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  • yannuzzi12 25w

    Double Standard

    That tentative face
    That thousand mile stare
    The unnerving that you sense
    It's fear
    I’m afraid
    I can’t ask you questions
    You say I can but when I do
    You make me feel low
    Weak, pathetic and hurt
    It causes the trembling
    Paranoid gaze
    You see it’s me thinking
    Thinking of how to phrase it
    Without getting put down or
    Shut down
    But it doesn’t matter
    Because I’m not entitled to my
    Yet another example of your game playing hypocrisy
    Your twisted reality is the only truth you adhere to
    others feelings and perceptions aren't applicable
    You can't be an empath or know how to love with such a dichotomy of an epistemology

  • yannuzzi12 25w

    Communication issues

    When you said don’t give up on you
    I never have
    Through all the pain
    Through all the time
    Through all your lies
    I’ve been patient
    But yet here I stand without reciprocation of something as simple as communication.

  • yannuzzi12 30w

    Stress is for the enemy

    I saw that the enemy was an inverted morality—and that my sanction was it’s only power. I saw that evil was impotent—that evil was the irrational, the cruel, the anti-real—and that the only weapon of its triumph was the willingness of the good to serve it.

  • yannuzzi12 36w

    Nocturne of shadow

    In the world of the evil
    The eyes of the naive were easily Deceived Mirages disguised doors That could only be unlocked by keys Waiting to be found in invisible chests
    The only chaperone for anyone Foolish enough to venture into that Underworld was wisdom
    which revealed evil
    I coveted that wisdom I suppose

  • yannuzzi12 36w

    I leave my dance to the moon

    If you ever see him
    Please pass this message...
    Tell him he must not grieve forever
    Tell him she wanted him to be brave and live as the the happy boy she knew And... Tell him she... loves him without end. Tell him.


  • yannuzzi12 47w


    The demon rules his emotions. vulnerable within his realm.
    Fear destroys his perception. The demon is gone, but the curse is not free. He Awaken's in darkness. Smooth. Black. Cold. To rise is impossible.
    In the heart of defeat, a dead boy speaks with the voice of another. Can the dead lead the dead to life? He remain's sentient. desire and hatred blind him. Love cries out to love. There is no answer, Where there were two now there is one. In the deep. In the dark, pain alone is not enough. The soul no longer needs its vessel. The way is blocked. To enlightenment. To life.

  • yannuzzi12 47w

    Fluid Flowers Of Spring Showers

    They have the ability, like water to harness tear drops into rain. To transmogrify a tentative stream into a powerful river. That reflects purity and growth.