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  • yashichiraniya_02 4w

    "Aisa kyu hota hai ki...

    Kabhi kabhi jo humare sabse qareeb lagta hai,
    Kabhi kabhi jo humare sabse qareeb lagta hai,
    Asliyat mai sabse jyada dur wahi insaan hota hai."


  • yashichiraniya_02 4w

    #if #wod #change #forever #overthinkersdairy #soulmate #close #promise #thoughts #love
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    If you would have not talked to me,
    I would have never known that i can ever feel so connected and close to someone and love to talk with someone so much

    If you would have never made a hope in me,
    I would have never known that i could wait for someone all day long and still willing to

    If you would have not made me feel comfortable enough,
    I would have never known that even a person like me can also be so close to someone that I'm willing to share everything with you

    If you would have not made thode promises,
    I would have never known that even I an introvert will be willing to go out and will always wait for you to fulfill those promises even if it's just about some small things

    If you would have not said sorry everytime and repeat the same thing,
    I would have never known that i will still be willing to tell you how I feel and to do the same thing again and again without realising you were just saying it for saying and do nothing about it

    And if you would have not started to make me feel like I'm nothing to you anymore,
    I would have never known that a person can feel so close to one but can still feel like nothing to you and finally get the courage to let go which was never mine

    I know maybe it's not true at all what I think but it's what I'm feeling and to be honest I'm tired of it

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    If I could hold you back and not let everything change even after knowing you can't force something which was never yours,
    If I can just be able to tell you and I can stop thinking all these things which is just in my head and maybe is not true..... :)

  • yashichiraniya_02 16w

    I want to be with someone who don't quit or leave when things gets tough , but someone who will talk with me and face the situation

    I want to be with some who will not just believe on things others say and leave but someone who have full trust on me and will come to me first and have a conversation about it

    I want to be with someone who will not hide away from problem but with someone who will try to solve the problems with me together

    I want to be with someone who will not shout or blame me for everything but someone who can calmly Handel the situation and me

    I want to be with someone who will not just sit and wait for things to happen or say sorry to overcome any situation but who will make an actual effort to show his affection and express his real feelings

    I want to be with someone who will not try to hide anything or keep quite but someone who can trust me have faith in me and share his small or big talks with me and we can together solve it everytime

    I want to be with someone who will not only give me a lot of attention, love, and spend time with me , but also who will give me space, have trust and understand when I want alone time

    I want to be with someone who will always be there for me and I can also be his someone, because once you love me truly I will never be able to let you go

    I want a relationship where our love, trust, loyalty will remain and grow for each other by understanding and putting efforts to solve problems and stay with each other , I want a peaceful relationship where we can be ourselves without any fear❤��

    #love#trust#loyalty#stayforever#together#overthinkersdiary#mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    I choose you

    I want to be with someone who will not only give me a lot of attention, love, and spend time with me , but also who will give me space, have trust and understand when I want alone time.....
    I want a peaceful relationship which will stay forever ❤

  • yashichiraniya_02 16w

    @writersnerwork @mirakee #happiness #love #overthinking

    I know it's not easy to be with a person who on days wants to be so close to you, share with you or tells you to message them
    And on days distance themselves from you, will ignore you, overthink everything or won't talk to you

    Someone who would never stop you from going Or doing something, who will always want to listen what you want to say or think , will believe you but still have constant trust issues or feel jealous because of fear of loosing

    Someone who will on days will be so emotional and will cry and just want to hug you and on some days will just don't even want to talk about anything

    Someone who would on days will be like to cook together, dance, party, get drunk, listen music, eat out or have fun, will talk constantly and on somedays will just want to be with you without saying anything doing their work in silence but just be with you enjoying the silence

    Someone who will constantly share you memes or food posts and tells you lame jokes but also someone who Wants to have deep conversations with you, share and ask and talk with you feel that connection

    Someone who will keep on asking questions to you about everything, relationship, communication maybe you get irritated by it

    Someone who will always support you, will never want to leave you no matter what, want to be with you, and will accept you as you are and enjoy you being yourself with you

    But in reality is there someone out there who will really love a person like this and will never leave even after getting irritated by questions, or their behavior and who is ready to accept them as they are and who will always love them will accept their flaws and interest and will keep going with that person
    I know it's not easy to be with a person like this, a person like me. ....

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    But will you?

    It's not easy to love Or get along with someone who always wants to be happy and optimistic about every situation, ready to forgive and be with you no matter what but on somedays someone who is not ready to talk, or will just overthink everything and comes to the wrong conclusion

    I know it's not easy to love someone like this, someone like me.........

