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  • writer_namz 5w


    She was a ballad,
    Full of metaphors.
    He was her cacaphony,
    Long with discord.

    She never liked him,
    Coz she,
    Was a harmonious song,
    And he,
    A loud phrase who got along.

    While he spoke in long paragraphs,
    Explaning his thesis,
    She spoke short sentences,
    Conveying the essence of her subject.

    Their story was a juxtaposition,
    Filled with oxymorons and parody,
    He often spoke in soliloquy and litoties,
    While she used euphamism.

    However, they loved
    The other's presence,
    Coz one completed
    The other's quiescence.

    His chattering was whole
    By her silence.
    Her muteness was filled
    By his words.
    Just like Day and Night.


  • writer_namz 6w

    The dewdrops appear very delightful and gentle; but they also disappear very soon as the sun rises.
    This poem is symbolic to a person who loved much but couldn't keep his promise as he left during difficult times.(noon refers to scorching heat, meaning difficult times.)

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    You wrapped me gently in your love,
    As the dewdrops covered the manna,
    You held me closely to your heart,
    As the dew waters the leaf every morning.
    You caressed me so lovingly,
    As the dew splilling on the ground.
    You kissed me with your fragrance,
    As the leaves moist with dew.
    You held me in your arms so tight,
    As the leaves drop down their dew.
    But alas!
    You disappeared very soon,
    Yes! as the dew invisible at noon.


  • writer_namz 6w


    The black background is symbolic to the dying music.��

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    When the music dies,
    Life expires too,
    The leaves also wither away,
    The day turns all gloom.

    Their soft rustling,
    You can no more hear,
    No! Its not autumn,
    But the leaves fall off soon.

    The sun is no more bright,
    The moon also disappears,
    The stars slowly slip away,
    Into the silence of the gray.

    The gentle strokes of the strings,
    You can hear no more,
    The whistles of the joyous heart,
    Turn into a ringing knell.

    Music is the breath of every being,
    The glee of every soul,
    It is the melody of every heart,
    The Blues of every dying soul.


  • writer_namz 14w

    Poverty is a mindset.
    Not a condition.


  • writer_namz 24w

    Transformation is a painful process. Harder times shape you into a better person.
    Never despise your critics. They bring out your strengths.
    - @writer_namz

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    The Great Transformation

    You said I wasn't beautiful,
    You built my inner strength.
    You mocked when my hands trembled,
    You shaped my confidence.

    You yelled at me for being stubborn,
    You developed in me, endurance.
    You tore up my work pointing the flaws,
    You helped me design those imperfections into a masterpiece.

    You betrayed me by fleeing away,
    You taught me to identify the trustworthy.
    You despised me for getting defeated,
    You encouraged me to bounce back, fight again and emerge victorious.

    You carved scars on my soul with your lies,
    Truth and healing you helped me realize.
    You pushed me away when I was in need,
    You taught me whom to ask for help.

    You laughed when my tears rolled,
    You motivated me to receive joy double.
    You taunted me for being alone,
    You helped me raise an army of my own.

    You criticized me for every good deed,
    Yes, you transformed me into a better creed.


  • writer_namz 24w

    Winter, symbolising hard and difficult times due to covid.

    No food available now, symbolising lack of jobs through which people can earn and provide food for themselves.

    Hiding- homes

    Temperature risen due to covid fever.

    Cold symbolising the intensity of spreading the disease.


    A rhymeless poem, just to convey the social message of protecting our mother earth, so that next time, we would have NO NEED to go into hibernation (lockdown, curfews).

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    A pandemic which hibernated the whole world!
    From a busy daily wager to rich aristocrats,
    It locked everyone in their homes,
    To hibernate.

    It has casted the mighty as well as the lean,
    Into a state of inactivity.
    Schools can no more be run physically.
    Neither offices, nor governments.
    Just remain hibernated.

    To pass the winter,
    They say,
    "Stay home, stay safe,"
    "You have no food available now,"
    Stay hibernated.

    The cold, dreadful fingers of the disease have pushed everyone into their hiding.
    People's body temperature has risen,
    Unlike the usual hibernation.

    It reduces the cold,
    'Just stay at home!'
    But people are frustrated,
    Hibernating at homes.

    Hibernation is a big deal for humans.
    They cannot rest at home,
    They have almost become those lazy animals,
    Staying just at home.

    But have you realised the reason of the illness?
    No it's not something from a far away country!
    It began in our homes.

    Pollution, environmental degradation,
    Overuse of natural resources, deforestation.
    To fulfill our selfish needs,
    We troubled our earth who kept us safely,
    In its arms.

    But have you realised,
    That the trees are so kind.
    You slew them mercilessly,
    Yet they are providing,
    Oxygen, for your survival?


  • writer_namz 24w

    The sacrifices mom makes to ensure we stay happy every moment!
    We are so busy in enjoying our luxuries that we fail to realise and thank the sacrificers (our moms)!
    - realized this on a talk with @inked_selenophile��


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    Nausea made her joyous.
    She was happy the moment she got to know
    That she has to suffer pain for the next 9 months.
    She ate healthy food, so that the baby in her womb could grow healthy, though it didn't taste good.
    She shed tears of joy when she was suffering the most difficult labour pain.
    She was content when she remained awake
    Many nights just to put her crying baby to sleep.

