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  • work2rise 10h

    Sometimes an opportunity does not come until after a loss or a sudden change.


    A Relationship is a choice.

    JMSN - Talk Is Cheap

    ...So don't waste time tryna tell me
    What you think I want to hear
    Talk is cheap
    You got to show me it's real
    'Cause I ain't got time to waste, no
    I don't sleep
    I think you know what the deal is
    So don't you feed that stuff to me
    Talk is cheap."

    Peaches- Make Me

  • work2rise 18h

    "Only true love conquers fear."

    1 John 4:18
    New International Version
    18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear,(A) because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love

  • work2rise 1d

    ALJ: Only what I want to happen, peacefully happens with joy through me .

    © Work2rise Affirmation#531

    Peaches - You Love It

    Peaches- Boys Want To Be Her

    Peaches - How You Like My Cut

  • work2rise 1d

    ALJ: I call in All that I desire with Joy to receive now All that I desire with Joy. #ALJAffirmations#530

    ©work2rise Affirmation#530

  • work2rise 3d

    ALJ: My Joy is a magnet for attracting true and more love into my life. #ALJAffirmations#529

    ©work2rise Affirmation#529

  • work2rise 3d

    We don't know what people are thinking or
    what they're going to do,
    we don't even know what the next day is going to bring and if we are going to be in it.
    Truly, we really don't know anything that is outside of ourselves.

    We're like Marvin Gaye, " What's Going On" ?

    But if we can just take a moment to appreciate, our physical well-being of now, the money in our accounts ,
    the bed ️we can get in, up ⤴️,and out of➡️, and the difference we put into the world when we leave the house ,
    for travel ,
    for a visit ,
    for shopping ️,
    for entertainment ♦️♠️ ,
    for love ,
    School ,
    or a day at work ️.

    Instead of being emotionally governed or overtaken by people and events that are outside of ourselves or control. We should instead gather our focus into being positively appreciative of ourselves in being self driven and aware about the control we have over ourselves and wellbeing.

  • work2rise 3d

    ALJ: Today my joy is the result of my happiness in action. #ALJAffirmations#528

    ©work2rise Affirmation#528

  • work2rise 4d

    "Remember that anything that works doesn't require any force or effort."


  • work2rise 4d

    "Some people usually find comfort running from what they don't know, because to them, it's better to be protected from the truth than vulnerable to it ."

    © Work2rise


    When this month comes to an end, I know for certain that I will not be going into a New Year with expectations, experiences or feelings that were left unfinished or unfulfilled from 2021. I've had enough time feeling emotionally confused, stuck, withdrawn. Importantly, I won't be emotionally confusing a friendship for something physical. Curiosities were always present but I guess the desire for risk and vulnerablity remains absent. Yet, I'll be going, in to *2022* with the expectations of treating all things as they are.


    Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find

    Lou Rawls - Saint James Infirmary

  • work2rise 5d

    ALJ: I choose joy to feel and do better.

    © Work2rise

    Whatever you express will always be reflected back to you.