We never truly know where this story ends...

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  • yaniraaaa 158w

    Last Post!!!

    Hey its me again. Starting today i will no longer be uploading stories. I love all the people that read and liked my stories and gave me feedback on them but its time for me to try and get my life together again. Thank you all for your support. Bye!


  • yaniraaaa 158w

    The Last Remaining Sound

    They sent an astronaut to the far reaches of space to investigate the mysterious sounds, but what they heard was something truly disturbing. During this occurrence the astronaut did not see anything but rather only hear to what is still today known as "The Last Remaining Sound."

    There he was working among the silence of space. He was doing everything as it should be done. Until something made him stand in terror. He was listening to something he didn't know. Listening to the last thing that he could ever hope to encounter. He never thought throughout his years of working there, he would be instilled with pure fear.

    "P-P-Please..." He tried with every fiber of his being to ask for help, to say at least something, but he could barely move or speak. That thing had him in its sight. It would make the most horrific scream that even the man's ears bled from it. It was an overwhelming. It was a sound so distraught, he couldn't help but stand still and listen to its screams. 

    He was in the presence of something so inhumane, something so evil, that he himself didn't know what it was. He has never heard such a thing, the way it would stalk its prey... Nothing alive could replicate it. Nothing human could see it. 

    "That sound..." he said with a broken tone of voice. 

    *the screams of agony filled the air*

    After a few minutes of pure bone- chilling cries, the silence was filling the air once again. Making it horrifically beautiful; eerily quiet. NASA finally heard the SOS call... They had a horrified look on their faces. They had to eject him from the mission. After 3 days he laded on earth but, he was different... He came home different. He wasn't the same as when he left. He didn't talk. He didn't do anything besides sitting on a bed in pure silence. He stared at blank walls, always listening to stillness in the air. 

    But the thing that made him not who he used to be was the fact those were the days everyone finally understood why people feared silence. The thing is... It changed him. The silence awoke him. 

  • yaniraaaa 159w


    They're beautiful aren't they?

    I walk at night under the moonlight and I stare at them. Stare at the fact that they are so beautiful. Its like they live in there own little world, away from everyone and everything but still shine the brightest.

    In that moment I can't help but look up. Only one thought fills my head.

    One wish.

    I wish for one day, when my time comes, to be part of a such beautiful sky.


  • yaniraaaa 160w


    Books are filled with words. 

    Filled with painful paragraphs.

    Books are filled with the sorrows and tears of the characters who once where filled with laughter.

    Filled with the deception and the pain the protagonist had to go through in order to be forced into the darkness. 

    Books are filled with the love and compassion they all have for each other. 

    Filled with opportunities they receive and filled with monsters and elegant men and women and those who deceive.  

    Books are created by those souls that wish to escape the universe.

    Escape the thoughts in which drive them to edge of death. 

    Most of all, books are created with words to bring them to life.


  • yaniraaaa 161w


    Because of the way people look, they judge you.
    Because of the way you dress, they judge you.
    Because of the way people act, they judge you.

    They judge and they apply those ideas of "being different is bad" because they know nothing else.

    Because they themselves have been judged.


  • yaniraaaa 163w

    The Last Angel

    Everyone who ever knew her was fascinated by her. I mean she was someone who could do wonders with magic but, you see, that was also her burden. 
    Yes, during the day she smiled and looked happy and always appeared to be in the most wonderful mood. She would laugh with such great joy in her eyes and had wings with such beautiful, vibrant colors. They would carry her to great altitudes. They would take her to the most beautiful islands and to the highest mountains. They would travel the longest distances but, little did she know what made her so beautiful would also be her destruction.

    Through out the years, that bright smile of hers faded. Slowly, her laugh turned into searing pain. Slowly... her eyes turned into the most heartbreaking thing to see. But, her wings.. Oh, her wings were the only thing keeping her together. Yet, she would no longer show them to the world. She was scared of what the humans would do if they saw them again.
    Now, every time she walks down the street she notices all the whispers. All the people who mock her. Deep down she knew that all of them looked down on her. Some even thought she is a waste of space while others felt pity for her. 

    Everyday she walks down the same street. Same sidewalk. Goes to the same café. Gets the same drink and the same breakfast. Everything would be the same. Never changing her routine.  She didn’t want to change it. She didn't want to feel like she lost everything, so she did everything to not change the last thing that reminded her who she once was.

    In some way everyone is like that. Don't you think? Everyone in some way has their own routines. Their own way of never changing. Everyone at some point is forced to change. Even if it's the slightest bit of it they still seek a way to keep things the way they are. Even if its as simple as reading the same thing, same words, same sign. Walking the same street or running the same course, everyone wants to keep at least something that reminds them of the way things used to be.

    You see, what they thought was that she finally gave up. They thought that at some point of her life she lost herself. She walks down the same streets and they couldn't help thinking that maybe she lost her purpose. A girl who went from a miracle to a lost soul. They all went from being her friends to the people who broke off her wings. 

    What they never saw was what happened behind closed doors. Behind the walls of her own home. Behind the door of her bathroom. At this point she was done... She was at her limit. She didn't want to keep remembering the life she once had. She didn't want to remember the person she once was. As she headed home, her mind overflowed with sickening thoughts. She ran to the bathroom and couldn't help but stare at herself in the bathroom mirror. She took off the shirt and the bandages that covered her 2 scars where her wings used to be. She gripped the rim of the Porcelain sink and tried to steady her hands.

