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  • yours_fortune 4h

    ____ AKSHAT ___

    Akshat name means one who cannot be injured, rice used in worship, uninjurable, one who can't be harmed. Your lucky number is 7. Akshat a boy who act good and a man who always does good. He is a believer, and a stubborn speaker who is often been criticised for the way he speaks or reacts towards the wrong things in the society. He never believes in sitting idle, he often found travelling, capturing, laughing, smiling and creating moments. He is intelligent and great with logistics. A fitness freak but a foody who loves to sleep a lot and eat a little more on his weekend days. Rules every girl heart by his flirty picking up lines and is ""Maa ki ankho ka tara".

    A :- A wise man will make more opportunities
    K :- Kindly learn to rest, not to quit
    S :- Say it to yourself, smile don't forget it to wear
    H :- Hey play by the rules but don't be ferocious
    A :- A joyful face is always a beautiful face
    T :- The secret to life is to love who you are

    Advice :- Akshat, you are someone who looks after getting good, better to best. Your beliefs and ethics towards your life plays an important role in your personal growth. Being a good man is something you do and that makes a difference when you are what you are.

  • yours_fortune 13h

    _____ ❤️❤️ MANALI ❤️❤️ _____

    Manali name means a bird. Your lucky number is 6. Manali you are proud of who you are and have a direct approach and a girl who is loaded with great and creative ideas. Your abilities to face any challenges coming into your life makes you the strongest one. A strong pillar of the family that handles every situation in her own way and makes and create every moment lively, beautiful and memorable. Her beautiful face, with a small eyes and perfect shape nose and lips with short curly brown hair with an average height makes her look cute and adorable.She is bold, beautiful, carrier oriented and independent. You just can't unnoticed her.

    M :- My heart dreams of hot coffee and chocolate
    A :- Am not what you want to see me as
    N :- Never dare to ignore my presence
    A :- A happy heart smiles a lot
    L :- Life is really strange, live a little more everyday
    I :- I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles

    Advice :- Manali you're quick minded, versatile and very impressive and expressive by nature. You're consumed within your own happy heart and have a heart that is overfilled by emotions. Be the girl most courageous and stay alert.

  • yours_fortune 14h

    Each one teach one
    Don't just aspire to make a living
    Aspire to make a difference


  • yours_fortune 14h

    Anything you want good you can have
    So claim it
    Work hard to get it

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    True desire in the heart for anything good is god's proof to you sent before hand to indicate that it's yours already.

  • yours_fortune 14h

    Do thank god for every little thing in your life
    There is so much we need to thank for
    #thanksgiving #thankful #thankyou #thankyougod #godisgreat #creativewriting #wod

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    When you wake up in the morning thank god for
    Thank you god for grace
    Thank you for the mercy
    Thank you for the understanding
    Thank you for wisdom
    Thank you for making my parents smile
    Thank you for the another day
    Thank you for the food in our plate
    Thank you for the humanity and peace
    And thank you in advance for what is already yours.

  • yours_fortune 1d

    ______ RAHUL _____

    Rahul name means moon, able, efficient, a traveller. Your lucky number is 2. Rahul he is mommy's little adorable darling and special to dad, gem to his sister and the one who brings happiness in the family and looks after the smiles of others. A man who is rich in wisdom and thoughts, whose knowledge about the latest technology, games and girls around is always been appreciated by the people around him. He is sensible, responsible, mature, romantic and an overthinker, who tries to create humour and cracks silly jokes to make the atmosphere lovely and memorable. He is strong headed with great outward personality and looks, his fitness and personality often attracts the female. His lovely smile and glittery eyes speaks more than his words.

    R :- Reasonable person who don't rush in life. I think decide and act
    A :- Appreciate the art and is lean towards all the good things in life
    H :- Happy and healthy heart earns a lot
    U :- Up to the hills, under the sky is my peace place resides
    L :- Look at life's journey

    Advice :- Rahul you are strong enough than you think. You can make invisible visible and can make yourself small or big and can reach the farthest things that you dream one day. You can change and you can make it happen.

  • yours_fortune 3d

    ____ ❤️❤️ ANUKRITI ❤️❤️ ____

    Anukriti name means photograph, the shadow.Your lucky number is 4. Anukriti a beautiful girl who can do amazing things. Energetic, eager and enthusiastic are some of the terms that best describes her. Her creative skills and always ready to learn new things and her passionate attitude towards challenges makes her strong, independent and mentally strong. Her big black eyes with lovely eyelashes and long straight hair can melt any heart. A good leader and an amazing organizer. Her cheerful and kiddish nature helps her to stay young and beautiful. She is someone who want to live the life to its fullest and never leave an opportunity to pamper herself.

    A :- Adorable in her nature and having her beside is a delight.
    N :- No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
    U :- U be a first rate version of yourself
    K :- Know how amazing you are
    R :- Resilient nature of yours is your greatest asset
    I :- I think beauty comes from knowing who you actually are
    T :- Talent speaks more than the words
    I :- I'm too intelligent, too demanding and too resourceful

    Advice :- Anukriti, worst to worst situation can't change you or break you. You're fierce and strong, full of fire and not even you could hold yourself back because your passion and dreams are burned brighter than the fears.

  • yours_fortune 3d

    Always try and speak good words for others.
    Include someone in your prayers daily.
    A small wish can change someone's life
    God bless the one reading this ❤️❤️
    #god #godplan #prayer #wish #wishing #thinkgood #saygood #praygood #godbless #goodhealth #prosperity #happiness

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    !! PRAYER !!

    Never underestimate the power of a prayer,
    One Small prayer can change your life completely.

  • yours_fortune 4d

    If you have one
    Who listens to you
    Who share with y
    Keep them
    Tag them
    They are special ❤️
    #positivevibe #trust #valuepeople #peoplewholisten #talks #wisper #healing #thoughtsandquote #positivepeople #positivity

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    When someone talks to you about their problem, that doesn't mean they need attention or they want to complain about life. It just means they really trust you.

  • yours_fortune 4d

    ____ VANSHAJ ____

    Vanshaj name means the god shiva helper. Your lucky number is 4. Vanshaj name has great association with lord shiva. They're great inspirer, and a good leader. They have some legendry qualities if they work on it in a proper way, they have name and fame in their way. Highly positive, enthusiastic and a happy spirit who loves to enjoy every moment of their life. He is open to all and has great sense of humour. He can't even act to be fake, he is a real jewel, one who takes responsibility and challenges that come in his way. A grt business planner and a good sports person with an attractive personality.

    V :- Very dear to all and darling to one
    A :- Ambitious and a freethinker who is unstoppable
    N :- No one can copy me
    S :- Simple to love but difficult to understand
    H :- Handsome man with charming personality
    A :- Attracts souls more than the people
    J :- Jems that you can have

    Advice :- Vanshaj, if you follow one rule let it be the one. Be yourself, every relationship are based on what people really are not on what they pretend to be. Be honest and conduct yourself with honesty.