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  • yeklavya 80w

    Happy birthday to me

  • yeklavya 82w

    A gentle breeze
    Grazing her cheeks
    A clear blue sky
    Reflected in her gaze
    The goddess of the water
    With another child
    In her embrace
    Set to test its fate.

    The Samrat of Bharat
    Denied the child's destiny
    That paved a new path
    The pride of Ganga
    Begun it's journey
    In an unkind world
    Full of monstrosity
    Followed by mother's love.

    Once a tender hearted boy
    Now a man of honour
    With an undefying strength
    A roar heard across fields
    The savior of the weak
    Stepped onto this earth
    To banish the evil
    A dedicated soul found its firm.

    The long awaited throne
    Was supposed to be decorated
    With the throne of Dharma
    Was betrayed
    By the twisted minds of mortal
    The epitome of principles
    Was once again on his knees
    Vowed to be the slave of throne.

    The promise that shackled him
    The oath that shattered his Dharma
    The vow that tired his soul
    To the core
    That hollow pledge of the old
    Reaped the seeds of extinction
    The flowers of Dharma rottened
    Before his eyes.

    Once unbeatable strength
    That knew no competition
    Across the lands of the mortals,
    Now on a bed of arrows
    With red dripping
    From the pores of his muscles
    The body ached with pain
    But no sound left his mouth.

    The hollow eyes gazing the sky
    With the exhausted soul
    That only cried for salvation
    Tardiness of lifetime of servitude
    Was smoothened
    In his mother's embrace
    No more was he bound
    To this unearthly rock.

    His wish to see Dharma rule
    Was fulfilled by five great grandchildren
    The spirit of happiness
    Found it's way to mother's bossom
    The agony that was bore
    For eighteen days
    Finally saw the fruits
    And left the flesh for eternity.

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    A cry for Mukti

  • yeklavya 83w

    When a women's cloth
    Is tugged against her will
    Mercilessly, he mourns.

    When an ancestor's promise
    Shackles his own wrists
    Painfully, he mourns.

    When a Teacher's blind love
    Binds his own eyes
    Tightly, he mourns.

    When an archer's faith
    Is on the wrong side
    Entirely, he mourns.

    When an Emperor's desires
    Grows with time
    Infinitely, he mourns.

    He mourns,
    For the death of humanity.
    He mourns,
    For the beginning of slavery.
    He mourns,
    For the demise of Dharma.
    He mourns,
    For the rise of Adharma.
    He mourns,
    For the extinction of generation.

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    He mourns,

  • yeklavya 88w

    Mother nature is a serial killer
    No one's better.
    What humans try to destroy, for centuries
    She does it with a snap of a finger.
    She seems kind and gentle at times
    But when tested,
    No one's more merciless than her.
    She wouldn't hesitate for a genocide
    But as they say,
    "To create, one must first destroy".

    Moral of the story:- Never test mother nature.

    P.S: I pray for all those souls that have succumbed to this corona virus ����.

    Also, in desperate times like these, the humanity that is built upon the differences, is shattered and humans pray under a single roof and strive together for prosperity.

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    Serial killer

  • yeklavya 89w

    Journey began
    In a world of conflict.
    Hate, power, intolerance
    Were at its epitome.
    Monarchy ruled the world
    Condemning innocents.
    Heinous slaughters
    Were the daily news.

    Son of the god was born
    To purify the world.
    Kindness of the highest form
    Were his weapons and shield.
    Recognized the need
    For inheritance.
    Fell for the women
    For who she was.

    The purity of their love
    Blessed them with a child.
    A child born
    At a great cost.
    The father, stoned
    Crucified with nails.
    The mother, drowned
    Suffocated on tons of water.

    The fading memories
    Of her son's cry was etched.
    The determination
    Of protection was immense.
    The weight of crashing waters,
    Didn't mattered.
    The struggle for a second of
    Breath, didn't mattered.

    Only thing that mattered was
    The sacrifice to save the infant.
    The infinite hope for her son
    Remained undwindled.
    Her resolve paved the way
    Against all the odds.
    The mother's longing
    For her son's future was reality.

    Now she sleeps pleasantly
    Beneath the stary skies.
    For her years of struggle
    Bore her fruits.
    Hoping to join her true love
    One day.
    Capering hand in hand
    On a pleasant day.

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    A Sacrifice To Save You

    (Mary Magdalene)

  • yeklavya 92w

    Row row row your ship
    Gently down the ocean
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily
    Lead a blissful life.

    Row row row your sails
    Against the playful wind
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily
    Live a blessed life.

    Row row row your boat
    With the jolly dolphins
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily
    The sailor of compassion.

    Row row row your helm
    Dancing with the crew
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily
    May the fate crown you king.

    Row row row your deck
    Into the horizon
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily
    Be the captain of ocean.

