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  • withloveglee 145w

    I want to go back to my sleep
    Have you lying next to me
    Listening to your calming voice
    Playing with your thick hair
    With your skin lighting up the room.
    I love how you glow when you smile
    I hate how you are mine only in my dreams

  • withloveglee 146w


    Wish I had the chance
    To hold your hand and
    Wrap you in my arms
    Adore your being
    At least once, rest in your chest and
    Listen to your heart beat.

    How I wish I had stood in front of you
    And stare in your eyes with courage

    Maybe we could have known each other
    Fell & loved each other
    Embraced one another.

    All I could was wish we forever be in each other's hearts.

  • withloveglee 159w

    I've seen so much greatness in the world to settle
    like dust

  • withloveglee 171w

    Yehovah ukahle

  • withloveglee 173w

    Spiritual Journey

  • withloveglee 173w

    The word Vs the world

    "The Lord is my shepherd
    What shall I fear"
    But deep down
    You're anxious
    You fear you won't make it
    "Jesus is the
    Pillar of my strength"
    Yet you are weak!
    You are breaking down
    "The lord is my light
    And salvation"
    However she is drowning
    in depression
    Living darkness.
    "I will never leave nor forsake you"
    But she is going through it all alone.
    Because everything was made through you,
    Through you may she see the light

  • withloveglee 173w

    Dear Child

    I know your wish is to dry your mama's tear
    yet you are drowning in your own.

    Be courageous & firm knowing that
    tough times don't last but tough people do.

    You will conquer ✊


  • withloveglee 179w

    We're Queens

    I deny the modern description of a girl.
    Sexy yellow bone with a MF hot ass
    Juicy lips with FMN eyes.
    Pretty girl's innocence stolen because of her beautiful appearance.

    I deny today's description of a young lady
    A crazy baby mama if not a slay queen !
    Queens called hoes because of one mistake
    This one night at some club.
    All started with flirts with one guy,
    One bottle of wine that lead to a one night stand which ended with broken heart.

    I deny the reality of being a woman.
    A poor slaved wife that bears the pain
    Carry the burden.
    Build a man.
    Raise children.
    Yet she is raped,
    She's beaten & insulted
    All in the name of love...

    I reject this concept of being a woman.


  • withloveglee 179w


    Maybe I will wait by the seashore
    For you to come back for me
    For you to whisper in my ears
    The tale I have heard for decades
    The tale that sounds like healing when coming from you.

    Maybe I will burn to ashes
    Because I can not stand the heat of you not being here.
    Why did we meet if we were not meant to be
    Is that all you can offer but me?
    Tears, chest pains and a heartache?

    Maybe I will jump off the cliff
    Because how can I climb all the way up if you won't be there to stand with me
    Why should I even want to be the best if you are not my better half.

    Maybe you will remember us
    I hope you want to come back
    Because I miss you
    I want you
    I wanna hold hands again
    Look into your beautiful eyes

    Maybe I will forget you
    Just maybe ....

  • withloveglee 205w

    It's time to
    ACT UP !!!