I can be the sweetest or the meanest person, depends on how you treat me ☺️��

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  • wordsmith_ashi 1w

    कुछ गुनाहों की कोई माफी नहीं होती,
    माफ न करना कोई नाइंसाफी नहीं होती ।

  • wordsmith_ashi 1w

    खुश तो बहुत होंगे वो
    खुश तो बहुत होंगे वो आज मेरा दिल दुखा कर,
    आया है इस धरती पर जो
    आया है इस धरती पर जो वो जाएगा अपने कर्मों के फल पा कर ।

  • wordsmith_ashi 3w

    झूटों की दुनिया में सच ढूंढने चली थी मैं
    समझ न आया बेवकूफ थी या भोली थी मैं ।

  • wordsmith_ashi 14w

    Remember this rule of life.

    People these days have
    forgotten this little and
    important rule of life
    which is - "what you
    give to others is what
    you will be receiving
    from others."

    Life is all about the
    simple concept of
    "what goes around,
    comes around."

    If you treat people
    nicely, you are going
    to be treated good as

    If you are always rude
    with everyone then don't
    expect to be treated in
    a good way cause you
    don't deserve it.

    If you show arrogance,
    then keep this thing in
    mind, you too are going
    to be given it in return.

    "Everyone is going to
    give you the taste of
    your own medicine",
    so rather than being
    unkind, choose to be

    This rule is not only
    to be applied on
    human beings but
    also on animals.

    If you cannot love
    an animal,don't hurt
    it either, better stay

    Keep life simple and
    make the world a
    better place for all
    to live. ✨


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    What goes around comes around,
    so remember to be good always.

  • wordsmith_ashi 15w

    Optimism is the key to happiness.

    Life these days is
    a bit HARD, some may
    feel shattered while
    others may feel SCARRED.

    With situations like this
    we need to DEAL and
    give some time to
    ourselves to HEAL.

    When time is wrong our
    mind gets driven off by
    NEGATIVITY when all
    that it needs is a dose

    We all get trapped
    in PESSIMISM and it
    gets hard to push ourselves
    towards OPTIMISM.

    Good thoughts and positive
    affirmations is all that your
    brain NEEDS and if you fail
    to do so then negativity FEEDS.

    Once it takes control of your
    MIND, a solution to your
    problem you won't be able
    to FIND.

    So my friend always remember
    to get out of the deadly river
    of NEGATIVITY and give some
    space for the flow of the currents
    of POSITIVITY. ✨


    #mythoughts #mywritings #dilkibaatein #writersbay @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @the_alchemiist

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    Don't let negativity take control of your mind.

  • wordsmith_ashi 15w

    Learn to let go.

    Problems....a term
    we all are aware of
    and nobody likes to
    have it in their lives.

    So what are problems ?
    A problem is something
    which bothers us a lot,
    it may be physical, mental,
    financial or emotional.

    Life can never be smooth
    and full of sweetness, a
    little roughness and
    bitterness is also a part
    of the journey of life.

    If lives were free of all
    problems, the very essence
    of it would have been lost

    On one hand where problems
    bother us, on the other hand
    the same problems teach us
    to deal with unexpected
    situations which directly gives
    us the power and knowledge
    to fight even the toughest of

    Instead of holding onto your
    problems and frustrating
    yourself either fix it if you can
    and if it is not fixable then
    "learn to LET GO."

    Life should never be made
    complicated, keep it as
    simple as possible and try
    to stay happy. ✨


    #mythoughts #mywritings #dilkibaatein #writersbay @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @the_alchemiist

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    Let your problems vanish like smoke.

  • wordsmith_ashi 15w

    Love shall always be pure. ❤️

    Love...an emotion we
    all are aware of, not
    everyone must have
    experienced it but
    many of us must have.

    Love is a very pure
    emotion which is know
    being made impure and
    corrupted by many people.

    I related love here to a bird
    as like a bird feels light and
    can fly high in the sky,
    similarly a person in love
    feels light, happy and free
    to fly and see the beauty of

    Now what is important in
    love is - "trust". As a bird
    cannot fly with a broken
    wing in the same manner
    the bird of love cannot
    fly without it's "wings of

    If trust is once broken
    in a relationship, the
    things can never be the
    same, suppose a wing
    of a bird is broken it will
    take time to heal and for
    the bird to take flight like
    it did before it was broken.

    Love is pure and fragile,
    this shall always be kept
    in mind. Never let the
    wings of your bird break
    cause if a wing is once
    broken the bird will
    definitely suffer. ✨

    #mythoughts #mywritings #dilkibaatein #writersbay @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @the_alchemiist

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    Love is like a bird with wings made up of trust.

  • wordsmith_ashi 16w

    Be thankful for everything.

    Life is something
    which we all should
    feel blessed to have.

    Not everyone has the
    same kind of things
    and situations in their

    Every person is different
    and so is their life. We
    usually start comparing
    ourselves and our life
    with that of others and
    that's where we go wrong.

    We may like what someone
    else has cause "the grass
    always looks greener on the
    other side" but we can only
    see what others have, we
    cannot experience it, what
    may feel to be something
    wonderful and exciting to
    us, the same thing may not
    be giving happiness to the
    person it belongs to.

    Instead of comparing, be
    happy in what you have
    and start appreciating it.
    Always remember to be
    thankful and to feel
    blessed for all that you
    have cause there are many
    people who don't even have
    the basic needs of life.

    Be happy always. ✨

    #mythoughts #mywritings #dilkibaatein #writersbay @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @the_alchemiist

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    Always feel blessed that you lived another day.

  • wordsmith_ashi 16w

    Being different is necessary.

    Life is always not
    about following
    what others do.

    Many people just
    blindly start to
    follow what the
    others say or do.

    We should always
    know how to decide
    things for ourselves.

    We all are not the
    same cause what
    may seem to be a
    "rose" to someone,
    the same thing may
    be a "thorn" for
    some other person.

    Learn to see things
    for yourself and then
    decide what is and
    what isn't good for

    Be strong enough
    to make your own
    decisions and dare
    to be different from
    everyone else. ✨

    #mythoughts #mywritings #dilkibaatein #writersbay @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @the_alchemiist

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    Dare to see and be different.

  • wordsmith_ashi 16w

    If you treat me right
    I am never gonna fight,
    If you treat me wrong
    I'll turn your life into a sad song.