    She became excited when she got to know
    That she had to wake up early every day
    To get her kids ready and send them to school.
    She thanked God for making her lose her job
    So that she could take better care of her kids.

    She was satisfied when she slept hungry,
    So that her children may eat till satiety.
    She smiled when her eyes were sleepy,
    Because she sat up late with her kids for their studies.
    She was worriless when she mortgaged her only Jewellery to fund the higher education of her kids.

    She enjoyed every moment of pain with the hope of her kids getting a better lifestyle.
    All her pain and struggle will vanish from her memory the day her kids will become successful.

    Even though your goal seems tough to achieve,
    Do it for your Mum.
    She has made all sacrifices,
    Just for You.


  • writer_namz 24w


    It began to get dark that evening,
    The moon glistened out of its deep hollow,
    The stars shone forth their twinkle,
    The mysterious night stepped in.

    Silence had cast it's dumb spell,
    The moon stopped yawning,
    The earth stayed in stillness,
    When they heard the rustling,
    Of footsteps in the forest.

    The stars twinkled brighter in awe,
    The night quietened its screeching owls,
    They saw a boy and a girl walking,
    Towards the bench on the shore.

    They both sat down quietly,
    Staring at the sky,
    The moon thought they needed privacy,
    And whispered to its mates to hide.

    The stars quickly disappeared,
    The moon into its hiding,
    The night fell back asleep,
    Making a shutting sound.

    They listened in quietude,
    To hear the visitants whisper,
    But none of them spoke a word,
    They just gazed into the sky.

    Soon it was light,
    The visitants were gone,
    The moon, stars and night had to leave,
    To fulfill their duties the other side.

    Days passed, nights came in,
    Still the mystery was unrevealed,
    Of the silent visitors of the night.

    The night became familiar with them,
    The moon stopped hiding,
    The stars too remained twinkling.

    Until one night, when the visitors came,
    The night was scary,
    The wind blew gustly,
    The trees dwindled roughly,
    The girl, at once, shrieked.

    Soon, the boy hugged her tight,
    Groping her into his arms,
    The girl responded in shyness,
    As she hugged him to overcome her fear.

    The moon smiled in happiness,
    The stars rejoiced over this sweet gesture,
    The night joyously swirled around,
    The wind blew heavier.

    The boy opened his arms now,
    The girl laughed loud,
    However that laughter was silent,
    The night realised they were deaf-mute.

    They were childhood friends,
    Who fell for each other,
    They adored eachother dearly,
    But they were gifted with muteness.

    They loved to sit under the moonlight,
    And feel it's silent presence,
    They visited the sea shore every night,
    Just to cherish eachother's presence.


    Image credits to the rightful owner.

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    They loved to sit under the moonlight,
    And feel it's silent presence,
    They visited the sea shore every night,
    Just to cherish eachother's presence.


  • writer_namz 24w

    A small token of thanks to all those dear people who guided me in my life.

    Lighting up my life,
    You burnt yourself with the heat.
    You stood there to show me light,
    In the dark and lonely night.


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    Lighthouse Shines!

    Thank you dear lighthouse,
    For guiding me through darkness.
    I'm grateful for letting your presence dowse,
    Sparkling forth with kindness.

    You have been my lightship always,
    Leading me through unknown paths,
    Gracious wisdom did you bestow,
    Laying your blissful blessings as laths.

    Torchbearer have you been,
    Showering light in difficult times.
    My weaknesses though you have seen,
    Hid them in darkness, as a man his crimes.

    Graced with love have you ignored,
    The petty offences which my wrongful soul,
    Did against your mighty strength hoard,
    Healing me and my disease whole.

    'Thank you' is a very small word,
    To describe your great act of kindness.
    You shake off memories of the past blurred,
    Bidding goodbye to your visitors with happiness.


  • writer_namz 24w

    The Gravestone of my Friend.
    Waiting for your return!

    These are the two pieces of stone laid on the grave. First the left one, then the right.
    No strength to write RIP (Rest in Peace).
    But can wish you to Return If Possible (RIP).

    A poem for a friend who has left this world (committed suicide) coz he/she cannot live ( is not meant for) this cruel world.

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    Return If Possible

    I lay motionless You left this place,
    That night, I suppose in search of a
    When I heard, better.You broke the
    That you, have Hearts who loved you.
    Left this world, Every day I gaze into,
    Forever. The dark and night
    My heart Skies, searching for
    Skipped a Your soul so merry,
    Beat. It ran Singing melody,
    Out for you With the Stars.
    Searching I know you are
    For your soul Resting, in the
    In the deep. Bosom of the Moon.
    My soul broke My soul yearns for
    Into a million your precious presence.
    Pieces and scattered Sweetheart! Can you
    Into Space. Return If Possible?