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  • wordsnippet_girl 6h

    My Tricenarian Learnings

    I'm learning to live one day at a time
    I've realized that worrying for the days
    that didn't even come yet will cause me
    to miss what I should appreciate
    at the moment.

    I'm learning to never impose my presence
    on those people who don't want me in
    their lives. Some people are not just
    really meant to be a part of our circle.

    I'm learning that when something/someone
    is truly meant for you, no sorrow is added
    to it and joy will fill your heart.

    Lastly, I'm learning that when we trust God
    in every season of our lives, we are never
    late in our time tables in whatever we are
    trying to achieve. God's time is always a perfect time.


  • wordsnippet_girl 1d


    Are pathways created
    to teach us a moment
    of appreciating solitude,
    self-worth, and realizations
    that some of the best things
    are better off when we're alone.

  • wordsnippet_girl 2d

    #metaphor #wod #miraquillchallengeoftheday
    Metaphor used for this challenge is laugh in the sea of sadness

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    In the tough waves of
    incessant abandonment
    and rejection,
    she refused to drown
    and learned how
    to avenge herself by
    having a good laugh
    in the sea of sadness!

  • wordsnippet_girl 3d

    Inspired from the song Vincent(Starry, Starry Night) by Don McLean#art #wod #miraquillchallengeoftheday

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    Vincent Upclose: In the Eyes of a Starry, Starry Night

    One sad man,
    many failed to understand,
    as life turned to him unkind,
    many must have heard
    what he's trying to say,
    but none of them listened and stayed,
    letting Vincent go away,
    lost in his palette of blue and gray,
    not knowing hope will dim one day,
    that made him took his life away.

  • wordsnippet_girl 4d

    Never dare to play pretense with the ones who know the truth better than you do!


  • wordsnippet_girl 4d

    Freedom in Acceptance

    In every circumstance, whether good or bad,
    whether things are going our way or not,
    acceptance is what will set us free from all
    the burden that comes along with it.

  • wordsnippet_girl 4d

    The Voice of Wisdom

    It breaks my heart for real,
    as I wonder why I had to feel,
    life's unfair ordeal,
    the pain, the hurt, it stings,
    a tear is only what it knows to bring,
    too much to handle that
    the only way out is to scream!

    Yet, there's this voice inside me,
    trying to talk in some way,
    "Hold your peace, choose
    sanity and sobriety, this choice
    has the power to spare you
    from further misery and will
    always lead you in the right way."

    And I said, "Who are you? Why do you seem to know?"
    The voice replied, "I am wisdom, hear me, and follow my ways, and many days you shall see, ahead of you!"

  • wordsnippet_girl 5d

    Little butterfly,
    Seize the moment in every fly,
    Let not anything pass you by,
    For your beauty is meant to
    be seen by every looking eye!

  • wordsnippet_girl 1w

    Writersbay Challenge of the Day #foodc #writersbay

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    Confessions of Love Between a Candy Lip and a Bubble Gum Tongue

    I hope that my candy lips
    won't fail me as I aim to
    declare my love for you,
    out from my chocolate fountain heart,
    As it overflows, I hope you feel
    the same way too!

    Don't fret and be afraid my love,
    Just say what you want to say,
    My bubble gum tongue can't
    wait to savor and feel the
    sweetness of your words,
    'cause deep down in my lollipop heart,
    your love is kept for eternity,
    even if we melt shortly,
    thereafter in time!

  • wordsnippet_girl 1w

    Miraquill Challenge of the Day #journal #wod

    Two is to expect to get the same level of intensity and effort from others.
    Each and everyone of us have different levels of understanding and capacity. We cannot invalidate the worth and the best of others by our lack of contentment
    and appreciation for what they do to us in return. The more we are thankful for others, the more we are blessed with their acts of kindness.

    Three is to give up easily without even trying.

    Being courageous and bold for something I want to do is what I just learned to do recently. Before I was fearful and ready to give up even if I know within myself that I am capable of doing something. Thankfully, I am surrounded with people who believed in me, and pushed me to do what I love which led me to where I am today, restored to my passion for writing and going forward in reaching my dreams as a successful writer someday.

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    The Mistakes I've Learned the Hard Way

    Mistakes make or break you as some of us would say.
    As human as we are, we all have our fair share of story.
    Out of all the many that I've committed, I'd like to tell the ones I've learned the hard way.

    One is to let the opinion of others define my perspective about myself. I forgot that I am my own identity, and how to make it a significant one is up to me. Growing up, I was struggling with acceptance and belongingness especially outside the four corners of my home and family as the society is not yet so open and accepting about people with disability. I received discrimination than understanding for most of the time that is why their "opinion" matter a lot which I realized later on, that it limited me to my potential, my courage, and my appreciation towards myself, which should not be the case because no one can play and live my life better than me. Accepting ourselves for who we are, unlocks the key to brighter and greater things to unfold in our lives.

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