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  • when_eyes_narrate 93w


    Thank you so much mirakee family for all the love you have given me. It's been long being a part of it. Here, I meet a lot of beautiful people. Some became a part of my life and they'll always be.

    This is my last post here. Gonna miss you all. Thank you so much for everything. Wish we'll interact again with better things in our hands.

    With lots of love and good wishes!

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    Fate takes away the reasons.

    I feel things so intensely , is it horrible to feel things intensely? My blessing has turned out to be a curse. The flaws are being wide and I'm glaring the ceiling, wild. The suffocating sphere is surrounding me, no-one has ever mentioned that it does exist in this biosphere. My sharpen blade has erected the nerves with some unknown ease.

    So many voids in the universe, how can I all alone fill them. So, many voids in my heart, how can you all alone fill them.
    Claws flexing, unholy hands on my skin,
    The breathlessness, the trauma, the realization dawned on me. Greedy bleaks trying to reach out the innocence of me. I run fast but I had lost my innocence with that run. Pity eyes, pity eyes, sympathy lies, sympathy lies.

    In the starry nights, the moon is my dearest friend. Somehow, I manage to be sane in its eclipse. People put their hands on my life, deciding the fate to be followed. With each hand, I lost promises, with each promise, I forget to trust, with each forgiveness, I hate myself, in process of hating me I lost myself.
    No matter how hard I try, I can't be anyone's first choice. So long in this short life, everyone has just used me as they delight. A pawn for their service. A standby!

    Tell me something, some fairytale or princess under sky. Write me something, a love song or lullaby, or perhaps an eulogy which can follow me after life.

    I whisper to God, heal my fragile heart, give me what I crave the most. And if not, give me strength to let it go with my heartbeats and soul. I'll write it into story, the love songs and give them the music. I can't destroy a life full of hopes neither I destroy my anymore. In loving autumn, I forget how springs smell. Submerged in grey, I forget how rainbow seems. Submitted to others, I forget how to be with self feels. The ruins of time dances with the distance between my toes. I wish I know how to fix my emotions.

    Living a shadow life, I forget I've a body to follow. My heart is an ocean, people see it some beach. I love them with ocean heart but they have habit of handful care. Perhaps, humans can't handle more than their hands. Perhaps, I'm the rock which never falls, but when it does it falls hard. And how can an encumbrance hold a rock? Perhaps it can't. Weathering away is the destiny of the rock. Be broken, scattered, vulnerable and still fragile with oceans of love.

    Corner to corner,
    Plains to plains,
    Beginning to beginning,
    End to end,
    Destiny snatches all the breathes away.
    Perhaps, one can't put their flowers in others vase and expect them to bloom.
    Maybe some flowers meant to be wilted.
    Maybe some people destined to be bewildered.
    Maybe some souls forshadowed to be doomed.
    It's the cruelty of life, fate takes away the reasons.

  • when_eyes_narrate 93w

    The things striked with
    sudden turbulence. Like someone had
    snached heart out of the chest.
    Walking the gloomy nights
    under city lights.
    Strangers keep asking whereabouts.
    Silk red memories
    bled through the nerves with every depth of the essence.
    Pathetic, people are made of just words.
    Left alone on the road,
    a lamb cold-blooded parasite,
    sucking its own life.
    There was something different
    with last night,
    the darkness on the road was less
    teribble than the darkness inside the soul.
    Bewitched, wretched, injured,
    holding the guts not to end the life.
    Moons and stars didn't help out with reality.
    All the screams and moans
    were worthless.
    The love songs and romanticised poetries
    mocked the poor nerve.
    Perhaps, fools deserve to be fooled.
    The taste of panic, so sharp,
    so brittle. At least it's real.
    Mouth full of electric currents and
    a freezed brain.
    Atmosphere was less cold than
    the heart itself.
    Maybe some people destined to die from weapons of familiar arsenal.
    Too broken to be mended.
    Stitches don't work on hearts.
    Seconds didn't get any options,
    time was running,
    sun shine was dancing with the dews of nights.
    Road again became free of some
    unknown cries.
    Peace, the morning's first shine.
    Unfortunately, at the moment of nothingness,
    found the death of this lifetime.

