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  • yours_mystically_me 16w

    Just a come back post ..

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    Love ?

    How did i love you , when it was not you , it was just the side you showed me , the side you pointed out and what i did was more funny i let you have my love, more than anyone, i let you open the glass box filled with my feelings the feelings which was kept aside for years..........

  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    I am talking about the event that took place when Mata Parvati went for a shower and told Ganesha to guard her..At that time Lord Shiva came and forced Ganesha to move but he did not do so Lord Shiva was so fierced that he cut his son's head and after knowing everything he was very sorry and sent one of the Gods to find out a head so that he can bring his son back to life...He took a newborn elephant's head...

    Hope you understand what i mean
    And i dont have any intention to disrespect any religion.Thank you

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    Was'nt it a sin??

    The Father killed his son unknowingly that he is his father
    When his mother went for a bath
    The father cut down the baby's head from his neck.
    Then for bringing his son's life back he killed a newborn elephant
    He took away a child from his mother
    Wasnt that a sin?
    If it is not a sin then how can be the Kerala event is a sin

  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    Oh that kiss
    Is that love?

    Oh that touch
    Is that love?

    Oh that night spending
    Is that love?

    Oh that girl giving food to a dog
    Is that love ?

    I guess yess
    That is love
    Love comes from heart
    Not from body.

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    What's love??


  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    @broken_figments_of_imagination your task i actually found out this interesting thats why after so many days i did it����


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    The Midnight News!!!

    When i got your call
    I understood that mom is no more
    I understood that she breathed her last breath
    My hands are shivering
    I dont know what to do
    I am getting continious messeges from you dad
    Should I DRIVE To the hospital?
    I just swipe up your messeges

  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    I took refference from the bengali song of MOUSUMI BAGCHI (ami sunechi sedin tumi)
    Hope you like it and i want you all of you to tell me my mistakes it will help me.....Please also tell me what kind of genres do you want in my poems

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    Ami duhat patechi

    Ami sunechi sedin tumi
    Surjo dekhecho
    Tumi naaki somudrer seema dekhecho
    Tumi naaki gacher pata dekhecho
    Tumi naaki moumachir dana dekhecho
    Tumi naaki macher kanko dekhecho
    Tumi naaki pakhi ke urte dekhecho
    Porer baar nebeto amaye?
    Nebeto amaye
    Ami duhaat petechi...

  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    Nothing is easy,if someone really loves you then they can do this easily ........

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    Only if

    Hold up my hand
    Only if you promise to never leave me

    Play with my hair
    Only if you promise to tie it up

    Listen me singing
    Only if you can give its importance

    See my dance
    Only if you can tie my anklet bells.....

  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    I thought what to choose criticle or simple
    When i just saw your cute dimples
    I wonderd again should i stop my breath
    Then i realised that would bring my death
    I thought again should i get a haircut
    Then i realised i must be looking like that squirell's nut
    Then i wonderd should i wear thoose short skirts
    Then my mom came and made me alert.............

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    Critical or simple?

    Do we say our nation independent?
    Are we really independent?
    Independence comes from mind
    Not by stopping slavery

  • yours_mystically_me 76w



  • yours_mystically_me 76w

    The one whom you see
    The one who you are
    They both are same
    But the difference is the mirror.

    The one whom you love
    The one whom you hate
    They both are same
    But the difference is the claim.

    The one who is dark
    The one who is fair
    They both are same
    But the difference is made by men.

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    Mirror, Claim,Men

    Nothing matters, be happy and live your life for yourself
    No one cares how you look
    But they will always make sure to feel
    That you are not beautiful....

  • yours_mystically_me 77w

    Bhalobasha hole

    Koto kije shoye jete hoye
    Bhalobasha hole

    Koto kije kore jete hoye
    Bhalobasha hole

    Koto mukh bhulle jete hoye bhalobasha hole

    Koto chena manush ochena hoye jaye
    Bhalobasha hole

    Tai bolchi bhalobeshona taake
    Je ceiling e tomar chobbi aanke
    Bhalobasho take jake tumi chao..........