A hopeless romantic still learning the art of simplicity, but continuously indulging in life's beautiful complexities.

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  • whentherainfalls 10w

    #monostich #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #autumn #snow #funeral #november

    Yesterday was our first snow of the season ��

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    Autumn Funeral

    Observing the casket, I ask November, "why do you snow?"

    ×× Caleb G. | Monday, 15 November 2021 ××

  • whentherainfalls 13w

    darling, how long must you feign this apathy
    before realizing just how passionately
    your heart blazes beneath your skin?

    did you get so lost
    in your labyrinths
    of emotions that you forgot
    you could feel anything at all?

    ×× Caleb G. | 29 October 2021 ××

  • whentherainfalls 24w

    Caleb G. | Monday, 9 August 2021

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    It is my greatest comfort.
    It is my greatest fear.
    That you love me not for what it is I can do,
    But for who it is that I am.

  • whentherainfalls 26w

    ×× Caleb G. | Monday, 26 July 2021 ××

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    When the sweet breath that escaped their chest--commingling with crystallizing thought and leaping off their tongue--climbed it's way into your mind to feed those darling fantasies, only after the tender feelings decayed did you see how truly bitter was the soul from whence it came.

  • whentherainfalls 27w

    the moments of Now drip slow
    into the bottomless vessel of Tomorrow
    their portentous aroma fills our lungs
    and we know with certainty
    what brews so decrepit downstairs

    our bottomless vessel of Tomorrow
    too soon becomes filled to its rim
    and all that's left in our minds
    is the aftertaste of what it could've been

    • Caleb G. | Saturday, 24 July 2021 •

  • whentherainfalls 27w

    you think it's over
    and yet in an ordinary midnight
    your mind shackles you, lock and chain,
    haunts you with its beautiful illusions
    buries you in vicious hypotheticals
    and throws the key into the outside world--
    somewhere you will never think to go

    for amid the disturbing premonitions
    the pined-for dreams
    and stentorian ruminations
    you are utterly delirious:
    lying in bed paralyzed, burning holes
    in the ceiling with your piercing gaze
    wondering whether it will ever end
    Wondering "how did it ever begin?"

    all the while forgetting that in just a few hours, the sun will still rise as it always has,
    and the birds will once again be singing
    their joyful morning song

    ~ Caleb G. | Saturday, 24 July 2021

  • whentherainfalls 27w


    you confound me darling
    with the way you hold your silent blade
    so close to this tensile heart

    so close to this anxious mind
    to the arteries that course with jade blood
    and the tongue laden with shards of piercing words

    so close do you hold your silence
    to this bruised skin and its aching bones
    so close to these thoughts i cannot control

    i can only wonder if you know,
    playing games so dangerously as these,

    how sharp the edges are
    of a lover's shattered dreams

    ×× Caleb G. | Thursday, 22 July 2021 ××

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  • whentherainfalls 31w

    ×× Caleb G. | Tuesday, 22 June 2021 ××

    [Picture Credit: Pinterest]

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    amid the shallow days of toil
    when bruises blue adorn our skin
    whilst sweat in sultry air our tongues confound
    do we dance with death as children
    awaiting their seats on the merry-go-round

  • whentherainfalls 37w

    Stars cluster with symphonious gravity
    Across the bridge that divides heaven's eyes
    Lyrical moments strung together in time
    Her constellations are drawn with silence

    A silence wrought of clamorous pigments
    Colliding with tearstains, dust, darkened circles
    Reminiscent of moon-swept skies where
    time's mortal gaze eclipses the sinful divine

    Caleb G. | Thursday, 13 May 2021

  • whentherainfalls 38w

    ▪Picture retrieved from Pinterest ▪

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    Life's melodies are often written
    with chaotic overtones

    Homeostasis is the anathema to
    that whimsical disruption