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  • wrotethosefeelings 202w

    Even the sun take some hours to appear for the next time,
    And, I was there for you whenever you felt sad and was not fine.
    The rose was the thing I gave you,
    The thorns were something you search, saw and chose.
    Unaware thorns are always with rose?
    Gone are the days I used to sleep taking your name,
    Now, I'm gonna hate you even if you appear in my dream.


  • wrotethosefeelings 204w

    You are that masquerade..
    from which I was trying to stay away
    You are that masquerade..
    for which I promised not to look for
    You are that masquerade..
    who always trapped me in dilemmas
    You are that masquerade..
    who always stopped me by my side
    You are that masquerade..
    for which people always stay frightened
    You are that masquerade..
    who imbibed me making me null
    And bitch,
    You are that masquerade..
    who played major role in knocking me down

  • wrotethosefeelings 207w

    Text them, they're busy,
    Call them, they're busy,
    They're more busy than our main light source,
    All this might lead you to a great remorse.

    Everyone around us are busy,
    Go for them and they'll think you crazy,
    May be having them will make you happy,
    But, think for the real side of the life,
    Do you really need them around you?

    Why are you being silly,
    Running behind them happily,
    Instead enjoy life and live joyfully,
    By making yourself busy.

  • wrotethosefeelings 209w


    The horses have left the battlefield,
    The soldiers died giving me their shield
    The enemy's army ain't even half finished
    My confidence is down already till mid
    No one's here to help me around
    Feeling so fucking weak even with crown on
    The wounds aren't the reason of pain,
    The mistakes I made are,
    The truths which I ignored are,
    The decisions which made people sad are.
    Now, I can only do is regret.
    Replacing it with the goals which were great.


  • wrotethosefeelings 210w

    Oh, these fake people round me all the time. These people whom I considered as my strength are now my greatest weakness one can ever have. The worst part, I'm attached to them. Just like, any file's attached while composing a mail. Without which the mail is meaningless. Damn! That was way too lame These useless people I considered useful, thought will be helpful while in need are the ones who talks about me behind my back. The earth's laughing at me for falling for those useless creatures and not for the real people who've been good with me all the time. But, as people say, the bad one's always have the attraction. And, the weak one's get attracted. Beware of such people if you got some. Being pure is better than being with impure.
    #pod #writersunite #readwriteunite

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    Fake people have fake people around them side-by-side and those fake people love fake people which spreads the love which is not real but fake.
    Ever trapped around in world full of fake people?
    I'm alone being different, being pure.


  • wrotethosefeelings 217w

    Tried being different
    by being alone.
    And now,
    I'm alone


  • wrotethosefeelings 218w

    Crush is a very beautiful thing to say about anyone you've crush on as you may never know what they'd do to your feelings. Either they might CRUSH your damn feelings or they might RUSH to be with you.
    #crush #pod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    When you have a crush on her and she also have a crush on you, y'all both crush crushes the crush thing between you and love starts forming.. Right?


  • wrotethosefeelings 219w

    Those elegant eyes are something,
    That I won't forget ever
    Those beautiful lips are something,
    That I won't forget ever
    Those goodbye kisses are something,
    That I won't forget ever
    Those dumb talks are something,
    That I won't forget ever
    Those feelings with you are something,
    That I won't forget ever
    Those awesome memories are something,
    That I won't forget ever
    And, finally, our breakup is something,
    I'm trying to forget asap!

  • wrotethosefeelings 221w


    Decision couldn't come out of her dilemma
    'coz of the indelible memories of both.
    To leave him was the decision she took,
    attaching a hook in his life's book.

    Tho, her voice isn't audible to him now,
    Their indelible talks still make him wow
    May be, some lucky guy's having her,
    And, may be, she's still craving for him.

    Or, may be,
    This all is just to depart his INDELIBLE feelings for her
    May be!


  • wrotethosefeelings 223w

    A river was the only thing between them.
    He was afraid of the water and she wasn't.
    Thereafter, they never met.
    Who's fault it was?