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    Happy Birthday Brother

  • yeklavya 93w

    The unending tears of anguish
    Tumbling down a pained face
    An epitome of elegancy
    That knew no bounds
    Is now a swollen beet red
    With blood oozing out
    Down the lower lip.

    Thousand words made their way
    Out of her mouth
    But none audible
    Millions of emotions reflected
    Through her glassy eyes
    But none visible
    To the monsters of the earth.

    The darkness of pain
    Engulfed her mind
    Sinking her into the
    Never ending black abyss
    As the wretched savages
    Ravaged her soul temple
    Without a hint of regret.

    Sailing into her childhood days
    A Mischievous thief, she was
    Troubling her mother in every ways
    But always a precious princess
    And an intellectual sarcastic brat
    Shouldering mountains of dream
    That made her strive in her life.

    Dreams fulfilled with her hardwork
    Glistening eyes of happiness
    Looked forward towards her destiny
    But the cruel fate had its own plan
    Tested her for the tolerance
    And gave up upon the scrutiny
    Against the beastly conduct of humans

    The fate cried along with her, that day
    As she walked through the fire
    The fire lord embraced her
    As she witnessed her body
    Slowly turning into blackened rigid mass
    Which then seeped into the ground
    Into the mother earth's womb.

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    Pain goes trenches

  • yeklavya 95w

    Born without knowledge
    The only emotions that I got
    Was the unending abuse
    " You are useless"
    "You are a whore"
    Rained onto me
    Thanks to that,
    I forgot my self-worth
    I forgot Loving myself.

    Other people tend to hold
    Onto their pride
    By deeming themselves worthy
    But not me.
    Other people tend to replenish
    Their family prestige
    With strong bonding
    But not me.
    Other people are born
    With unbeatable love
    And affection in their bloodline
    But not me.

    I am a girl with no desires
    I am a girl with no love
    I am a girl with fear
    I am a girl of abuse
    I am a girl of no self-worth
    I am a girl with no FUTURE.

    I still am not used to
    Be treated as a burden, I wonder why!
    I still am not used to
    Be called as "worthless whore",
    I still am not used to
    People who bury me deep,
    I still am not used to
    The physical and emotional abuse,
    I still am not used to
    The hateful family.

    I want to cut myself deeper
    But that would only lead
    To the greater humiliation.
    I want to run away far
    But that would only lead
    To more resentment.

    Why must I be the one to suffer
    When I am the most abused,
    Physically and mentally?
    Why can't I just end my life
    Like my friends and brothers
    On my own accord?
    Why can't I seek peace from
    The unending pain and suffering
    All by myself?
    Why is my freedom caged so much
    That I am finding it harder to breathe
    With every passing second?

    All I ask is a permanent sleep
    Because I am tired
    Loosing myself mentally
    I would be great full
    For a permanent sleep
    Rather than loosing my pride
    My self worth
    Even though I am pure.

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    I cry through my poetry

  • yeklavya 96w

    Sheathe your voice and kneel
    For the ruler of the hell
    Has stepped out of his throne
    Making his way onto
    The land of the dead
    With his bloody feet
    That sets fire upon the touch
    Crushing the skulls
    And burying the rotten deep under.

    Tremor spread across the earth
    Greeting the arrival of the dark lord
    Leaving the animals stunned
    Birds flapped away in fear
    Wind forgotten to blow
    Abysmal odour covered the air
    Reminding his presence
    Time slowed down instantly
    With his mischievous trickeries

    Those huge wings fluttered proudly
    The twisted horns of hellfires
    Scarred their way to his eyes
    That reflected ominous darkness
    Fur covering the lower part
    With the blood dripping down
    From the sharp canines
    Tracing his tight chest
    Slithering down the brawny belly

    The unsightly form of the creation
    Parading through the realm
    In search of wretched souls
    Beware, for he might suck your soul
    In a blink of an eye
    Burning your soul as he drags
    Suffocating in endless pits of abyss
    For you are the sinner
    Inviting him to your own demise

    @mirakee @libertine13

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    Hell's darkness

  • yeklavya 98w

    Wandering in the woods
    In search of medicinals
    Unique to the land
    Deep in the Forest

    A quivering voice
    Heard among the predators
    Grabbed my attention
    Made me walk towards source

    My spell deciphered the voice
    It was a voice in pain
    Desperate for its mother
    Terrified for its life

    My gaze fell upon the
    Tiny little beast
    Cowering under old rock
    That housed thousand insects

    It curled underneath in fear
    With my approach
    Made me recall my infancy
    Robbed from mother's comfort

    A tear trickled down the cheek
    Watching the beast's suffering
    But strengthened myself
    From the creature's helplessness

    A witch's eye of compassion
    Drew it out of the dark hole
    As my arms welcomed it's embrace
    And responded to its dire need

    It's tiny sharp claws
    Clutched onto my skin
    As it trembled in fear
    But felt relieved with gentle caress

    There I was, a lone witch
    With nothing but my research
    Was Left with the dragon's child
    As I made way to my home.

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    Dragon in the woods