  • yashichiraniya_02 30w

    Overthinkers diary✍

  • yashichiraniya_02 31w

    It was not less than a miracle
    When I first saw you,
    With time the way you behaved,
    Your manners and personality ,
    Your behavior towards me,
    Which changed my whole life,
    My beliefs , my heart, my thinking for love,
    Everything just like a miracle,
    I became comfortable with you in a way I was never with anyone else not even with my friends it was different,
    I know I'm the kind of person who is very shy,
    But especially around you because it matters how I behave around you ,
    Nobody else affect my mood, my behavior like you
    That one look gave me chills and happiness,

    And just like that things changed,
    You are gone,
    Maybe you are there like before,
    But that feeling I still feel that but not from your side,
    You changed whom I never expected to,
    I don't know what happened, why happened,
    What will happen in future,
    All i know for now is you were the best miracle happened to me, but just like that you are gone,
    I feel missing, can't find you anymore,.
    Just like a miracle it all happened

    But I know I have to move on,
    I have to understand that its over here,
    But I will always remember the happy memories and keep on going,.
    Who knows what miracles can happen,
    I just have to go on with life,.
    Happy, sad, okay, everyday we just have to keep moving on,
    And live our lives to the full,

    And yes I believe miracles do happen....

    #miracle #keepmoving #love #overthinkersdiary
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    You came in my life when I didn't expected especially you like a miracle and just like that you left like a miracle.....

  • yashichiraniya_02 32w

    We live in imagination...
    When we sit alone or even with people we are sometimes lost in our own imagination, if things happen like this, Or what if this is happening right now we would imagine those situations and try to act how we would behave

    Especially when we are in love with someone , we create scenarios in our mind even that person is sitting in front of you or just around you we keep imagining things and blush and we start expecting them to behave like in our imagination

    And to be honest someone does not just start imagining anything, they imagine because they think it is possible because that feelings give them strength to imagine things but we don't think about reality and just get lost in our own world which makes us keep expectations from that person in real world

    But what happens when we face reality, we get to know that person is nothing like our imagination and all of that was just one sided and just in our mind..... Our feelings flies away just like that for that person

    It hurts, it hurts a lot and we start to become sad, our that happy imagination changes into sad imagination and we stop expecting from them anymore but deep down we still expect them to act like before but we also know they will not

    And that's when we realise we were giving and putting efforts , and expecting from someone who is not real and just our imagination and our feelings just flies away when we come across reality and we have to live in it......

    #imagination #overthinkersdiary #reality #love
    @writers network @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Our imagination flies... When we come across the reality of it, our clouds with rainbow turns to dark clouds

  • yashichiraniya_02 33w

    From spending time with you I started spending time with ashtray
    From spending my day with you I started spending most of time with ashtray
    From being addicted to you I became addicted to ashtray
    From sharing my happy moments with you it changed to sharing memories of you with ashtray
    From love for you changed to hatred for you in ashtray
    From every smile you gave changed into tears and sadness in form of ashtray
    The journey from loving you to leaving you ashtray became the major part of my life
    All i do now is love both of you and dont want to leave anyone of you even you both are injurious to my health but you only heal me. . ....

    #love #randomthoughts #friendship #cigarette #betray
    #overthinkersdiary #healing

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    Ashtray- love Or leave

    Can you stay with me always and reciprocate my love for you or not........but please never take advantage of it...

  • yashichiraniya_02 33w

    I made 3 promises

    First is to myself that I will never regret anything in my life I don't care whatever it is because if I did it, or it happened because at that time it was all I wanted so no point in regretting and I will always stay happy no matter what...

    Second is that i will never leave my friends whatever happens we stay together, if situation comes where I need to forgive them I will to save that bond but i will never leave them because I have found those idiots after so many years and I don't want to loose them over stupid things and I will always be with them and ready to help them in any situation

    Third to that person who can make me feel happy and content, who can make me feel loved and special, with whom i would want to have something special and i want to have family with and always stay with him , i promise once i love someone nothing can change my feelings for that person ever, and I'm willing to do anything to forgive, to put efforts, to understand and to always be present and help whenever he needs me ,to keep that bond safe and never let it fade, It will never change....

    #promise #mirakee #friendship #love

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    To never leave my close ones whatever happens we stay together

  • yashichiraniya_02 34w

    Why does it feel like this....
    That all i can do now is overthinking,
    To all the people I want to talk doesn't want to talk to me, Or is ignoring me Or I'm the only one talking and annoying them,
    When I'm with the people who matters the most my family but still I feel the loneliest when I'm with them,
    Why does it feel like sad Or crying everytime or over everything I do these days,
    It feels like I want to share a lot but idk how to make it happen cause all I can feel is no one is there to listen,
    It feels like the people I love the most is always push me away don't want me near them,
    It feels like I'm afraid to say Or ask anything as it will make them leave me and I will be alone,
    I just feel like to do drinking and smoking to numb the pain and feel happiness for sometime,
    It feels like I don't want to listen music anymore which I love the most,
    I feel like I'm the reason for fights happening all day everything is happening because of me ,
    I feel like the words which someone said to me that I will never be loved by anyone and I don't deserve to be loved is becoming true day by day,
    The more I don't want it to be true it is happening more day by day,
    I don't know why is this happening,
    Is it okay to feel like this,
    Why does it feeling like this...?????????

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #thoughts #friendship #love #overthinkersdiary #writernetwork #mirakee

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    Why does it feel like this????