best version of myself... complicated�� slave of my own thoughts,, yet a child��

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  • yum_nah 3w

    I don't want tears to show my pain;
    I want friend who can percive that from my smile

  • yum_nah 23w

    Today it's called as "father's day".
    Kids wish their father and make a pray;
    May our father live long
    May there life be calm without anything wrong.

    Everyone hugs there father
    With a gentle kiss.
    Everyone smile with there
    Fathers with a great bliss.

    I also wanna hug my dad,
    And give him kiss on forehead....
    I do wanna pray for his calm life;
    But i can't do any thing over this strife.

    still, I will raise my voice to the sky
    Where he can listen all my cry.
    I will pray for his life in heaven
    And will make his head rise ;
    with a truthful crown....

  • yum_nah 30w

    Trying to bind up the words,
    That could express you
    But let me tell you hunk;
    Your praises are more but word are few

    You are a fairytale,
    that i have ever felt
    You are my warmth;
    That make me go melt

    You are the rainy showers,
    I used to enjoy
    You are my buddy;
    Whom i always annoy

    You are my soulmate,
    To whom i share my life
    Your are my actual boy;
    With whom i love to strife

    You are the lonely cause,
    For why i am here
    You are the only being ;
    for whom i care

    Honey! You are a miracle ,
    That ever happened to me
    You are a magic;
    I always wish to see

  • yum_nah 45w

    Depressed mind is first step of success....

  • yum_nah 49w

    I'm poor

    I'm poor;
    Not because i am homeless,
    But for i have home without pleasure

    I'm poor;
    Not for i sleep on foot path,
    But for i have luxury bed without sleep

    I'm poor;
    Not for i don't get meals at time
    But for having meals tasteless

    I'm poor;
    Not for i have torn clothes
    But for i have worthy clothes with ease...

    I'm poor;
    Not for i am alone
    But for i have friends more like strangers....

    I'm poor;
    Not for being idle
    But for having lots of work without time..

    I'm poor;
    Not for smiling on uncertain things
    But for having no reason to smile,,,,

  • yum_nah 49w

    Everyone waana break,
    From the world that is fake
    From the world that is mean;
    From the lie of world that is unseen...

  • yum_nah 59w

    World will try

    World will try to cage you;
    But you have to fly
    World will try to dominate you;
    But you have to make yourself librate
    World will try to divert you from your dreams;
    But you have to find it
    World will try to break your attitude;
    But you have to stand for it
    World will try to make you different;
    But you have to be yourself

  • yum_nah 60w

    Don't only dream your dream,
    Just live them also....

  • yum_nah 63w

    I may be broken inside.....

    I may have broken heart inside;
    But I also have strong mind outside.
    I may have tears in my eyes inside;
    But i also have smile on my face outside.
    I may have suffered lot of pain inside;
    But i also have strength, to fight it, outside.

    I may be broken inside
    But I'm strong outside

  • yum_nah 64w

    Maybe now I can't
    leave the wrong path,
    But can change that wrong into right.