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  • writergirl_503 12w

    Thoughts from a teenager girl (part three)

    I have learned a lot in the past year and yet you still treat me like the little girl I was before leaving for college. I spent 8 months, 8 months living independently without you interfering. And now, that I’m back for the summer, you want to control everything again, tell me what to do, tell me how to organize my room. Not anymore. I’m not the little girl you used to know, can’t you see the amazing young woman I am turning into, I am facing my demons on a daily basis, the anxiety I endure on a daily basis, wondering if I am any good. You don’t know what I went through the second semester and you will never understand. I’m just glad I found my best friend cause me and her, we both went through hell and back together, relying on each other. Why can’t you understand?

  • writergirl_503 114w

    This poem isn't meant to be political and if it comes across that way, sorry. All I am doing is using my voice even if I don't get heard. Also, don't comment if you are just going to argue, everyone has different opinions, beliefs and ideas.

    I have no idea where to start,
    Do I start with inequality?
    Do I start with racism?
    America, what happened?
    We should be past the point
    Of inequality and racism
    But everytime I go to
    Twitter all I see is people fighting to make a change that should've
    Happened a long time ago.
    I used to love being an American
    And felt pride for being an American
    But, now I don't love being an American
    And I don't feel prideful anymore.

    America, what happened to
    We The People,
    The people!
    What happened?
    This was a country meant
    For new opportunities and to
    Start a new life.
    What happened?
    Don't answer, I already know why.

    Written on May 29, 2020

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    We The People

  • writergirl_503 114w

    Seven Words (Part Five)

    "For once, you pretended to care. Why?"

  • writergirl_503 114w

    Don't Care

    I don't care what you think about me,
    So go on,
    I dare you to spread lies about me.

  • writergirl_503 127w

    I am looking out the window,
    No curtains because mom took them down
    And mom said she was going to wash my curtains
    But couldn't because the new washer needs to be replaced,
    Just like them.
    The sun is shining into my room,
    Birds flying pass by my window,
    Little children are out and about after the cold, long winter
    And for once
    I am not afraid of the light,
    No more darkness for me to eat like candy instead of eating dinner.
    I replaced my friends like my mom
    is replacing the new washer because
    Everything needs to be replaced,
    Some things can last for a lifetime and never has to be replaced
    But some things need to be replaced after a few years
    And they needed to be replaced.

    Some background about the poem:

    I've been in the same group of friends since middle school, currently in my junior year of high school, and just last week I walked into the cafeteria, ready to be ignore till I speak or someone speaks to me. I was going to work on my homework for English but I walked into an argument between two of my friends. Like most people, I was curious about what was going on. I asked but they didn't tell me, usually they will tell me but this time, they didn't, it wasn't until I got home and I made my decision to leave the group, someone in the group told me not to leave but I was done at that point. I was tried of being ignore and having my emotions being overlooked.

    It has only been a few days since I made my choice and I am already starting to feel better about myself. Yes, it hurt to left, but, to be able to leave the group and the years of memories behind, was one of my greatest decisions and I don't regret it.

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    Some things can last for a lifetime and never has to be replaced
    But some things need to be replaced after a few years
    And they needed to be replaced.

  • writergirl_503 133w

    I sit in the back of English class,
    To the left is an asshole,
    To the right is a cheerleader,
    In the middle of the two is me,
    Feeling out of place,
    I stay silent,
    I know I am out of place in a classroom full of students who love to talk
    And bring attention to themselves, whether it be in a good way or a bad way.

  • writergirl_503 134w

    My mind is a ragdoll flying through the air,
    Flinging its arms all over the place and landing in the middle of a busy street,
    Cars swerve past, dodging the doll as if they are playing Flappy Bird.
    Dodge the pipes and you won't have to start over,
    Dodge the pipes and you might reach the end one day.
    Now, dodge the ragdoll that is called my mind and you won't crash into a tree, figuratively,
    Now, someone sees my mind and tells me that what I think isn't real and can't affect me,
    Now, they are dodging my mind, dodging my mind and avoiding my thoughts.
    Dodge my mind and you won't have to deal with the thoughts that run rampant 24/7,
    Dodge my mind and you won't have to tell me that the thoughts in my head can't affect me.
    All you have to do is dodge the thoughts that block your path,
    All you have to do is dodge my mind so you can move on to the next level,
    All you have to do is dodge my mind and thoughts to win the game.

