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  • writerly 201w

    Don’t squat on my property!!!

    How would you like it if squatters start living in your house and claiming it as their own? You wouldn’t like it, right? Similarly, when you plagiarise (copy) content, you are claiming right on work that does not belong to you. You are robbing that person of the credit they deserve.

  • writerly 202w

    Lets nt do dis, ok?

    The time you saved in writing “u” instead of "you" is the time you lost that another person would’ve spent in reading your heartfelt compositions.

    Exactly how first impressions work when meeting someone in person, your grammar, spellings, and punctuations give the first impressions of your writing.

    SMS lingo gives an unserious impression to the reader and distracts them from your actual words.

    Be sure to avoid any SMS lingo in your writings so that it does not take away the beauty of your thoughts!

  • writerly 236w

    Cloud 9

    At sixes and sevens;
    A catch-22.
    They say there is No way
    and you don't know what to do.
    You seem a million miles away:
    Seems a billion miles away.
    Yet nine times out of ten
    there is more than one way
    to skin a cat.
    Then you find yourself
    Praying on all fours.
    A stitch in time saves nine when you get
    behind the eight-ball.
    It's like falling upon a four leaf clover; the opening of all doors.
    All in one breath,
    five will get you ten or perhaps
    A hole in one.
    In one fell swoop
    You are Lifted to cloud nine.


  • writerly 236w

    He showed up to the date, dressed to the nines. It was a special date after all. Perhaps the most special one yet. He was going to ask her the million dollar question. After a delicious dinner, he went down on his knees and produced a ring. He said, " I love you Clara. I love you so much. I want to be with you twenty-four seven. I want to travel to the four corners of the earth with you. When I am with you, I feel like I am on cloud nine. Sharing my feelings with you is as easy as one-two-three. Clara, will you marry me?"

    She smiled. Only her adorable math-loving boyfriend could propose in this way. She replied, " Oh honey, this was so sudden, I am at sixes and sevens. You have put me behind the eight-ball. There are thousand and one reasons for me saying no. And only one reason for saying yes. But that one reason is enough. Jacob, I love you too. And yes, I will marry you."


  • writerly 236w


    Street lights were poorly giving their light off when a much dimmer soul than them footed on the road.Tottering were his steps each time when he walked without a prop.Recognizing the pavement on which he was walking aimlessly,some cravings from his past got active.That street, the bus stand at a small distance,the hush on that street at mignights,his odorous wine,everything was just the same as four years back.He was a young man having one over the eight kind of personality.Hardly had he reached the bench of the bus stand and laid on it.Eyes heavy with tears,and mind preoccupied with blurry memories,he was back to one square of his life.He met her first time on that bench.Both were strangers to each other.Waiting for the bus to take them to the world which belong to only them.That was the place,where his love breathed for the last time,in his arms,smiling with tears in her eyes.That was the place where his life turned away its face from him.That was the place where he started drinking in order to remain in her memories.Feeling his head in her lap and his hair being carresed by her soft fingers,he got forty winks.With a sharp roar of horn of bus,which was speedily driven and was at tiny distance from the bus stand,reached his ear.With his eyes half opened,lost in her memories,he stepped once again on the road standing exactly in front of the bus.The dazzling yellow head lights of bus was blinding his eyes.The speed got uncontrollable and it hit him.There,the stream of blood burst once again,his bottle of wine being awfully shattered and pieces of glass pierced in his skin.The time flashed his memory back to the time when his love was counting her last painful breaths and no one came at the eleventh hour to help them.Same place,same time,same pain,same conditions and same helplessness they shared but this time he was alone to face this.Smiling at the sky and pointing towards it with trembling hands, he uttered until his breaths left him:
    "Neither on this land,
    Nor in this sky,
    Now I will meet you,
    Six feet under the sand."


  • writerly 236w

    Friday Fun #16

    Numbers play a big role in our lives.
    Write a post using at least three idioms based on numbers. For example: at the eleventh hour, forty winks, a stitch in time saves nine and so on. Write a poem, prose or short story. Any genre, any length.
    Tag your entries with #fridayfun16 and share.
    Enjoy writing!

  • writerly 237w

    Meaning of Life

    The storyteller never used to listen.

    He was the one people paid to listen to- why would He listen to others? Only his words mattered.

    He created a world of imagination, weaved with beautiful characters and interspersed with emotions (emotions he himself never felt). People hung on his every word, spellbound and lost in fanciful tales he spun.

    But then, things changed. One cold wintry day, he found a small bundle abandoned by a dumpster that babbled words he had never heard (and induced emotions in him he had never felt).

    His stories now changed.

    Because now, for the first time in his life, the storyteller became the listener.


  • writerly 237w


    She was happy
    She was dreaming
    She was moving
    He came
    He loved
    He hated
    He went
    She broke
    She lost strength
    She fell
    She sat there on the ground
    She stopped
    She cried
    She lost herself
    She thought
    She saw stars and sunshine
    She smiled
    She gained strength
    She stood up, slowly
    She dreamed
    She took a step and steps
    She started
    All over again.

  • writerly 237w

    You were so eager to leave
    You forgot to leave the keys behind
    I'm locked out of my own heart
    Yet you wonder why i'm now a nomad
    Seeking shelter from one heart to another
    From one stranger to another

  • writerly 237w


    Through brokenness,tears,pains,hardships,diasasters,atrocities,miseries and woeful life, Perseverance is found.
    It is the intense state of patience which not only puts us back to one piece but also weaves our souls with Divine Love.
    When burdensome screams and shouts die in us,perseverance is born.
    When storms settle down,Perseverance makes the noise.
    Perseverance can never be tasted, if we don't undergo sufferings.
    Sufferings end but Perserverance lasts for ever.
    When desires kill us,Perservance gives us second life.
    Perseverance is the hope Associated with God and His Verdict.