I hope my death would make more sense than my life����☺️

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  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 97w

    Cup of hope

    Think for a while .. how lucky we are..
    We have again got a new day ...
    What if ours eyes didn't open...
    We have got a new beginning again
    Start the day with a cup of Hope and happiness
    Mix the day with little caffeine

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 178w

    The Craziest siblings!!!

    You are Moody
    You are Cubby
    You are sweetest
    You are the most Beautiful girl
    You are most sentimental lady
    You are my Special Make artist
    Above all you are my most cutest sister
    18 long years!!!
    Soo many memories..
    You make my each day each moment very special... Enriching... Lovable and many more expression which can't be explained through words !!!
    How much we fight , you always come back and love me more and more , as I am small I have right to show you anger
    Jokes apart
    Love you Didi!!!!

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 178w

    Faded... But still a hope for sunshine

    Both there Dps are blank...
    Today I am genuinely sorry because after 2 long years I repeated something which I thought not to do but I couldn't stop myself..
    Don't worry you will never get to Know about it..
    Well I am a looser as such who can't even keep someone Happy
    But something I want to tell you is whatever it may be ur really special for me and I will always be there for you even if you are angry with me
    It may fade but not for entire life maybe

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 181w

    Is it Transparent hope or Drops of tears

    Dark Night, Silent wind , hopeful heart ..
    She waited for the reply, But the phone didn't vibrate again!!!
    She waited and waited and waited
    Like the Blue ocean, tears rolled down her eyes
    She cried in silence: "No Hope"---- "Ultimate hope is Death"

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 181w

    Unlucky Angle

    I Know , I am not so lucky , am not privileged like others
    I don't know how to talk , I am weird and yess I am heartless, I repeat my mistakes
    Ok agreed!!!
    Yes, Indeed I made mistake but that doesn't mean you will not talk to me...
    But , tell me one thing...
    Will anyone love you the way I love??
    Will anyone care for you the way I do??
    Will anyone tolerate all your Madness , anger and what not like I do ???
    Indeed I am a "BAD GIRL"
    You don't how much I love you

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 181w


  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 182w

    Wet eyes

    This eyes are aware of the dark clouds in the sky...
    They are wet .. they too are raining like the dark clouds..
    U don't look at my scars they are wounded
    U are not aware of my sadness
    I want a smile in ur face forever...
    Mine will fade away...
    Like the dark clouds fades away after a painful rain
    But this heart will always beat for u..

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 183w

    Present is beautiful

    You were again in front of my eyes,
    You looked at me, smiled at me,
    Talked with me, But why ??
    Everytime you look at me , my heart shouts and cries..
    But today, I resisted myself from being sad
    I insisted on my happiness. .
    And I smiled back again looking at the Mirror, saying, "The present is beautiful, loving than the past"

  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 183w


  • your_love_is_poison_to_me 184w

    Her Smile his Strength

    With one head , one brain, two hands & legs , two eyes & ears , one nose , one mouth
    She is also a human like us ,
    Where lies the difference then,
    If she can handle everything with all the burden of all the worldly things
    Then why is she being bitten, molested, thrown out ...
    Without her we are worthless..Without her we are hopeless
    Without a female .. a male is incomplete
    Then why is she being raped
    The work, the pain , the burden a women can take up or rather a Mother takes up
    Can any one do that???
    Although facing all the difficulties .. all the burden She keeps a smile on the face .. Making the world unaware of all the pain & burden
    This is the only Strength & spirit of a male
    © Love_u_maa