Psalm 91 Home away from home

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  • yoyowrites_ 6w

    La Familia

    What better blessing you have to be woken up by your mother instead of your usual alarm!
    What better joy it is to ride an old scooty with your father!
    What greater pleasure it is to have your brother hug you goodbye to be picked up by another one
    And for the wind to whisper the words my sister had shared long before she passed.
    I will trade my life to experience these for hundred more years!

  • yoyowrites_ 7w


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    September started rough for me and I fear it will be another long month to get over.. So much to be done yet I'm here still feeling so small.

  • yoyowrites_ 8w


    Prayer in times of despair.
    28 September, 2021 3:20 am

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    Dear God,

    I have been a runner
    For quite sometime now.
    I know..
    When things get out of control,
    I tend to hide away from you
    Just like Adam and Eve did.
    My habit to distance
    Myself from you
    When life gets hard
    Filled me with guilt
    And I owe an apology
    To myself and to You.
    When your arms have ever
    Been wide opened
    I chose the other way
    To walked on the carpet of thorns
    How stupid of me!
    I wanted to say I'm sorry
    For turning you down,
    For making you upset and
    For drowning in my own despair
    When you have been calling
    Me to come home.
    Shelter me Father,
    Be my refuge
    For I have come home.

  • yoyowrites_ 10w

    As if the death of millions are not enough,
    We see our world burn up in flame,
    Ferocious floods wiping us clean,
    Soils softening to devour us complete,
    Guns dismantling the temple of peace,
    Weapons speaking of justice,
    Earth shaking in horror to see more horrors,
    Millions dying of hunger.
    Yet, our faiths are sternly built
    That our future will still work out better
    Cause an exchange has been made
    With gazillion number of humble tears.

  • yoyowrites_ 10w


    Flowers wither, wither and fall
    Falling petals shower over us all
    Always remember the hymn of praise,
    Chase wisdom that won't break
    Shake your feelings, ease up and face
    Race on my dear, the fire crown is yours
    don't you stop when the light is gone
    Lonely you may stand in foreign land,
    Bent if you must, let it be just
    but don't you quit in fit of rage
    The wind will call your name, loud and clear
    so dear, flame the embers burning within
    Cause some flowers wither, wither an ace.


  • yoyowrites_ 10w

    To my dear friend
    Who left me without a word.
    Who blended with my energy
    Though being completely opposite.
    A piece of you sticks with me like glue
    And remained like a sweet perfume

    Your voice keeps ringing in my ear
    Whenever I tie up a pony tail
    Fresh like a braid we tried on our hairs,
    Our memories flow like rivers
    You often make me wonder if
    death really meant dead
    Cause you live rent-free inside my head.

  • yoyowrites_ 10w

    Little girl

    When I was coming home from another failed interview, feeling a little bruised by the reality that slapped me awake, I found myself humming to the motor noise the auto rickshaw made as it slowed down to stop by the red light in the intersection. A little girl came and placed her plastic Indian Flag on my seat without a word and I gave her rupees 10 without a word. A nod was enough for us to communicate and she disappeared among the parked vehicles. A thought rushed through me that we may have a different job but somehow we are very much alike. I'm living paycheck to paycheck that's barely enough and she is living on the money she earns everyday that's barely enough yet we are both striving, hustling and managing to stay afloat in these debilitating trends we are being dumped into.
    It made me realise that we may toss about in the scorching heat of life, but we will somehow pop like beautiful white popcorns and it's just a matter of someday! Sincerely hoping for that 'someday' to arrive soon, for us.
    The auto wala was amused by the little scenes he just witnessed which I noticed much later on. We stopped there for three minutes, sweating profusely under my mask and as the auto began to move, she came back to the side of the road, peeked and waved at me without a smile and I waved back with a nod, without a smile. It's the gesture that made me assume that we understood each other and are grateful for crossing path in one weirdly surreal summer afternoon.


  • yoyowrites_ 11w

    Living in the moment

    Sometimes when you think you have nothing else but work and it sucked the life out of you, you spiral down the bottom pit of a hollow shell as you walk on thin film until you experience the ripple, drowning you into the sea of hopelessness. Remember dear, that it's the mind that is tricking you into thinking that being alive is an illusion so take a deep breath and observe the things around you and remember that you are living in the moment and not in your mind.

  • yoyowrites_ 12w


    I don't have a recollection of time
    when your face eroded out of my memory
    As my lips uttered countless words of forgiveness
    The wave came and washed your mark away

    Free like a dove, I fly
    And my feathers multiply
    The more faceless you became
    And more as you remain my yesterday.


  • yoyowrites_ 12w

    "Why did you misunderstand the story...
    when it isn't finished?"

    Exerpt from the movie 'Us and Them (2018)'