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  • writing_heart_out 154w


    Just realised that I never was a writer. It was never about writing.
    All the stories, the poetry I’ve written were just the things I always wanted to tell her.
    Never could though.


  • writing_heart_out 183w

    She entwined my fingers with hers, as we stared at the night sky, stargazing.

    All I just prayed, for that moment to last for an eternity.


  • writing_heart_out 193w


    With every phobia and weakness that she overcame, she freed a bird from the steel-cage until the cage was empty and she was free.


  • writing_heart_out 194w

    Keep emitting the positive vibes ✨

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    Even death couldn’t fade her vibes away, Burying her corpse in the orchard made the fruits tastier.


  • writing_heart_out 202w

    Don’t matter

    While you were busy in your life, ignoring him. And he was looking for ways to prove his love for you, to express his love, a responsible poet grew in him. For you mattered a lot to him.

    A better person now, more worried about his assignments than worrying if you have had food or not. Paying more attention to friends and family, you now matter less to him.

    Doesn’t look at your new Instagram post for a hundred times, his gallery is now filled with memories he made enjoying with friends and screenshots of poetry and anthologies. For you matter less to him now.

    The things you loved aren’t his favourite things anymore. He learned a lot from you, but now when he’s learning new things, you matter less to him.

    When he was younger, he used to be scared. Scared of the fact that he used to forget things. But slowly and gradually he got better at remembering things.
    Remembering dates was easier for him now. But the dates related to you matter less to him now.

    Now that he’s wiser, it is tough for him to forget you, but he’s forgetting the things associated with you. For you matter less to him now.

    He doesn’t forget to remember you everyday. But you matter less to him now.

    Yes ! Now you matter less to him. But would it never happen, that you won’t matter to him at all ?


  • writing_heart_out 204w

    Good friends know all your secrets
    They know what you like and what you don’t
    They console you, when you’re low
    They handle you when you’re high.
    They never say goodbye !

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    Bro code

    They both drove towards the road less trodden by
    With beers on the backseat and minds full of thoughts

    Talking about everything in the cosmos, but her.
    It was the golden rule, not to talk about things that hurt.


  • writing_heart_out 211w

    It was his first day at internship.
    Got up early, too excited to be at office.

    He knew it would be a good day when his Dad gifted him his pen and said “A new phase in your life has started today. Do well”

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    The Intern

    While everyone was cribbing about being idle and not being attended on their first day at office;
    He was happy to be given sufficient time to observe and absorb everything happening around.


  • writing_heart_out 213w

    ना ये ज़ख्म कभी भरे, ना शराब सहारा हुई

    ना कभी वो लौट के आये, ना महोब्बत दोबारा हुई ||

  • writing_heart_out 213w

    “ क़यामत अब दूर नहीं “

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    क्या दिख रहा है आज यहाँ ?
    कया बिक रहा है आज यहाँ ?
    जनाब ! आज बिक रहा है कुछ, तोह बस हुस्न ||


  • writing_heart_out 214w

    Yakeen hai na ?

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    Mujhse zyada jeevit aur zinda toh shabd hai mere

    Ye kavi toh kabka apni rooh se alag ho chuka hai

    Ye toh keval alfaaz hai mere jo tumhe mere zinda hone ka yakeen dila rahe hai