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  • zainab786 111w

    My heart is not ready
    to bear the pain of lv

    So it's a request from my heart
    not to give any pain

  • zainab786 111w

    By unknown writer

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    If you change your thoughts, your nature can be changed
    If you change your nature, your habits can be changed
    If you change your habits, your behavior can be changed
    If you change your behavior then you can be changed
    In this way you can bring your better you in yourself


  • zainab786 124w

    Kisi ne kaha kaise itni khush rahti ho
    har waqt smile karti rahti ho

    Maine hash kar kah diya

    Janab apna rota chahra muskurahat
    ke pichhe chhupate chhupate hi aisa bana liya h

  • zainab786 124w

    Kab tak khud ko mai sambhalti rahungi
    Kab tak ye dilasa deti rahu ki mai khush hu
    Kab tak dusro se apni takleef chhupati rahungi
    Kab tak anshu se bhare chahre ko muskura kar rakhti rahungi
    Kab tak besahara ho kar dusro ko sahara deti rahungi
    Kab tak apni dard bhari awaz ko meethi banati rahungi
    Akhir kab tak

  • zainab786 124w

    Dear love...
    I don't expect anything from u but lv
    I don't care if you will meet my need or not but always keep me happy
    I don't want you to be a showpiece but a precious gem which i can fit deep beneath my heart
    I don't care what others think about us but i care only about you
    I want u to be with me forever and ever

  • zainab786 124w

    I have realised that I am not alone...
    I don't need any person to share all my feelings...
    and i can live without anyone's comfort....
    now i don't want anyone to understand me...
    becoz no one can understand you more than you...
    so be happy in you are you ...
    be strong... you don't need to share all your feelings....
    be content in yourself dear...Be happy

  • zainab786 124w

    Pata nhi ku sab badla sa lag raha h...
    dil toot sa gya h...
    zindagi jeene ka makshad kahi dikh nhi raha...
    mera rasta bhatak sa gya h...
    Kho gyi hu mai is duniya ki bhid me...
    Mera pao kahi tahar sa gya h..

  • zainab786 124w

    Happy teacher's day to all my teachers, family and friends...
    You all are the teachers who teaches us the good things and help each other in walking through this difficult route of every walks of life u stand beside us and lead us...❤

  • zainab786 125w

    Help is an obligation
    It is a duty of every human being
    Ever you have wonder that why u have given this life...because u have to fulfill your duty by helping can't live this life alone that's why mates are created so that u can live with them and help them
    And if you deny your obligations then better you should be ashamed of yourself

  • zainab786 130w

    Your brain is like an endless ocean
    Where you transpire your inner sailor
    Where you input all your thoughts
    Where you imagine to reach the destination
    Where you try diving for treasure

    What if your thoughts become things
    What if you achieve all your goals
    What if you became a successful man in real
    Listen to your brain...become a sailor and conquer all the islands of your dream