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  • when_eyes_narrate 94w

    Endless rhythm of my heart,
    you're the breathes I inhale to sustain my life.
    In the world,
    where shadows make me feel unwanted,
    you calling my name fills me
    with the rare love for
    When the universe
    unables to get me in fear,
    Darling you are my
    Achilles' hill,
    making me vulnerable.
    Perhaps, love is another name of vulnerablity.
    My wilted nerves
    confines themselves
    with your blood,
    Valves behind the windows of my heart
    breathes in your lungs.
    The straits of my eyesights
    meet in your ocean eyes.
    To deal with the
    depth of your heart and
    vastness of your mind,
    I'm trusting the
    that's your soul.
    Since a long, I've dealt with
    hollow shadows all around,
    I find my first person in you, cruelly honest, irresistible fall.
    All were just words,
    you've taught me the meanings.
    Everyone is season,
    you're the climate.

    The darkness inside me
    needs your light.
    The desert inside me
    needs your rain.
    The land inside me
    needs your sky.
    The dusk inside me
    needs your dawn.
    The wounds inside me
    need your aid.
    The child inside me
    needs your sight.
    The demons inside me
    need your embrace.
    The lungs inside me
    need your air.
    The heart inside me
    needs your beats.
    The life inside me
    needs your will.
    The soul inside me
    needs your strength.
    The love inside me
    needs you
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and

    I don't believe in
    belated Valentine,
    Cause, you're my darling
    my only Valentine for my entire life,
    every year,
    each months,
    for all those minutes and
    entire seconds,
    in every milliseconds.
    Till I am alive.


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    Belated Valentine!

  • when_eyes_narrate 95w

    When you touched
    my lips through
    my soul,
    I became some
    struck bird
    who can't move,
    in either direction.

    The latitudes of north and south
    embraced each other.

    The moment I felt my lips against yours. I lost myself into your world.
    The time stopped and
    clocks freezed.
    I felt like a
    in the cloudy canvas.

    I forgot,
    the nooks and corners,
    Birds and squirrels,
    Trees and bushes,
    Leaves and winds,
    Cold and dewdrops,
    Greens and smirks,
    I just felt that you can hold the tides of my heart as some harbour.

    I was in dilemma how can I be the desert on the ocean?

    Being into you,
    I inhaled your breath and reside
    myself into your chest.
    My heart throbbed with
    might equal to some
    eruptions from Andes.
    And I had known you mean world
    to my fragile heart.

    Sometimes, I think how can you steal air from my atmosphere?
    But, I've felt that.

    For all the drugs from earth, I'm so
    are the drugs
    and I'm the
    high with their


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    Your lips are the drugs
    and I'm the addicted, high
    with their warmth.

  • when_eyes_narrate 95w

    Your heart is the
    where my sky of love and
    earth of devotion
    so vast and so deep.
    Your laughter
    is muse to my auricles and
    your smile,
    I'm high on that.
    In the starry nights,
    I was the
    Now, I dwell in the
    memories of your
    Your eyes,
    brown eyes
    are the heavy clouds,
    an art,
    whose rain I deny on my
    desolate sand.
    Your hand on my hairs
    feels like silky shade of
    maple tree,
    so bright, so light.
    Beside you, around trees,
    your eyes on me
    and my on
    falling leaves,
    the voice of falling is resonating
    with my heartbeats
    for you.
    Your presence captured
    my pains,
    so well trapping
    my soul with you,
    I can still feel your
    on my
    To be honest,
    I don't know
    how much my each piece
    of existence is
    in love with you?
    but I only know those
    scattered shards
    build themselves around you.
    Unparalleled paths,
    I know we'll make one,
    for the love so pure
    I can tear the ocean.
    I'm not worth your kind of love,
    but I know you are
    made for
    my kind of love.
    When you put your
    arms around
    my accumulated
    fragments, I want to live
    again, I fall in love
    with being alive again.
    All I feel in your
    embrace is
    a home for a vagabond.


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    A home for a vagabond!

  • when_eyes_narrate 95w

    I hold your face in my songs,
    Elated a little to peep through your eyes.
    You look like the day you expressed your love to my hungry unloved heart.
    I felt like I'd never felt before.
    And since then,
    Some days I remains in colour of your rays and some days I ignite like clinkers in fires gaze.

