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  • whiteblood 1w

    In today's fast moving and super competitive world,
    I have to remind myself this every single day ..
    Why do we often forget it ?
    Running behind name and fame and money,
    Why do we forget that we have a life to live ..?

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    The motto of life is to live ,
    Not to win.

  • whiteblood 1w

    Why does hatered
    Occupy a deeper place in our heart
    Than love .....?
    Why does it dig such a deep hole in our heart,
    That no amount of love can cover it ....?


  • whiteblood 3w

    Float at the brim of heaven ,
    When life gives you hell.

  • whiteblood 5w

    Only if ibuprofen could ameliorate our heartache
    As it did all our other aches and pains and what not...

  • whiteblood 16w

    Mother and Him

    She could never confess her love for him,
    Only because she loved her mother a bit more.

  • whiteblood 46w

    Oh darling ,
    You saw the world with your eyes ...
    While I saw my whole universe in yours ...

  • whiteblood 48w

    HIS and MINE

  • whiteblood 50w

    I'd climb every mountain..
    And swim every ocean..
    Just to be with you..
    And fix what I've broken..
    Oh, 'cause I need you to see..
    That you are the reason....


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    An ode to my beloved

    Darling ,
    I was always afraid to lose you .
    Not only because no one would ever love me like you did ..
    But also because, no one would ever teach me to love myself , like you did...

  • whiteblood 50w

    IF I COULD..

    Just shut myself from the world.
    Hold myself , tight together
    And weep and scream
    Until the last drop is

    IF I COULD..

    Make a * me * ,
    A *me* who loved herself ,
    A *me* who satisfied herself
    And not her co-humans.


  • whiteblood 50w


    A comfort to the melancholic sweet hearts..