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  • yayinology 2w

    Shhh... Shut up... Don't make promises that you can't keep up
    Mhmmm... Dress up... I'll be there in 25 to pick you up

    Girl, I know that I'm no lover material
    But this shit I feel for you is oh so spiritual
    You're too fine... Aging like a fucking wine
    Draw the blinds... I'm planning to cross all the lines
    I know you're not mine... That's more than fine
    They say love is blind... And forever is just a second sometimes
    When the sun comes up, we'll go back battling our wars
    But rn, I just wanna kiss and love all of your scars

    I don't think that I can fight all these feelings anymore
    Just let me love you tonight like there is no tomorrow

    I see the light in your eyes
    Don't you lie, Don't let it die
    I may not be your first or last
    I'm okay with being found and lost
    With you beside me, time runs fast
    Girl, you make me forget the past
    You won't be there to catch me when l fall
    But that doesn't stop me from wanting it all

    I don't think that I can fight all these feelings anymore
    Just let me love you tonight like there is no tomorrow

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    Let me love you...

  • yayinology 5w

    Sorry that I'm hard to understand
    But do you even try to?
    You think you know me well
    You think you know it all
    Why can't you just listen?
    Listen when I say...
    I don't even know myself
    Baby, I'm livin' in my head
    I don't like to plan ahead
    I'm just tryin' not to be dead
    When I give you my fake smiles
    Why do you take it?
    Is it easier that way?
    Choosing not to see what I'm hidin'...
    Hidin' behind it...
    I know that I get distant
    I'm way too scared of this commitment
    I'm not that into romance
    But I live for the moments
    Is it too hard to understand?
    I can't make any promises
    Can't trade my wings for your roses
    Sorry I can't give you my all
    I'm just not made for this love stuff
    But when I offer my best hug
    Why is it not enough?


    #love #lovepoem #romance #trytounderstand #freedom

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    Can't trade my wings for your roses

  • yayinology 8w

    Sighted can understand the darkness
    But never the blindness.

  • yayinology 10w

    Feeling lonely is alright.
    But feeling that way with the person
    you love is brutal.

  • yayinology 11w

    Guess what?
    You don't have to tolerate things
    Just because you can!

  • yayinology 16w

    Ig it's important to take a break. To stop moving. To stand still and observe the beauty that's placed around us. Then maybe, just maybe life won't suck this much.

    We're so insignificant. Whatever we do, and whatever we are, all are gonna be forgotten. This life if it means something, I think it is to the person living it. No one else.

    But we all are trained to live for others
    We are so afraid of shame.

    We don't dance until we are good at it. We don't sing because someone said we sound like a frog. We don't cry because we don't wanna be pitied, etc.

    But all this pretending, all this overthinking and worrying is not needed. No one gives a shit lol. Even the ones that talk, move on to another topic after 5 min. We're the ones who carry it till the end.

    If we could say whatever comes to our mind and do whatever makes us happy, without affecting others, life would be good.

    Anyways other people don’t perceive you the same way you perceive yourself. So it makes no sense to try to change for others.

    #conversations #life #pretending #tired #happiness #shame

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    A conversation I had with my friend.

  • yayinology 16w

    Like how multiplying - with - makes it a +,
    Does doing evil things to evil people makes one a God?

  • yayinology 17w

    There is this scared, lost, little boy. He acts strong whenever he feels someone's eyes on him. And he has been walking through this dark, vast, nothingness called life for 23 years now. There have been obstacles throughout. It's safe to say that he's pissed off and doesn't have much motivation to keep going.

    And all his heart desires is to find a little girl, a few steps ahead or before him. Because learning there is someone who took the same path as him, and being able to cover the remaining distance with their company would make this shitty ride a lot easier. Or that's what he believes.

    I know his chance of finding her is close to 0. But I don't dare to tell him that. It would shatter his little heart. It would suck out the little motivation he's left with.

    Will he make it to the end? Will he find light or die searching for it? Is there a little girl in that world? If so, will they meet?

    Guess I gotta be alive at least to find that out.


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    One little boy's longest journey.

  • yayinology 18w

    I guess we're like a set of eyes.
    We are complete on our own.
    But together, everything is much more wonderful. (At least for me lol)
    Though I can't see you, you're with me all the time.
    We're so close yet so far.
    Just like a set of eyes.



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    We're so close yet so far.
    Just like a set of eyes.


  • yayinology 18w

    Nothing could hurt like watching yourself getting dumber with each passing day.
    Losing your colors, your creativity,
    enthusiasm, motivation, hope, humor.
    From being a blessed kid to below-average to barely human.
    Mental illness sucks.