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  • writergirl_503 137w

    Emotions are not like the toys you used to play when you were a child,
    You can't just throw them around and leave them outside to rust and to be left alone.
    Emotions are delicate,
    You've got to handle the emotions with care like you would with a newborn baby.

    Playing with someone's emotions is like playing with fire,
    Emotions can be beautiful and blossoming like an Eastern Redbud tree in late March.
    But, they can bring hellfire and a torrent of thunderstorms down someone's pathway
    All because someone toyed with their emotions.
    It could've been the person they were dating, someone who they thought was their friend.

    Some people love to toy with people's emotions,
    Seeing them suffer as they cry out in agony,
    They break people by tearing down their walls for their pleasure.
    But, they are also hurting inside too.
    They went through the same thing, being toyed with and left out in the yard to rust and crack.
    Then, they do the same thing to others but never try to fix the deep crevices in their skin and mind.
    Wanting others to feel the pain that they went through,
    A never-ending cycle of people being hurt.

    Then, a person walks up to someone,
    Plays around with their emotions and leaves them out in the yard to rust and be forever forgotten.
    But, that person who was left in the dust,
    Stands up, bruised, bleeding, hurting,
    And walks, not to go hurt someone else, but, to fix what was broken.
    It takes years to heal but it can only take a few minutes to realize you need to start healing.

    I didn't realize it could only take a few minutes to start healing,
    I didn't realize that I could heal from the past that broke me until I was halfway through
    My freshman year of high school.
    And, now, I'm a junior.
    Making new friends and leaving the people who played with my emotions behind
    Because they saw that I was cracked and bruised, they took advantage of me
    And made more cracks than I could count.
    I stood up that day during freshman year,
    Telling myself to forget the past the broke me
    And start healing.

    Originally written on 4/14/18
    Edited on 12/24/19

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    Happy Holidays


  • writergirl_503 140w

    My mind wanders, forgetting about the things I should be worrying about.
    It wanders to a time where life was simple, where all I worry was when
    My favorite cartoon show was coming on.
    It wanders to a time where no one really cared what you wore to school.
    But, it also wanders to a time where life
    As a child was tough.
    Parents fighting,
    Throwing a fit over something so stupid, etc.
    It wanders to a time where life used to be simple but life got complex,
    Twists and turns
    And I got lost,
    Trying to find the road back home before a random person picked up the vulnerable girl who got lost on the road of growing up.
    Eventually, I found a path that led to the right road, I'm still not there but with each passing day,
    I am getting closer to finding my way back.

    The simple things I used to do
    Are making a comeback,
    The small smiles I make when I see something funny are also coming back,
    My laughs are becoming real, resembling the girl I used to be a long time ago.
    The funny faces I make when I'm around certain people,
    It's all coming back very slowly.

    The simple things in life
    Was all I needed to be be myself again, or to start being myself again.
    It was a long journey that held
    Perilous paths that I made across.
    So that I can proudly say that I leaped over the hardships in life that shaped who I am.

    The simple things, they were always there, I just forgotten about them.

    Heyo! The second poem to my poetry book called "Eccedentesiast" is up. I used the same username on Wattpad, @writergirl_503

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    Simple Things

    The simple things, they were always there, I just forgotten about them.


  • writergirl_503 141w

    The sadness is overwhelming,
    I tried to smile but it was so fake
    I couldn't hide my sadness.
    I don't know why I'm sad
    All of the sudden.
    I was fine one moment
    And the next I wasn't fine.
    Maybe it because I have two
    Tests today,
    Or maybe it's the fact today
    Is the last day before Thanksgiving break
    And I won't see that people
    I care about till after.
    I won't get see the friends that
    Actually care about me,
    I won't get to see my favorite
    I won't see her.
    I'm not going to me,
    I'm going to be the old me,
    The old me that was sad 24/7
    And cried herself to sleep,
    Or didn't sleep.
    God, I hate breaks and tests.

    Heyo! I started a poetry book on Wattpad called "Eccedentesiast" if you want to check it out. The username is the same on here, @writergirl_503.

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    Breaks and Tests

    God, I hate breaks and tests.