Andrea L. Johnson: Reading&Writing Keeps Me Consciously Inspired And Connected To The World Around Me.

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  • work2rise 5h

    ALJ: Affirmation: Joyfully Kind

    ALJ:My joy promotes beauty and kindness in the world.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #321 Affirmation #321

  • work2rise 1d

    You can not make anyone be who they are not suppose to be.



    I am solid and reliable , I am not a fickle person. And I don't expect much different than what I give . And will never force or wait on anyone to do right or stand by me, if its not in them.

    Saweetie ft Lourdiz - Back Seat

    Erica Banks - Back

    Yella Bezzy feat Erica Banks- Star

  • work2rise 1d

    ALJ: Affirmation: Grateful With Joy

    ALJ: I am grateful for the joy that I have in my life right now.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #320 Day #320

    Attraction will make you behave in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and the company you keep.

    The Sacred Souls - Weak For Your Love

  • work2rise 1d

    ALJ: Affirmation: Joyfully generous

    ALJ: With joy I am able to live Generously and give joyfully.
    ©work2rise Affirmation #319 Day#319

  • work2rise 2d

    Desperateness is more of a burden on other people than it is on the person who has knowingly placed themselves in a desperate predicament or situation .


  • work2rise 3d

    Sometimes you don't always need to overcome to have joy , sometimes you got to use joy (faith)to overcome your experiences with joy and victory.


    When interests are mutual, whether romantically or physically, both must consider if they have chemistry together, or just share an attraction for each other.

  • work2rise 3d

    ALJ: Affirmation: With Joy I Can Overcome be Anything

    ALJ: Out of times of difficulty and loss, I can always count on joy to move me forward anyway.


    ©work2rise Affirmation #318 Day #318

    Sometimes you don't always need to overcome to have joy , sometimes you got to use joy (faith)to overcome your experiences with joy and victory.

    Alice Smith covers Jeff Buckley - Lover, you Should've Come Over ( YouTube)

    "Verse 2

    Broken down and hungry for your love
    With no way to feed it
    Where are you tonight, child
    You know how much I need it
    Too young to hold on
    And too old to just break free and run "

    The Internet - Special Affair

  • work2rise 3d

    ALJ: Affirmation : Joyfully Able

    ALJ: With Joy I , I joyfully have the desire and the capacity to do all things with Love.

    ©work2rise Affirmation # 317 Day 317

    Krizz Kaliko - Beautiful You Are

    Something For The People - My Love Is The Shhh!

  • work2rise 4d

    ALJ: Affirmation: My Joy Is Right For Me

    ALJ: Every decision that I make is joyfully right for me.

    ©work2rise Affirmation # 316 Day #316

    Case ft Foxy Brown - Touch Me Tease Me

    "Touch me, tease me, feel me and caress me
    Hold on tight and don't let go
    Baby I'm about to explode
    'Cause all my love you can control"


    I am a joyful person , and often come across people that are joyfully attracted to my personality as well as my physical attributes. It's great to be liked, but if I am not attracted, or interested I will remain polite, but will not attach. I might even withdraw, just to establish personal boundaries. And because I respect a person's right to what they like or don't, I will not pursue anyone whose uninterested . I know that I am very selective, but what often gets me excited (stimulated) is playfulness! It's nothing like sharing my time with someone whose creatively playful , attractive and witty with teasing me (stimulating) all day, everyday!

    #PlayfullnessIsAttractive #TeaseMe

  • work2rise 6d

    ALJ: I am Confidently Joyful

    ALJ: Today , I know that I can get all things done with joy and confidence.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #315 Day #315


    I never spend any time telling another what I need to do because if its something that I need in my life or want to get, I make it no one else's responsibility but my own, because I usually get it done (quietly) myself.

    Meg Myers- Desire

    Janelle Monae - Take a byte

    Ella Varner - Sound Proof Room