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  • wordosaurus_ 88w

    Dandelions on their grave

    While I was walking past the creepy building, I felt like someone was following me. I could feel the presence in the thin air. I could feel it in my bones that it was not someone I knew! As I was steadily figuring that out, I smelt rotten meat... My heart was racing like a roller coaster. Its the third day in a row that this has happened to me after we moved in to our new home at Nimtali of Puran Dhaka. We live in a decent house with fancy color . It has spacious rooms but surrounded by other building so, less air and light which is a big con. So, I went out of the house during afternoon the first day we arrived here to know the neighborhood properly. And that is when I came across this creepy building precariously standing amid wastes. There was no other house at least a 100 meter near to it. I was adventurous since childhood and such type of exploring always enchanted me. I was happy that i finally got a chance to quench my thirst. But the problem started the moment I entered through the wrought iron gate. The environment was not at all welcoming. A stale air brew inside the house and everything was covered in dust and spider webs. But when i set my foot on the doorstep of the house I sensed that someone was standing behind me. I bent my head to see but there was none. And the house had an enigmatic aura that frightens you, makes you nervous just at the sight of it. For the last three days I ran away with all my strength just from the doorstep. But today I have mustered enough courage to explore the building. I have brought pepper spray, a water bottle, a torch and of course a cell -phone for safety. It'd have been better if I brought along a friend. And then when I set my foot on the staircase in front of the front door....that same feeling...of being watched. And now the rotten smell . But I am prepared I cant back now. I walked front and turned the cold rusted doorknob. I went inside and found myself in a living room. There was nothing special except...everything was black as if...a disastrous fire had raged the place. And then it clicked ...how could I miss it! The fire of Nimtali in 2010 which claimed 124 lives and mom warned me! That there WAS a creepy house nearby which was badly affected by the fire. I tried to run. But my feet were still as if an invisible force has stupefied me. I slowly take out my cell phone and like all the cliche horror stories the network had to be gone at this time! I knew I have to run somehow but there is also this wild attraction to discover the place a bit more. So, I walked forward towards the bedroom. It was in the least devastated shape. The bed sheets werent fully burnt and the natural scenery of the sky was still visible. And there was a table beside the bed on which a newspaper. I wonder how has this remained untouched by the fire. I lift the newspaper ad gazed towards the headline "FIRE RAVAGES NIMTALI". The starting goes like how 124 people has been burnt to death due this fire . I was reading and one paragraph caught my eye. It stated that in a home in 63/C a gaaye holud was taking place where ten people have lost their lives including the couples who were to be married soon and a 5 year old boy. I calculate in my mind.Our house is 53/C ten houses north to this house and this means.....This was the house! I can't think of anything else. I run as fast as I could. My feet were as heavy as boulders yet I galloped my way towards the door. I turned it but alas! The door was jammed! I kicked it several times. I could hear creepy voices in my head. And finally! The door opened and I rushed outside. The northern zephyr hit my face. I was sweating vehemently . The western sky was tinged with red as the sun has set. The red hue paired with the darkness created an eerie atmospere. When I was about to go out through the door some shapes in the soil catches my eye. I go near them. I recognize the shapes instantly. They were graves! I count the shapes. Yes! 10 graves. It was mentioned in the newspaper the vicims were buried beside the burnt house. And then a cool zephyr started blowing from the direction of those graves. With the zephyr the feathers of the Dandelions that grew on the graves glided and some came to me and rested on my shoulder. The call for Maghrib prayer could be heard from a distant and along with it....a whisper....GO AWAY it said.....

