I love poetry and I want to convey whatever I learn through this medium. Just be honest with it and pour out your feelings��❤

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  • yukta_rane 12w

    Opportunity for writers❤

    Hello dear writers. So here is an opportunity for you to be published in an anthology titled "Candle". I am compiling it and it's theme is to write about people who have sacrificed their lives or other things for well being of the society ,like Freedom fighters, soldiers, covid workers etc. It can also be about a person who have inspired you a lot. The entry fee is just 20 rs and you get so many benefits.
    The benefits are :
    You will get a free ebook after publishing
    You will get a beautiful ecertificate for being coauthor of this anthology
    You will also get a personalized poster featuring you as author on board which you can post on social media plus even the publication house will feature you

    DM me if interested guys. Such a great opportunity in just 20 rs
    Insta id: @little_magic_of_words

  • yukta_rane 14w

    The first drop of happiness

    The earth after getting warm,
    Needs your first drop to cool it down.
    Everyone just prays and waits for your arrival,
    You bring a lot of happiness in the whole town!

    Then the clouds get saturated,
    Become dense and heavy down,
    There comes your first drop of joy,
    Tearing all the sunbeams to the ground.

    The first drop when mingles with dry soil,
    The fragrance of the first rain spreads every corner,
    And leads everyone to close their eyes and feel you,
    See the dark sky covering the blanket blue.

    The couples love to be under an umbrella,
    The romantic weather you bring!
    The family sits together and enjoys warm COFFEE WITH RAIN,
    Thanks to you and your shower of blessing!

    Every single hand comes out of window,
    To feel the love of your purity,
    The children dance in joy bathing with your innocence,
    Generations after generations, you have brought happiness,
    No doubt you have attained eternity.

  • yukta_rane 14w

    Chariot of Karma

    Life is often symbolized as a chariot,
    Ever thought why?
    Some may say, it's just because it keeps going,
    But let's dig a bit deeper today!

    A chariot has horses in the front,
    And wheels at the back.
    The wheels get the path,
    Where horses lead the chariot.

    The horses are your Karma,
    And the wheels are the fruits of your deeds.
    If the horses go in the right direction,
    The wheels get a smooth path to travel.

    But if the horses go in the wrong direction,
    The wheels get nothing but pits and harsh roads.
    So keep your horses of Karma in control,
    And choose your direction of life!

  • yukta_rane 14w

    Our prayers!

    All those restless days,
    And sleepless nights,
    We sow the seeds of hope in the soil,
    Hoping for a slight ray of light in our lives.

    We feed the world,
    But in turn my wives and children
    Starve without uttering a word,
    I can't see them that way, now I am done!

    My workers work for endless working hours,
    All they expect is some mercy of God!
    Walking through all the storms of unpredictable weather,
    And their families struggling through all odds.

    All we demand for,
    Is what we deserve!
    We don't want the fraud money,
    We just want our wages that we own.

  • yukta_rane 14w

    An unchosen bond❤

    Family is the one,
    To always come together,
    Irrespective of its distance from you,
    It will stand by you forever!

    Family is the that bond,
    Which you cannot choose,
    But you can choose your attitude with it,
    Otherwise there's a bunch of things you will lose.

    Family is that tree,
    Which keeps you intact to the soil of culture,
    If nourished properly with love and care,
    It's root can stay intact, and generations it will nurture.

    Family is that memory box,
    Which is full of secrets and treasures,
    If you unlock it together, you will create new memories,
    And trust me, nothing can give you such beautiful pleasures!

  • yukta_rane 14w

    It hurts!

    It hurts so badly,
    Everyday, every single night,
    When I think,
    Why in the world did I meet you ?

    It hurts so badly,
    Keeping things on my tongue,
    But not letting them out,
    And suffer with this inner brutal pain.

    It hurts so badly,
    Seeing you sad,
    As if we resonate at same frequency,
    And my happiness is bound with yours.

    It hurts so badly,
    When I ask God that inspite of me being made with soil,
    Why the hell is my heart made of glass,
    Which breaks to pieces everytime I think of my one-sided love.

  • yukta_rane 15w

    I still love you!

    The moment I saw you that day,
    My heart stopped for a bit,
    It then started pumping fast,
    It felt a connection, I must admit.

    Then we started sitting next to each other,
    I was really happy there,
    Because I felt we were made for each other,
    And my life was full of colors, love was in the air.

    One day, when I thought of admitting my love,
    Again a coincidence, even you wanted to tell me something.
    I then convinced you to tell me first, in hope of hearing those three words.
    But life is full of surprises and shocks, as if my heart stopped jumping.

    I came to know about your love,
    The only one you ever dreamt of,
    I then realized my position in your life
    It was just friendship from your side.

    I got disheartened , but I didn't want to show you,
    Trust me, this thing was killing me more,
    I cried, even the tears dried up,
    Now it's just an alive inner pain, I never experienced it before.

    But then I thought to myself, what is love,
    It was just his happiness that I ever wanted,

  • yukta_rane 15w


    What makes things beautiful,
    Is the perspective to see them.

    Every single situation, every single thing,
    Has a positive and a negative side.
    The choice is ours how to react,
    The gain depends on how we act.

    Perspective comes from our personality,
    The root of personality is our thought.
    The beauty of things is hence seen by a pure soul,
    Otherwise everything is lost.

  • yukta_rane 15w


    For me, magic is
    When something unusual happens,
    Which was not at all expected,
    Like shooting stars in a night that blackens

    For me, magic is,
    The wand of love,
    When brings a smile on sad face,
    Once in a lifetime experience you deserve

  • yukta_rane 15w

    Medicine to my pain

    While finding a medicine to my pain,
    I have no idea how much I traveled,
    But then I realized, it made me no gain.

    Because the medicine to my pain,
    Is nothing but the time and me,
    Time heals everything and,
    I am strong enough to handle this, I will be free.