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    Love when starts to fade
    It turns black
    Loses its colours
    And then fade with a crimson light
    With a message written on the pathway from where it went
    That it will return
    Only this time
    It will be more bright
    Like the moonlight
    But this moonlight never dims
    It will stay and then
    love will be called light.

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    "Love will be Light"


  • yellowdiaries 106w

    Not a very good one. Just how I am feeling :) I am not sure if I'll stay.


    I am calling out to the dreams
    I watched 
    When I was sixteen 

    I am calling out for the winter 
    That's lost
    Into the polluted spring 
    The leaves are no more golden
    They are rusting 

    I am calling out to the people I lost 
    For the people I wanted 
    But I abandoned them
    So they don't remember me anymore 
    They just left 
    Why would they stay? 

    Anyways! I never believed in blaming. 

    I am calling out to the frozen breeze; slowly dying under the rusting leaves
    I am calling out and I am screaming 

    And no one can hear anything 

    I am shaking 
    My voice is shaking

    I am breaking 
    And I can hear people saying 

    Wake up! wake up! 

    You are dreaming 

    But I know, I am on the verge of breaking 

    It's not just a dream
    But a reality I am living.


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  • yellowdiaries 119w

    My love
    Was always epic
    Because I found
    Love stories
    From the tombstones
    That said,
    ~Here lies the ending of a love
    which was supposed to live forever~

  • yellowdiaries 129w

    Every morning
    when she raises her hands
    to reach the ray of sunshine
    her fingers reflect
    the story of light
    that never gave up on her.

  • yellowdiaries 131w

    She lost her peaceful smile
    When she started forcing her laugh for others.

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    Heart breaks only a million times
    After that
    It sees nothing and knows no-one

  • yellowdiaries 133w

    I watch the time go by
    Staring at the window
    waiting for the sun to rise
    I watch how stubborn is the night.