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  • youneverknow 94w

    All felt so right

    When we met the first time, and the way things fell in place,
    All felt so right.
    Like this is it, like this is only thing I have been waiting for, so long.
    But little did I know, that it was just a mirage.

    Our never ending chats, and the way you used to make me laugh,
    All felt so right,
    Like this is it, like you were my only happy place.
    Until the day I realized, I wasn’t your happy place.

    Making me believe in myself, and the way you used to understand me,
    All felt so right.
    Like this is it, like you were the saviour of my life.
    But only to realize that you were just pretending whole the time.

    All felt so right,
    Your words,
    Your presence,
    Your touch,
    Your promises,
    Only just to realize that I was just an another book for you,
    Which you will read and forget within a blink of eye.


  • youneverknow 97w


    Walking in a dark never ending tunnel,
    With the fear of dead end,
    Still searching for a ray of light,
    With all of my courage.


  • youneverknow 122w

    Friendship ❤️

    It's just all about us.

    All about the bond we share,
    All about the understanding we have,
    All about the happiness we share,
    All about the laughter we laughed,
    All about gossip and bitching we did,
    All about bad phases we survived,
    All about the secrets we share,
    All about the moments we lived together.
    No matter the place,it was all about us!

  • youneverknow 151w

    An open book

    I was an open book,
    Not a single bit of mine was hidden,
    Seen and being with in all happiness and sadness,
    From sunset to sunrise and again sunrise to sunset,
    Our world use to revolves around us;

    Untill the day I came to know that only my world use to revolves around u,
    And for u I was just an another book,

    Even giving all of mine I m left with,
    was not enough for you to stay!

    Now the open book pages are all scattered in a wish to never get to place back to scattered again!

  • youneverknow 192w

    Wish we could get back to old people as easily, as much easily we could get back to old stuff and memories!♥️


  • youneverknow 192w

    Not all things are meant to stay.




  • youneverknow 193w

    Power lies within you

    No one break you,
    No one can stop you,
    No one can make you weak,
    No one can make you feel inferior,
    No one can take away your pride,

    Unless and untill you give POWER to them!

  • youneverknow 194w

    The wall

    Wall is something you create around you,
    Wall of insecurities,
    Wall of fear,
    Wall of hatred,
    Wall of underestimate,

    Break such wall with love, confidence, courage, strength and never let yourself down.


  • youneverknow 194w

    Only Sufferer Knows the Pain.

    Not all the wounds will bleed and not all the scar are visible.


  • youneverknow 195w

    Love what you live!❤️