoughts racing through my mind
    can I be forgivin

  • zarinthelion 104w

    Only you

    I can find myself lost for hours
    inside the sound of your voice
    cool, soothing and comforting
    As your skin to the touch
    You're the beauty of the flowers
    You're my favorite choice
    I'm such a fool for you
    and you're never too much
    I just want to spend days with
    your hair in my face
    and I beg and pleade and promise I just want you in my space