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  • yashvibansal 4d

    There's fairytale magic
    In Rapunzel's golden hair
    And in helping a wounded animal get back to its lair.

    There's fairytale magic
    In Cindrella's glass shoe
    And in being honest and true.

    There's fairytale magic
    In Sleeping Beauty's spell
    And in helping people,
    Digging empathy's well.

    There's fairytale magic
    In the Fountain of Fair Fortune
    And in singing healing, hopeful tunes.

    There's fairytale magic
    In Snow White's apple
    And in planting trees,
    Whether ebony, mango or maple.

    There's fairytale magic
    In Belle's rose
    And in the Covid vaccine's dose
    Get yourself vaccinated,
    You won't regret it!

    There's fairytale magic
    In Elsa's ice
    And in the soul's window
    The eyes.

    There's fairytale magic
    In Red Riding Hood's way
    And in the dawn
    The start of a beautiful day.

    There's fairytale magic
    In Hansel and Gretel's deeds
    And even in the ever surviving weeds!

    There's fairytale magic
    In the Little Mermaid's voice
    And in making the right, careful choice.

    There's fairytale magic
    In the princess's frog
    And in the loyalty
    In the eyes of your loving pet dog.

    There's fairytale magic
    And everywhere
    Look for it
    And you'll surely find a tiny bit!
    15 April 2021

    #refrain #wod #fairytale #magic



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    There's Fairytale Magic!

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  • yashvibansal 1w

    The moon is a tragic figure. She is doomed to love people and remain when they die. She is doomed to encourage humans, to give them parts of herself but never remain whole. The moon has infinite love in her, because despite her tragedy, she still sends you hugs from the sky. She is far, yet so near, always. She is beautiful and kind, and since there will be no other moon, doomed to be lonely. The moon is doomed, because her love rests with mortals, she is fated to love them in her solitude, and weep without tears when they die. She sees stardust sprinkled all over the Earth, and dead bodies in the sky.
    11 April 2021

    #moon #love #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #tragic #tragedy #people #poetry #broken #pain #beautiful #life #death #die #gold #mortal #earth #sky #stars #celestial #tears #gravity #air #floating #fatec



    Image credit to Pixabay.

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    The Moon, A Tragedy...

    She sees stardust sprinkled all over the Earth, and dead bodies in the sky...
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  • yashvibansal 2w

    RIP Jealousy

    With profound grief
    (maybe relief)
    We regret the departure of a jaded soul
    Who tore many apart
    Couldn't see anyone whole
    She was the reason Snow White's apple was poisoned
    And Othello tricked.
    She was the reason
    Best friends indulged in treason.
    She was the reason
    Happiness refused to accept the world's invitation.
    She will be missed sorely
    RIP, Jealousy.

    Address: The Heart, Human-to-Monster Avenue

    Family : Failure(Mother)
    Envy(Younger Sister)

    PS: Success is requested not to attend the funeral.

  • yashvibansal 2w

    In response to Mirakee's paradox writing prompt of yesterday, I wrote this, in Hindi. I don't usually write in Hindi(as you must have observed from my posts) so I am highly nervous ��
    Do give your feedback.

    Word meanings:
    Paltav: resilience
    Pragyata: intelligence

    #hindi #paradox

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    Kya kabhi gagan se, surya jalta hai
    Kya kabhi chand se, taare jalte hain
    Kya kabhi palkon par, sapne dhalte hain
    Kya kabhi ghadi dekhkar, vakht rota hai
    Kya kabhi khushiyan dekh, barish hoti hai
    Kya kabhi mor ke liye, pani barasta hai
    Kya kabhi paltav dekh
    Barf pighalti hai
    Kya kabhi aasun dekh
    Neer jamta hai
    Kya kabhi irsha se
    Mamta dosti karti hai
    Kya kabhi bebasi ka haath
    Shakti thaamti hai
    Kya kabhi maasoomiyat ko
    Pragyata apnati hai
    Kya kabhi gagan se surya jalta hai?

