You will get better and stronger ❤️ Everything will work out for your good

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  • writernoble 1w

    Were you ever important to them?

    @poet @miraquill #value #way

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    I thought you would chase me if I run away
    But you faced the other way

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    You are very strong
    To have survived this long
    Just hold on
    Nobody stays till the end, I know
    Nothing lasts forever, I know
    its only a chapter in your life
    Everything you lost will be replace in due time
    Anything bringing you joy should be done always by you
    Anyone causing you pain
    Without them also bringing you gain
    Must be remove from - life
    The important thing is your happiness
    Face the darkness
    And bring the best of yourself to the light for the world
    Forgive your enemies
    you block your own blessings
    For they only want to distract you from your goals
    And never forget, when there's life
    There's hope
    For the patient dog will always have the fattest bone

  • writernoble 2w

    Humans can be strong physically
    And worthless mentally
    Give yourself some credit for the days you made it
    When you thought you couldn't
    Buy yourself a present for the days you helped
    People even when you shouldn't
    Pretending to be okay is not going
    To aid you solve your problems
    Avoiding interactions is not the
    Solution to your issues
    Needing reassurance constantly
    Only proves that you are not fine
    Running away from reality
    Is not a good way to live your only life
    People start to heal the moment they feel heard
    Solutions to problems come when they are shared
    Not just with people who understand
    But with people who care
    Never let your struggles be your identity
    Get help and give help
    Because we lose ourselves when we lose our humanity

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  • writernoble 3w

    Happy World Teachers' day. To all the teachers out there I hope you'll reap the fruit of your labor

    #miraquil @writersnetwork #teachers #poets

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    My life opened up
    And flooded with color
    When you walked into it
    Your arms gave me warmth
    Just hearing you speak blesses my day
    How can I repay
    You for your guidance
    Which made me who am I today?
    All I can say
    Is thank you for loving me as I am

  • writernoble 4w

    Tell me, should I continue your rollercoaster ride
    Or alight from it?
    Why don't you kiss me?
    But don't burn me
    Just love me
    Don't hurt me
    And I'll be yours

    #kpop #yours #raiden #chanyeol #leehi #changmo

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    Your words bring wisdom to my mind
    But your actions crush my heart
    Today you are an angel
    Tomorrow you are a nightmare
    You make me run to you
    And fly away from you
    At the same time
    You are the home I want
    Making me smile without lifting a finger
    Here I am sitting, asking myself
    A question that is simple
    Yet so complicated -
    "To ignore or not to ignore?"

  • writernoble 5w

    Nobody is permanent
    Everything is temporary
    Including the problems you are going through
    Those issues are meant to make you wiser
    Time will push them away after you have become stronger
    Hold on to your dreams
    Even though life pulls you from your childhood ambition
    Feel free to change the plan
    But not the goal
    With a little determination
    And a thirst to be excellent
    Success will be your best friend


  • writernoble 5w

    The person who tagged you wants you to know you are love

    Tag your angels

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    I wonder what you are
    When you shine brighter than a star
    And pull me back whenever I go from you

    I ponder about you when I see the night sky
    How you kiss my dark spots
    Instead of the light sides
    Like other people do

    And I am curious if you are high
    Or just an angel sent to cherish me

  • writernoble 7w

    Children exposed to family violence
    Showing the same brain patterns
    As soldiers who have fought in a battle

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    Given birth as angels
    Transformed into demons
    The cause lies in your separation
    Into their little hearts, blooms sadness
    Tears streaming down their faces
    Wondering when this war will stop
    Broken down into a million pieces
    With no parents to put them back together
    Because they are too busy fighting each other
    So loud enough to be heard from the sky their screams
    Yet you can't hear them cry
    Parents minding their business
    Like they never reproduced
    Your kids are waiting for the day they will
    Develop wings and fly away from you

  • writernoble 8w

    Let me see you

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    A glimpse of you is all I ask.
    To gaze upon you is a blessing

  • writernoble 9w

    Building bridges to the you I know

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    Hate that my heart beats for you
    Dread the fact that I can't remove you from
    My heart and still be living
    Why do everyone I love do me wrong?
    Thought you would be different
    Didn't know you were just a demon in an angel form
    Put you above everyone else
    Now I regret ever meeting you
    But I still want to be with you
    Cause I fell in love with that angel side
    And I believe your demon side is only temporary