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  • younus_unik 186w

    Mending hearts

    At some points in time, we nurture feelings in the thick of perturbations. We think we have to. We know we want to. We just can't help it.
    And in the long run, at the end of the ill-lighted tunnels that these feelings turned out to be, we afford the saddened pieces of our hearts some scope. To trust again. To love again. And these pieces...sometimes, just sometimes, are ligands that mend other hearts. Because some hearts can never be whole by themselves. And the world is for risk takers. The world is for risk takers. And the world is for risk takers.

  • younus_unik 193w

    When the skies enroll the stars tonight,
    I'm following the brightest one
    Perhaps I'd find my way out of you
    And have the taste of being myself again


  • younus_unik 201w

    But what is it about love
    that we fall to get it?
    That we lose ourselves
    when we win it?
    And when we have it,
    the wildest storm scares us not.


  • younus_unik 202w

    They say you are the darkness
    I say you are perfect
    For my stars to shine bright
    You bring my hopes nigh

    They say you are the darkness
    Heartless in kind - a hellion
    I say you are one of a kind
    Perfect to bind to my kind

    They say you are the darkness
    They say you are heartless
    I say you are my adonis
    I adore you in every sense

    They say you are the darkness
    And my light bends before you
    Loving you is a place airless
    I'm hurt, I'm in love albeit

    @aedtin @jooliyah @readwriteunite

    #poem #love #lovepoem #hurt #painful #wordporn #poetry #scribblers #africanwriters #creatars

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    Untoward love


  • younus_unik 205w

    You are causing blushes in my heart
    It hurts in a way
    Drugs and concoctions cannot heal
    Or they can,
    But this ill I feel nourishes my cells


  • younus_unik 206w

    I am exchanging my heart for a stone
    I will fence it with a chinese wall
    So no one enters it again.
    Just me, being selfish,
    senseless to the pains of a broken heart.


  • younus_unik 211w

    If only we could run away from our problems...

    The oceans would be my country
    I'll build an abode in a whale's belly
    Munching on meditations for daily bread:
    Father. Forgive our trespasses
    As we forgive the problems that never made home a place like none other


  • younus_unik 216w

    My heart feels like an appendix-
    An organ I hold,
    Unappreciative of its functions till it's broken,
    Till it hurts.
    And I try to fix it
    By ripping its walls apart,
    Wishing I could toss it to the trash
    Finding an organ to do the circulation is huge hindrance. Unfortunately so.
    And heart transplants are very complicated,
    Finding a donor is just a beginning.
    Everyone wants to do it after drinking the sorcerous potions of love.
    Till heartbreak is hangover.


  • younus_unik 217w

    My skin
    Is like a towel
    Dipped in sins
    It's never felt wet enough

    © younus_unik

  • younus_unik 220w


    Eke, you
    You are beautiful and I don't know how to say it
    When every language in the world is compelling me to speak this with them - tongues
    But it's just one tongue I have
    You should see that I'm caught in a dilemma
    So forgive me if you don't understand
    "You es muy linda" spontaneously