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  • yash_s12 6w


    Fake nails, fake hair, fake lashes, fake eyebrows and you want a real man? Please someone give me 1k poison

  • yash_s12 224w

    Learning to be alone, and enjoying it, is the
    most empowering gift you can give yourself..

  • yash_s12 224w

    Emotional pain lasts
    for 10 to 20 minutes.

    anything longer is
    actually self inflicted
    by over thinking,
    making thing worse..

  • yash_s12 225w

    I think there is
    nothing wrong if I
    eat all the time.
    At least I don't do
    anything illegal..

  • yash_s12 225w

    Don't study me..
    You won't graduate.

  • yash_s12 225w

    Need new clothes
    New City, New Life

  • yash_s12 227w

    "let's forget
    our problems
    juggle a

  • yash_s12 246w

    Her Love ❤

    Her Love was the
    Most Caring,
    Most Intense,
    Most Breathtaking,
    Most Liberating
    Kind of Love
    I had ever received
    But I Burned that Bridge
    And Ran Away
    Now I Standing All Alone
    On The Terrace Of Silence,

  • yash_s12 249w

    Love ❤

    Loving her is an uphill task
    Full of perils & Surprises
    You may run out of oxygen too,
    But she's worth every step

  • yash_s12 250w


    Out there in the Silence. Walking in the Dark. Climbing through Tomorrow, I'll be gone. I'll be gone. ✌