  • wordosaurus_ 88w

    Dandelions on your grave

    It was a beautiful summer afternoon. The golden rays of the setting sun was sneaking into the small chamber through the interstices of an old rustic door. The soft glowing darkness paired with the bright golden hue of the twilight created an enigmatic atmosphere. The air was humid and choked with the freshly painted walls. There was not much aristocracy about the room except for the fact that everything inside it was totally new. Everything including the girl that precariously sat at the edge of the bed was new. The kajal of her eyes was smothered on her cheeks as a result of constant weeping and her eyes swollen for constant shedding of tears. Tiara was occupied with disastrous thoughts, making out the most unwanted predictions throughout her mind constantly. Its been only a month since she walked down the aisle with the love of her life, Tahmid. They knew each other since childhood. Tiara and Tahmid were the best of the friends in the whole neighborhood and they have been successful enough to let their solid friendship bloom into a more intimate relationship that asks for nothing but love. Tahmid was a bright student since his childhood whose only ambition was to be a doctor like his father. Tiara was always in his support ,his mental strength during the hardest time of his life when Tahmid lost his idol;his dad. And now Tahmid is a proud doctor who has freshly graduated a pulmonologist from Dhaka Medical College. Tahmid and Tiara decided to marry at the advent of this summer and everything was perfect. Little did Tiara know that this divine happiness is just the start of terrifying woes. Just after a week of their marriage Tahmid received a phone call from the hospital and he was ordered to be present in the hospital within 2 hours. Tiara was furious reasonably as her husband is on a vacation of 1 month because of their marriage and yet he has been summoned without giving any information as to why. Well, Tiara has heard in the news channels that a contagious virus named Corona has gripped the world and now it has found its way in Bangladesh too. She dreaded this because deep inside she knew right away that her husband would be summoned sooner or later. And when Tahmid walked out of the house kissing Tiara on the cheek, she knew right away that he was gone for a long time. It felt as if suddenly someone who made Tiara's life lucid with sweetest dreams suddenly ceased the spell and rather casted a curse. Days go by and the new virus slowly takes over the throne in the news as all the districts become infected with it. The death toll is rising and the whole country is in an invisible shackle. Tiara spends her days crying and the night thinking. Tahmid calls every two days and hangs up saying that he is absolutely okay and he loves her a lot. Tiara satisfies her with those false consolations everyday. Many relatives call and express their sorrow,some boast how they are so proud her husband and others just instigate her dreads by telling various types of terrifying news. Everytime she notices a news of a doctor being effected with Corona her heart ceases beats. Tiara goes to sleep weeping and wakes up with a jolt seeing nightmares. One day Tahmid calls and talks for hours. He says how he is so happy in his hospital.He narrates everything how everyday hundreds of patients infected with that virus pour in with the hope of getting well. And how Tahmid and his other colleagues treat them to recover. And when they leave with a wide smile, with the happiness of being fit and fine it fills Tahmid with divine happiness. But Tahmid also says that there are sad moments too when they lost someone forever after treating him then the wails of his family members haunt him. Its a really unhappy death Tahmid says. None of your closest persons can go near you,touch your skin,cry over your cold chest for one last time.And then he hung up saying how much he loves Tiara and how he missed being close to her. Tiara burst to tears as soon as he hung up she was fighting with them till now because she didn't want Tahmid to see that his wife is crying that would derail him too from his work. After all who is she to ask Tahmid to come back to his wife leaving all these infected people behind. She blushed at her own selfishness. But she couldn't resist herself from dreaming how they would restart their lovely journey again once this quarantine ens and all those things become normal again.

    Its been 6 days since the last phone call of Tahmid. Anxiety and insomnia has eaten half of Tiaras weight . Even old Kameez which fit her tight are now fitting loosely on her. Today Tiara is a bit more anxious, everywhere s is eyeing she is only seeing bad omen. She has spilled the milk in the morning and has seen a lone Shaalik bird. And now she is even more anxious. Just before noon the phone rings and Tiara rushes to hold it. An unknown voice gives her the most terrifying news of her life. Tahmid has been identified as corona-positive and now he is in a critical condition. Tiara asked the man who he was and then the man said he was Wasim, a good friend and a colleague of Tahmid. Wasim promised Tiara to give updates of Tahmid everyday.
    As days passed by Tiara became more weak and numb. She spoke little and vacantly stared outside at the empty highway. When everyone is locked inside their homes death is lurking outside. He has been the busiest guy lately. Just before Maghrib prayer Tahmid becomes another victim of eternal death. His death is being highlighted in the news channels as the first death of a doctor amid this pandemic in the country. Everyone's expressing their sorrows and respect that he was no less than a warrior who saved thousands from the clutch of death and sacrificed himself in the process. Tiara didn't speak when she heard the news. After midnight when everything eerily silent, her wails reaped through the sky. The street dogs howled with her wails.

    Tahmid has been buried in his hometown with all due respect. Many villagers gathered ,some out of curiosity,some to protest that they won't let it. The officials restrained the villagers somehow and accomplished the burial.

