Poems are my voice.

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  • winter_writer 19w

    Period The End

    Is it fear or safety
    To hide behind my words
    My thoughts in phrases
    My cowardice in my heart
    A soul ending more times in stories
    No more rhymes
    No more pencil
    Creativeness is divine for the soul with fire
    My point breaking
    No matter how many times I sharpen it
    A simple end to a simple life.

  • winter_writer 19w

    Nearly Gone

    You can say I am nearly gone
    I am there but somehow not
    The more I give and give
    The more I am nothing
    I am a beaten path
    Nothing new or fresh
    I have been worn
    No stitches from being torn
    Nobody to help thread what is left
    I am practically gone
    It is so hard to stand the weather
    The storm blowing through
    It is easy to stand
    Dare I take a step
    If I say leave me be
    Will you come rescue me


  • winter_writer 26w

    The warrior of change
    Those who march through survival
    To be the fittest to live through the times
    But not to incur the times of change
    Who will I be
    The warrior of change
    Or the soldier of survival


  • winter_writer 26w

    Unseen Through The Seen

    I have been seen
    At the other end of the spy glass
    Do not let the opposite be foggy


  • winter_writer 26w

    Be Where Non Existence Dwells

    Dive into a world of mystery
    From arts to a whole flock of pages
    Grab a page and fall into that world
    Soar through the lines and between the seams
    From the depths of the paragraph
    To the edge of the sentence
    Let it show you a world in which chains are figurative
    Create a universe that didn’t exist
    For the non existence can be broken

  • winter_writer 28w

    like a book I read the words
    from a simple world you create
    the words of your heart
    that easily deep into your mind
    graciously move your hands
    like a puppet on a string
    your thoughts embrace me kindly

  • winter_writer 28w

    you aren’t what you think
    you are so much more
    so why is my mind in the dark
    don’t lie to me, my mind
    my heart is near the edge


  • winter_writer 28w

    The Slayer

    Return to your home
    Courageous warrior
    For it is dangerous to roam

    The slayer enters without a peep
    The footprints they leave
    Won’t wake but a sheep

    The signs to eye cannot be found
    They leave pictures on the wall
    And flowers on the ground

    For the slayer they get to the hopeless
    Dreams can stop them in their tracks

    So rest your soul and use your mind
    For the warrior to be sought
    Only you can find

    Creativity and dreams are a race
    They take the hopeless
    They take your place

    So run and find your bravest fighter
    You the hopeless
    You may be fond of the lighter

    Take your place on your throne
    For those to see
    What they find the unknown

  • winter_writer 28w

    My Dream

    To say I have a dream
    Would it be so unusual
    The American dream is most sought for
    Unfortunately the American dream is in my mind as unreachable
    For faith in myself forever wavering
    My absolute response uncanny
    For my dream is to dream
    Dream for the past, present, and future
    Not for myself but the population worldwide


  • winter_writer 35w

    Temporary Warrior

    Across the land and see
    You’ll find a prosperous bride to be
    The egotistical groom with a nasty grin
    The brides patience soon to be thin
    A string to bond them for life
    Was not strung and tied right
    For the bride should get away
    The groom a critical candidate
    The bride with her sword of flowers
    Entered his domain that towers
    Fought for freedom until the day her soul left for taking
    For pray his soul is faking