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  • zak_muhd 96w


    Though I may never have hurt anyone physically
    Or even emotionally
    Except if you'd accuse my mediocrity
    Like uranium, I'm unstable
    Just maybe without an half-life
    That makes me unable to keep the bond of friendship even stronger
    And I'm drawing the line just a little earlier
    Saying silently, "Let's keep the distance."
    Though I try to leave everyone with a good impression
    When will i begin to face my external battles
    If I'm still consumed by the tumult of internal ones
    I'm unstable.
    And it doesn't feel okay to be so.

  • zak_muhd 108w


    Yesterday night
    The wind blew
    Maybe hard
    I'm not sure if it rained
    Morning came
    There wasn't power supply
    Those who when afflicted
    With calamity
    Truly to Him we belong
    And Truly
    To Him
    We shall return
    Deep down
    I thought
    That our countdown had started
    We'd count
    In odd numbers
    1,3, 5
    I just hoped
    It wouldn't exceed 7
    Evening struck
    When He decrees a matter
    He only says to it:
    And it is.

  • zak_muhd 115w

    The Brother

    His trousers
    So tight
    Like he'd signed
    A contract
    That his thighs
    Would never expand
    They stuck to his gluteal
    While he fell down
    On his face
    In humble prostration.
    I know what you're thinking
    It was only a voluntary prayer.

  • zak_muhd 117w


    I was abused
    Throughout the night
    I felt like a victim
    The heat didn't help
    I was almost bare
    They perpetrated their acts
    Those vile creatures
    I felt helpless
    It was a nightmare
    That came alive
    I looked forward
    Awaiting fajr
    Then it was dawn
    The white thread appeared
    Distinct from the black thread
    They had done their evil
    Left their marks
    My poor self
    I'd barely survived
    And began to ponder
    Was it my fault?
    Maybe I was at their mercy


  • zak_muhd 117w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Survive

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    I barely lived
    Was always gasping
    In short breaths
    Hadn't learned swimming
    In this ocean
    They called life