    Its been two long months since Tahmid breathed his last. Tiara has gone through the darkest phase of her life in this two months. Many of the relatives blame her for such misfortune and others just look up to her with pity. In this two months Tiara's age has increased at least 20 years. The bones sticking out of her skin, dark circles under her eyes all declare the severe mal nutrition she has been suffering. It seems as if she is torturing herself for something she was never responsible. And after four long months Tiara now stands closest to Tahmid as close as she could get. On her frail hands there's a bouquet of red roses, Tahmid's favourite. She stares down at the long dome of soil. Tears and the scorching summer heat hurt her eyes. And then a cool zephyr blows from Tahmids direction that vaporizes the tears of Tiara. With the zephyr the feathers of the dandelion on his grave flies aimlessly and rests on Tiara's Aachal.

  • wordosaurus_ 95w

    Dedicated to a very special person:).Do share your feedbacks:)And do let me know if mistakes are there.Thank you^_^

    #ceesreposts @john_solomon @silent_thinker_farha @therockingray @vyshna_rk @writersnetwork

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    Reminiscents of an Afternoon Tale

    The afternoons of summer we spent_
    basking in the twilight together-
    and holding each others hands.
    The sweet fragrance of your raven hair
    swaying in the northern zephyr
    hazed my mind with coruscant reveries.

    You sparkled with a golden hue,
    when the sunrays melted in your roseate skin,
    overwhelming my eyes with iridescent phosphenes.
    The chorus of the beats of your heart-
    blessed my ears as if the symphonies of Mozart.

    In one such summer afternoon
    I saw sunset in your eyes-
    and found solace in your sighs.
    I discovered happiness in your lips-
    and sorrow in your tears.

    In one such summer afternoon,
    I was flooded with emotions unknown,
    when I kissed your velvety lips,
    and then the earth stood still-
    while my heart,raged an apocalypse.

  • wordosaurus_ 96w

    Its been a long time.AND I MISSED THIS FAMILY LIKE HELL!Though we are having bad times.But Inshallah we will fight out unitedly.Guys,stay at home,wash your hands and BE SAFE:).Many people in our country are being denied of proper medication without testing whether he is corona affected or not.As a result,we have lost three innocent souls already because of careless medication of the doctors.May their souls rest in peace.Those who survived corona are receiving humiliation instead of care .Such mentality is heinous.So, please,let humanity prevail,above all religion race and caste.BECAUSE TOGETHER WE CAN!Thank you all.Happy reading:)

    #cees_reposts @john_solomon @silent_thinker_farha @therockingray @tin_and_tantalum @ericwk

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    Confessions of a Corona Victim

    As I try to inhale-
    for some ounces of air in my lungs so frail,
    the whole world seems-
    to collapse on my ribs.
    the greed of my lungs is not sufficed.
    What more does it want!
    What more will it snatch from me!
    How many times will i be burnt-
    for this catastrophe!
    I have been denied from my beloveds,
    My own brothers have turned their backs on me!
    My family has estranged me.
    I try to gasp,
    for air or to wail.
    I cant even cry in this goddamned cell!
    My eyes are tired of seeing the same grey walls everyday.
    I know,soon enough I will die.
    Even if i live,
    I will survive accumulating the hatreds thrown by people around me,
    as if I were responsible!

    Even if I have to die,
    I have no regrets,
    For living in this world where humanity is void,
    is much worse than living with a virus in your lungs.

  • wordosaurus_ 127w

    A random poem on a lover's midnight.Do share your precious thoughts and reviews.Lovingly yours Raiyan Eshan.��❤

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    Midnight Dreams

    You're my indolent reveries,my silent hymns.
    Everyday I picture you in my midnight dreams.
    The more I imagine,
    The more I drown-
    in this quicksand of love without seams.
    Your enchanting smile
    Your magical giggles
    Your innocent eyes
    And those beautiful dimples,
    wreathes my heart with the wreath of love.
    Oh!How divine it feels,
    Words can't tell.
    With infinite love,my world she fills,
    weaving the magical tale-
    of my midnight dreams,
    with her infinite mellifluous hymns.

  • wordosaurus_ 127w

    Tried hard again to write a pleiades poem.Don't know how I did.Do share your precious reviews and do let me know if mistakes are made.Lovingly yours #eshan��❤

    #ceesreposts @john_solomon @writerstolli
    @silent_thinker_farha �� @the_rocking_ray @ericwk @snehawrites @the_bleeding_heart @tin_and_tantalum

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    The Withered Love

    Wraiths of those times we spent;
    wreathed by our faulty love.Now
    wrenches my heart wreaked with the
    wraths of your hatred.Yet
    wreaths you shall find everyday,
    wrapped around your door from me
    (I still love you)

  • wordosaurus_ 128w

    Tried a poem on nature��.Do let me know how it was and do share your precious opinions❤

