Poetry is not for the one who write it but for the one who need it. I see you smiling, but you are sad.

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  • weird_soul_ 4d


    Heathens keep moving.
    This ain't any season of spring.
    With all that suffering you still are a king.
    Everyone will leave you hanging.
    You have to fly high with your wings.
    So go on and rule your realms.
    Be happy in your mayhem.
    Cuz your life is a craft, and your it's craftsmen.

  • weird_soul_ 1w

    What if?

    What if I never love again?
    With all my senses slain.
    All my emotions drained.
    By my side, only my soul remains.
    Recalling your name,
    Enjoying the same old pain.
    Where I have nothing to gain.
    Every one of my efforts went in vain.
    Whatever happened was insane.
    Tried but still couldn't explain.
    It's you, it's not for the love I have my complaints.
    Through all these hurricanes,
    I agreed to be inhumane.

  • weird_soul_ 1w

    Lost in the moment

    Look up and get lost.
    It is happiness without any cost.
    In the back with the music soft.
    Where you feel your existence is paused.
    Remembering all the battles you fought,
    Checking for all the wounds you got.
    To get through the dilemmas,
    Use smile as your sword.
    People don't care,
    Just keep your happiness in your vault.
    Memories stored and despair tossed.

  • weird_soul_ 1w


    Why am I always an option?
    Treated like some piece of attraction.
    For loving someone else gets the whole you,
    And I just get a fraction.
    This is where I have always been.
    In the corner treated like nothin'.
    Where I just keep dreaming
    About you leaving,
    I know like others I am not charming.
    That doesn't mean you keep my heart ripping.
    I don't want to keep myself asking,
    Did u keep holding or were happy to see me falling?

  • weird_soul_ 1w


    You make my heart skip a beat.
    Like honey your voice for ears sweet.
    You are everything I seek.
    With you beside me, I would never see a defeat.
    I never want you to be worried.
    Without you, my life seems incomplete.
    I don't want my feelings for you to be buried.
    With you even for the next life,
    I want these feelings to repeat.
    Ahhh! Those eyes of yours,
    Feels like floating in infinite galaxies.
    Without any worries.
    Make me yours,
    For the rest of eternity.
    Where for love I would never be thirsty.

  • weird_soul_ 2w

    One reason

    Find one reason to keep you up.
    Let that be any kind of drug.
    Cuz someday you are going to be an adult.
    Running through life's havoc.
    Treat all your problems as hiccups.
    Don't let your dreams blow up.
    Don't let this world make you corrupt.
    Through all the hurdles you gallop.
    Until in this game of chess,
    You are the queen and you are the bishop.

  • weird_soul_ 2w

    Live Today

    It's all fading.
    No stopping to this eternal bleeding.
    Can't have it but still persuading.
    Towards the unknown, I kept sailing.
    Praying to get to the right place.
    Where I don't have to get cut by those blades.
    The little happiness I want to embrace.
    I know life won't be always this way.
    Some people perish and some people stay.
    So all that matters is today.
    Even when you are sad it's alright to feel OK.
    So don't be the reason where your happiness gets delayed.
    Cuz sun rises and set every day.
    So live today.

  • weird_soul_ 2w

    Your existence

    Craving for your presence.
    Feeling isolated ever since.
    Like broken glasses on the skin, it stings.
    In the world of fake queens and kings,
    You are my beginning, you are my ending.
    I know our heart has a strong connection.
    But still, I long for you without any reason.
    Missing your cute violence and innocence.
    Being with you feels,
    Heaven with an Angel.

  • weird_soul_ 2w


    Feelings, hopes and dreams.
    Without them, we are just a machine.
    It's okay to daydream.
    Even do something extreme.
    For sleepless twilights, Works like caffeine.
    You are the King, you are the Queen.
    As long as your life you redeem.

  • weird_soul_ 2w

    Your soul

    I love your soul.
    You make me whole.
    Life is kind of an asshole.
    But you pulled me out of this sinkhole.
    I love your soul.
    You are the only one whom I can call my own.
    Even if I am offered a throne,
    I will walk with you through the unknown.