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  • write_with_anshu 49w

    True success of life is not whether
    we are in higher positions or we are popular or we earn more wealth.
    But whether we are truly happy
    with the life we are leading and
    we have our people
    to share that happiness with.

  • write_with_anshu 50w

    Love and pain are like conjoined twins
    Where there is love ,there is pain
    And there is pain because there is love...

  • write_with_anshu 50w

    All those tears
    that blurred your vision
    dries up into the sky
    and One day
    comes down as rain
    letting you dance again ...!

  • write_with_anshu 50w

    "I was over that fear , over that challenge."
    " Yes , You were!"
    "Then why did it revert back . Didn't i cross past that , Didn't i heal from that?"
    "Because your
    'Fear to face the fear or a challenge' still remained. If that remain , the chaos of heart and soul prevail.It hits you again and again like waves at the seashore..."

  • write_with_anshu 50w

    Have you ever wondered , why everything that Cinderella got through magic disappeared except the glass shoe? How the shoe could only fit cinderella? Illogical right...!!! Or maybe sometimes when we dive more into the logic and detailing ,
    we lose the flavour of the magic.
    And in life too ,thinking more might sometimes destroy the little charms .
    Just believe in the magic of life
    and live the moment.
    Because Sometimess its needed....!!!!

  • write_with_anshu 51w

    You are not wrong just because
    You are not arguing your point
    You are just
    Choosing peace over mess..!!!

  • write_with_anshu 51w


    I had my pain
    I suffered my bruises
    I walked through a tough road
    So does everyone;
    But what really matters is
    Whether we let our story
    Be an inspiration to share
    Or just
    another epithet of relinquishment
    Don't get it buried in the
    deepest echoes of your heart
    Let it voice out
    as a reminiscence of valour..!!!

    If we need to bleed
    To flourish indeed
    Let it be a 'battle wound'
    and not a weak-kneed blister...!!!

  • write_with_anshu 51w

    Viktor Franklin


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    Of all the freedoms that a person have, the only one freedom that can never be taken off from him is
    "The Freedom of one's attitude in any situation"

  • write_with_anshu 51w

    Judge less , Love more

    Never would the moon shine
    If judged for its spots and craters ;
    Never would the rose blossom
    If made feel guilty for having thorns;
    Never would the rain drop
    If laughed at for falling;
    Then how would one thrive
    If knocked for the imperfections...!!!

  • write_with_anshu 51w

    'Dark'evils spread her way
    Forgetting She is the "Fire"