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  • yeswanth_chinna 12w

    Tunes of Love

    when eyes doesn’t get away sight of u.. even rainy weather leaps on joy dancing on floor from touch of eyes.. a joyfull act happening in slightest breath of hearts .. a touch of pounding hearts feeling a beat of life nd world.

  • yeswanth_chinna 14w


    Shouting out loud to echo from ears to heart.. i love u.. missing u . Feel it, yet miles apart

  • yeswanth_chinna 52w

    Think about it

    In between the beginning and ending a lot play’s happens that where i count you to be lovable more than ever

  • yeswanth_chinna 64w

    lovable weight

    Nature goes by physics can you hold an infinite weight ??? i made you to fit in a warm caring loving heart every memory stacks up as cushion to you.

  • yeswanth_chinna 64w


    It seemed pretty dark, even ray of light couldn’t brighten

  • yeswanth_chinna 78w

    Let me Face

    its time to say gudbye who knows its gud or any other while you are high on alcohol everything seems possible so lets take it as gudbye ... even too what’s gudbye doesn’t means

  • yeswanth_chinna 85w


    I love little more distance than feeling our skins love to be in dreams even closeness exist thats way of loving by me

  • yeswanth_chinna 86w


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    Everyway of person’s love deserves care and love to protect

  • yeswanth_chinna 95w


    Physical existence have no meaning when mind isn’t good enough to speak

  • yeswanth_chinna 103w


    The moment your anger and silence shows up, whole world crumbles