    #ceesreposts @john_solomon @laughing_soul @writerstolli @the_rocking_ray @kosachaya @ggggg21 @tin_and_tantalum

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    The Fireflies

    As the eternal sun vanished to the west,
    Voluminous darkness engulfed the whole forest.
    And soon the nocturnal predators appeared from their burrows;
    their shadows casting enigmatically on the soil under the luminous moon.
    The crickets appeared too boisterously to perform their melodious choir.
    And as the purple evening advanced to dark night,
    the polka dots of fire appeared in swarms,
    And the stars and the fireflies mingled together to create nature's most beautiful scenario.
    As if polka dots of ice mingled with the balls of fire.
    The whole forest came to a halt,
    awed by the beauty of the nature.
    And the fireflies kept enchanting the forest with their continuous luminating sparkle of yellow,
    If sky has the stars.
    Earth has its fireflies.

  • wordosaurus_ 129w


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    When she smiles,
    with her lips pressed together like a crescent moon,
    putting two dimples on her blushed cheeks,
    she becomes the most beautiful girl to me.

    When she giggles,
    exposing her teeth,whiter than the diamonds, arranged cutely like that of a rabbit,
    showering sparkles of joy with that soft tune.
    She becomes the most beautiful girl to me.

    And when she cries,
    her warm tear drops rolling through her reddened puffed cheeks.
    her silky hairs in a mess.
    She becomes the most beautiful girl to me.

    Every action of hers make me fall in love with her in a way.
    For she is most beautiful girl to me.❤

  • wordosaurus_ 129w

    To the one I love.☺❤

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    Sparkles on Her Lips

    "Will I be able to find you there when I travel past the horizon?" Searah asked out of the blue while gazing at the sky.
    "What do you mean?" Shane asked with a confused tone and a serious expression."Umm.Well,nothing serious actually.Its just a thought.I mean....a really stupid thought.Let's just....leave it.Its so stupid", Searah giggled.Star dusts sparkled with her giggles, Shane thought."Well, I find your stupid things really amusing.So, please continue.I insist"."Actually, its just that.....My mom once told me when I were a kid that if you keep walking.....like walk,walk,walk......then one day you will get past the horizon and step into a new world,I mean a completely different world where everything will be different from our world.I mean I wont find anything familiar there;you,dad,mom,adriya and stuffs.So, I was just thinking what would I do if I didn't find you there ",Searah finished in a breath."Well,you really think I'm just gonna let you go there? All by yourself?Sorry,You will be under my supervision"."I knew you are gonna say that",a smile of comfort flickered through her lips.Searah turned her gaze away from Shane and fixed deep black eyes on the deep black star studded sky.The sky reflected on her eyes and her eyes were like a miniature version of the star studded night sky.But Shane kept her gaze on Searah's silhouette against the dark of the sky."What are you looking at so attentively?"."The brightest star in the sky tonight",Shane smiled casually as he said.Searah blushed.She could sense Shane turning his gaze at the sky again."The sky is so beautiful today".Shane locked his fingers with Searah's.
    And as the night passes on, they kept lying over the soft meadows gazing at the stars.Or were the stars gazing at them?.Only God knows.

    Later at dawn Shane woke up as the sky fired up in the east.And in his lips, her taste trickled.She tasted like caramel and white chocolate.He could sense the sparkles of her lipstick smothered in his lips.A smile flickered thru' his lips.Now he has to wait another day to get her glimpse again.For the fairies arrive at night only.

  • wordosaurus_ 132w


    I never wrote sorrows in my diary
    But since the day you started fading away from my memory-
    i soaked every page with tears from my eyes.
    But did you ever answer to my cries?

    I still search for you in the dark
    Don't you know around you the hyenas lurk?
    Someday,I know that,there will be an end to this test
    And that you will come back rushing to my chest-
    screaming for help against their sharp claws.
    And I know that I will forget all your flaws
    protecting you with all my might against their jaws.
    I don't care even if I have to die
    At least on your lap then my numb body would lie.

    For you everyday,
    I write letters to the stars-
    soaked in tears;fading like scars.
    I craft your face on the moon-
    Hoping that you will come back soon.

    I still recall every bit of those memory we shared together
    spending sleepless nights,lying on the meadow,looking for a shooting star.
    Or the kisses we kissed in the summer-
    clutching our hands under that Sycamore shade.
    They are nothing but pieces of an untreated scar.

    Without you I have suffered enough pain.
    Still I hope that we will meet again-
    some other time.