  • yashvibansal 3w

    Dear Stranger

    Look at yourself
    Fighting all your way
    Your weary limbs
    Hidden under your lion's roar
    And your unworldly resolve.
    Look at yourself
    Your tired eyes betraying all they've seen
    And been through.
    But your mouth still curves into a smile
    And your feet still walk miles.
    You don't seem to care
    About the burning sun
    Or the blisters on your soles
    But you do
    You're just scared that no one will accept that being broken makes you whole.
    They expect you to be perfect
    Cracks to magically disappear
    They break you every day
    And scorn you if you cry.
    So you've taught yourself
    To bleed transparently
    And give your tears
    The name of rain.
    They don't care,
    You tell yourself.
    They don't care about the pain.
    But they're still jealous of the gain.
    So you smile,
    Bitterly, yes,
    But one needs a very fine lens
    To perceive that.
    And so you plough on
    Trampling on weeds and flowers alike.
    Cause you're so intent
    On setting up walls.
    Broken is beautiful
    You tell yourself when you're alone
    But you still pounce furiously
    At the light that dares to shine through your cracks.
    Look at yourself
    Carrying your world on your shoulders
    Convincing everybody that the load is nothing, it's easy.
    Sometimes you aren't even conscious
    But your feet still carry on
    That's all they've ever known.
    Look at yourself
    Learning through life
    But still hating the scars
    It left as gifts through time .
    Look at yourself
    Hanging in there
    By a single thread
    Even though it's so hard
    To cling to life and not embrace death.
    If nobody told you today
    What they should
    But probably felt too shy to say
    You're the light that shines through their night
    Don't give up
    You've taught them to fight.
    And this numbness around you?
    It gives feeling to many around you.
    So if nobody told you
    Just by doing your part
    Clinging on
    And loving despite your broken heart
    You are important
    And your weary limbs
    Will have enough strength
    To carry you
    Through everything
    Life flings.

    Someone who has embraced suffering, a poet.��
    27 March 2021

    Written for a struggling stranger, in the hope of providing healing❤

    #stranger #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #pod #ceesreposts

    Image credit to Pixabay.

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    You're just scared that no one will accept that being broken makes you whole...
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  • yashvibansal 4w

    Unlike my other poems, this one really doesn't have much of a plot. It's just words I really wanted to write.

    Angel with charred wings
    Devil with dazzling beauty
    Angel with bitter smiles
    Devil with charming grins.
    Angel with melancholy looks
    Devil pleasing to the eye
    Angel a sorry truth
    Devil a pretty lie.
    Angel with stony storms
    Devil with calm hurricanes
    The outer side, a facade
    The inner, a turbulent reward.

    Drawing by me.

    #paradox #wod

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    The outer side, a facade...
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  • yashvibansal 5w

    You have seen things,
    You'd much rather forget.
    You've never been much good at anything,
    But your memory defies you,
    It remembers even the smallest things,
    Except when they speak of joy, of course.
    Your weary limbs beg you to stop, your brain curses you everyday, but your heart tells you to continue. You are not sure whether to bless it or to rip it out of your chest.
    You run after everything which has wings or feet,
    Yet hope for rest.
    You think that success is hopeless,
    Forgetting that success, like justice, is abstract, to each his own.
    (Your memory fails you here, or perhaps you bury this subconscious knowledge deep into the cavern of your brain, you know your heart will let it rise to the surface.)
    You have a pretty smile,
    But the world only remembers your scarred face(It seems that everyone is bad in the art of remembering what's important)
    And it loves your scars, for it gives you more before the previous ones have healed.
    It breaks you everyday, and asks you why your bones are brittle, why you prefer sleep to waking.
    But you put yourself together, like a cracked vase, it's all you've ever known.
    A broken artifact has glue by its side,
    But you, you don't have that.
    You are broken pieces, the world expects to heal miraculously on its own(And you let them think you never broke, it sounds so much more romantic)
    And so you carry on,
    Hoping against hope,
    That one day hope will listen to you, and spread her golden arms to beckon luck
    (Maybe it really will happen)
    17 March 2021

    They say writer's block assails you, well, the writer in you assails you too, at times. Consequently, here I am, writing this in the middle of my exams(I really shouldn't do that, but ...) :)

    Drawing by me. :)

    #journal #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork


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    Your memory and you, you seem to be at crossroads...
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  • yashvibansal 7w

    Idk if this makes sense?
    I wanted to post this in a dark academia sort of format but then Mirakee came out with the headline idea and just couldn't resist!

    #headline #wod #mad #sane

    This goes like:
    Mad Men Found Shouting Out Prophecies in Age Old Tales
    - Proved the most sane

    Image credit:Pixabay

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #pod #daily #challenge #chal #imagination

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    Mad Men Found Shouting Out Prophecies In Age Old Tales

    Proved the most sane

  • yashvibansal 8w

    How quickly we fall in love with our pain.

  • yashvibansal 9w

    Everytime I see love,
    I wonder,
    How can something so heartbreaking
    Be so beautiful?