    "One last time," she whispered to herself. One. Last. Time.

    She couldn't do it... She wasn't able to do it. Her hands would tremble at the thought of herself trying magic again, but even then she would push herself to doing it. Every night she tried. Every single time she failed but that wouldn't stop her from trying again. Every time she tried, she broke a little more. Her mind would break a little more.

    The things is all she needed was to say one simple phrase to become the a powerful and majestic creature she once was, but she hesitated. It would mean that she would have to give up her sanity. Her humanity, her mind. It would mean that she had to give up her heart for power.

    As she kept trying over and over again. She felt weak. As the clock struck 4 am, she looked at herself for the last time in that mirror. Her reaction to seeing her own eyes become a black, hollow color, made her break down into tears. She couldn't believe what she saw. Her overflowing thoughts became too much to handle. She let out a small, heartbreaking whimper, for she knew what she had to do. A being so graceful and full of light and peace became the thing that no one ever expected. Her voice broke as she uttered the phrase. As her body became weaker by the minute, as her pain came to a close. 

    She uttered the last word.

    In just a matter of seconds she was gone. Now it has been ten thousand years, and still no trace of her.

    -Yanira (Tokyo)

  • yaniraaaa 166w

    One Of A Kind Love

    Edgar Allan Poe once said, "We loved with a love that was more than love."

    They say we hate with a passion that is further than any kind of evil can conjure up alone. Any dark creature can ever curse you with.

    They say we are mistakes because we give in so easily to things that take away the pain. To things in which we crave for. To things we wish to have. The things in which we destroy our bodies and image for.

    What if they were right?

    We love because we are the only species that is capable of loving another being to the point that we would give up everything just for them to be alright. For them to be safe and make them feel wanted.
    We would love to the point we would destroy ourselves just to see the other person, the other half of us, happy.

    Yes, we hate. Yes, we wish for revenge. Yes, we wish for the pain to leave but it is due to that same reason of caring. The same reason in which we as humans are flawed.

    Because in my opinion, when we feel betrayed and lonely. Feel the despair of not having what we want. The feelings of feeling unwanted and not receiving enough attention form those we truly care about…

    Is when we turn to the monsters they see us as.

    -Yanira (Tokyo)

  • yaniraaaa 168w

    Work in progress...

    I have been in this business my entire life. Sometimes the clients come and go and other times we track them down so they won't reveal who we are and what we do. We keep a client list or rather a "file" for such occasion. 

    Those who understand what we do and how we truly work, we keep a close watch. We keep tabs and watch their every move. Who they hang out with and who their family is. We find out everything. 

    We have files on each and every one of our "hit man or hit woman" some might say. Others might call them "ghost." We tell them to never get attached or have anyone found out who they are because we will eventually find them and eliminated. We know all the people they have in their life. Down to the very last DNA sample. 

    We know everything. 

    Yet there was one person we could never find anything on.

    But there was something about him...

    Something strange...

    We let him go do to the same exact reason. Everything about him was just like a ghost. We couldn't find anything on him. No family. No friends. No lover. Nothing.

    When we tried to obtain DNA at the very least... It was corrupted. No fingerprints. No hair sample. No footprint. NOTHING!

    But that was what made him the best in the business. He had this look in his eyes that made you wonder just how many people he's killed. 

    and this...
    that made you realize, he's probably lost count.

    His only job was to eliminate those who abuse their power. Meaning he was the one they hired and sent for the kind of jobs we can only refer to as the Class XXX. 





    He was the one hired for the most crucial of jobs. After all, we sent him because he didn't exist. He would be in and out of a place less than 8 minutes tops. I haven't been able to track him down. Not one single piece of paper was able to lead me to him.

    Until one day... I finally found him. 

    But what I saw wasn't something I could ever forget. I needed to make sure of something first. I had a suspicion. I always had that damn suspicion, but I was never able to truly see it through. 

    Until he pulled the knife from his chest and smiled. "Was that supposed to hurt?" he said.

    "So that's what you are..." I replied back.

  • yaniraaaa 170w

    One Chamber

    They were locked inside a cell. A chamber. A place where those who knew about it call it Hell. They were trapped inside a chamber in which no one could possibly find their way out of. 

    How could they?
    They had nothing but their minds and body to help them guide the way. Only their minds had the answer, but it would take a great set of skills or the most distorted of minds to be able to escape. They say this place was only built for the intelligent and most vicious and messed up of the human race. It was nearly impossible for those who were kind hearted and scared and most normal of people to escape.

    Most of them were left to die alone. Helpless. Cold. With only themselves as company and only their thoughts to drive them crazy. Only those who were wicked and evil enough, left to watch them.
    Those who found out of their death have called them "The Weak Ones."

    Yet everything led to the true question, Why? Why were the locked inside a place where there was nothing but silence and stillness in the air. A place where you can hear your own heart beating. A place where there was no escape. Where even the walls whispered. 

    It was so isolated and gruesome within such walls that even those who made it out alive refused to leave and would even call it, home.

    -Yanira (Tokyo)

  • yaniraaaa 170w


    No job is worth taking family time away from you.