    The chaos and peace jumbles in your breeze but darling your eruptions burn my grasslands.
    With my pain and passion,
    I've felt the love which breathes
    heavily through my lungs.
    You flow through my blood.
    My flesh knows how you smell,
    my bone is attached to you more than my skin.
    The demons that surrounded you once,
    you've never known I invited them into my blood and flesh.
    They haunt me with your denials.

    The curtains once heard the melodies of our love, they now hear the lyrics from
    some broken radio. I remember how my rains slided down,
    perhaps that's lost in the mirage of life.
    I know how to love you
    till my skin gets cracks and bones turn into dust,
    my heart stops beating and blood corrode into rust.

    You're the land with some bricks, darling I've built my home into your arms.
    Like a vagabond, so unaware of how devotion smells, I've breathed them out.

    Out of my darkness, I'm painting a sun for your love.
    Perhaps, my painted sun will be there, longer than your shadows.
    In snowy ways along with your footprints, there are my scattered pieces, raging with fire,
    they don't know the difference between tropic and frigid, they all have is heart.


    Don't linger if you wanna leave.
    Don't forget if you want a lifetime.
    Don't ruin if you still feel the way you used to.
    Don't stop if you wanna built our castle again.
    Don't fight if you wanna love.
    Don't look away if you wanna look again.
    Don't lie if you want the trust.
    Don't hide if you wanna say.
    Don't break if you wanna initiate.
    Don't stay if you start to feel for someone else.

    Along with above all,

    Your one broken promise has
    left stains on all over my layers of heart.
    But, now with your whole heart
    promise me a little more than forever.


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    Promise me
    A little more than forever.

  • when_eyes_narrate 95w

    Your summer
    burns my barks,
    Your autumn
    scatters my leaves,
    Your winter
    covers my crown,
    But darling,
    Only your spring
    can bloom my flowers.


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  • when_eyes_narrate 96w

    You are so full
    of love that I'll die
    of consumption.

  • when_eyes_narrate 97w

    Veiled in the mysteries of life,
    my black were cutting through your whites.
    Unprepossessed strife,
    I became patient of your songless nights.
    In your breeze, so gentle and fragile,
    I hovered insanely, jerking carefree wild.
    Washing my bloods in your tide,
    I hourboured through you, in and out, broad.
    Your hands were neither swords nor knife,
    How did you pierce through my heart with lights.
    Spotted your eyes on my miseries in rife,
    Sweetheart, you didn't care about my demons' fight.
    You are an art darling, so painted, so versatile,
    How could I fit there? A wildfire in ocean's mild.
    You're the sky, having clouds, enormous and wide,
    I'm the desert, barren, devastated without abode.
    Melting in your hands now I want you in my afterlife,
    In very nook and each down, on different heights.
    In cronet with long laces of old vintage wife,
    I surpass my nerves of tender heart in your rights.
    You'll be the rain in my lap of desert, soul and fertile,
    I know, we have an entire castle of our love to build.
    I'm blinded in your affection, you're worth this blind ride,
    Being paradox, my love, we're uneven but not odd.
    ~ Kanak


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    Uneven but not odd.

  • when_eyes_narrate 97w

    I hurled the pages
    Thought to write to
    you, my thoughts crampled.

    I didn't write a poem
    of love or passions,
    Cause when I saw,
    I'd despair and rejections
    in my lap of affections.

    The aggravated assault
    rifled my
    emotions against these
    silver pages
    and rended them into

    But pages didn't
    Perhaps, I was the
    I died in metaphors
    and your love,
    my love in my songs.

    **Bemoans and wails**

    Had your any of
    four walls got knocked
    by my bawls.

    Perhaps not
    Or how could you
    possibly sleep peacefully
    in my erupted noise.

    Your lies are venom
    which taste like wine.
    How could I
    justified them
    to my ivory skin.

    I put the pen
    again and again,
    but I felt the mountains
    on my heart.

    Pain is a shadow of love.

    The inks,
    red and black,
    I'm fond of black.
    Yes, those
    inks, disintegrated.

    I found black on pages
    and red over my

    I couldn't write more,
    I was bleeding
    Not my wrist
    But my heart.


    I arrayed you
    in words
    and felt your aura.

    Is it any kinda drug, to be in love?

    Or I wouldn't have
    love letters
    without feeling loved.


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